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White County Bridge Commission, authorization to operate

a bridge across the Wabash River at New Harmony, Ind.,

White River Bands of Ute Indians, authorization to file suit in

Court of Claims, 1097
White House Police, adjustment of salary, 1722, 2173, 2202
Whiteside, Dr. J.D., relief of, 1788
Whitfield, John W., relief of, 608
Whitmore, Stella E., relief of, 1203
Whitson, Joe, relief of, 1574, 1697, 1735
Wickham, A.R., relief of, 1405
Widby, Wm. E., relief of, 1767
Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966, streng-

then standards, 2302
Willbur, James M., authorizing the Sec. of Treasury to settle

the account of, 427
Williams, John S., pension to, 221
Williams, Marijo McMillan, relief of, 1513
Williams, Stephen, relief of, 587
Williams, Thomas E., relief of, 148
Williamson, Charles, pension to, 764
Williamson, Homer J., relief of, 1252
Willis, Harvey O., relief of, 1148
Willis, John H., relief of, 713
Willman, Henry, relief of, 94
Wilmot National Guard target range, Arizona, sale of, 1548
Wilson, Andrew J., pension to, 306
Wilson, C.B., relief of, 572
Wilson, F.C., relief of, 1260
Wilson, H.B., administrator of the estate of Wm. Tinder,

relief of, 450
Wilson, Joseph, Mississippi Territory, relief of, 4
Wilson, Joseph F., relief of, 201
Wilson, Tellisse W., relief of heirs of, 853
Wilson, Wm., pension to, 901
Winkler, Corydon, to correct military record of, 796
Winnie Left Her Behind, issuance of patent in fee, 1756
Winona Machine & Foundary Co., Winona, Minn., relief of,

Winslow, George A., correct the military record of, 866
Winterbottom, W.H., relief of, 877

Bridge, construct across Mississippi River, Cassville,


Provide for continuing certain public works, 36
Witt, Wm. P., pension to, 504
Wood, R.W., relief of, 1792
Woodbridge, Sarah A., pension to, 447
Woodbury, Harriet, pension to, 782
Woodcock, Amanda, pension to, 759
Woods, Nathaniel H., relief of, 2171
Woodson, Mary S., pension to, 305
Woodward, John E., reimbursement of moneys paid by, 114
Woodworth, Mary, pension to, 506
Wool, reduction of duties on, 974, 986, 1848
Worchester, Frank D., pension to, 564
Worden, L.J., relief of, 428
Worder, Luther F., relief of, 406


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Workman, Edward, relief of, 1572, 1721
World's Fair, New York, 1939, Federal participation in,

1373, 1375
World War Adjusted Compensation Act:

Amendment to, 1329
Applications for benefits, extend filing time, 1237,

Worsham, Lon D., relief of, 1362
Worth, Major General William Jenkins, Memorial commission,

Wright, Anna, pension to, 343
Wright, David A., jurisdiction to Court of Claims to hear case

of, 1275
Wright, George, relief of, 96
Wright, Giles, pension to, 394
Wright, Laura A., pension to, 458
Wright, Lavinia, pension to, 611
Wright, Percy C., relief of, 1233, 1322
Wright, Robert Lee, relief of, 1674
Wrightstone, Betty, relief of, 1770
Writs of error, provision for in certain criminal cases, hear-

ings, and habeas corpus, 147, 546
Wyoming National Bank, relief of, 1994
Wyse, Mary E., pension to, 735

Yakima Confederated Tribes of Indians, payment of ex-

penses of delegates, 1197
Yamgheim, Eli J., pension to, 570
Yankton Reservation, Dakota, granting a right of way through

for the Yankton and Missouri River R.R., 553
Yates, Austin A., relief of, 871
Yoder, Noah W., relief of heirs of, 621
Yorke, Louis A., relief of, 666
Young, Harry A., relief of, 917
Youth Councils on Civic Affairs, incorporate, 2235
Yusko, George, relief of, 1164

Zaffareni, Julius, relief of, 1977
Zaj, Major Edward A., relief of, 1810
Zephyr Aircraft Corp., determine claim, 1765
Zinc, admission free of duty, 2398
Zissu, Theodore, relief of, 2232

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