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Patton, Rachel, pension to, 781
Patuxent Development Co., determine claims, 1797
Paul, Mary G., relief of, 1815
Pay Readjustment Act of 1942, computation of double-time

credits, 1759, 1778
Payne, Charles B., relief of, 1532
Pearson Remedy Co., relief of, 1946
Pedersen, Mathias, relief of, 801

Allegheny River, 32d Street, Pittsburgh, legalize sewer

outlet, 1098
General State Authority, determine claim, 1724

Public building at Allentown, erection of, 482
Pennsylvania Avenue, repavement, repeal part of section 5,

Pensacola and Memphis Railroad Co., granting a right of way

through public lands of the United States, 550

Army and Navy, increase to certain members of Regu-

lar, and to those serving in other than Civil War, 112
Civil, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, and 1812 War veterans,

widows and children, increase to, 1049, 1048, 2007
Civil War Veterans, 1269, 1529
Misconduct, definition of, 1737
Veteran's Regulation No. I(a), establish a rate of pen-

sion, 2006
War with Spain, Philippine Insurrection, or China Relief

Expedition, increase to soldiers, sailors and nurses,

1099, 1571
Widows of certain soldiers, sailors, and marines of Civil

War, increase, 1066, 1264, 1265, 1266, 1267, 1268,

1269, 1528, 1618
Peon, Gideon, issuance of patent in fee, 1845
Peony Park, relief of, 2172
Percy, Palmer G., correct the military record of, 873
Perkins-Campbell Co., relief of, 1376
Perna, Francisco, relief of, 831
Peru and Indianapolis Railway Post Office, operation by

motor vehicle, 1473
Peters, F.M., and Akers, J.F., relief of, 1194
Petrol Corp., relief of, 1914
Petroleum consumption, contingency plans for State and

local government, 2294
Pfeifer, Jean, relief of, 2093
Philippine Insurrection, extend period to include active

service with U.S. military, 1754
Philippine Islands, adoption of a constitution and form a

government, 1127, 1396
Phoenix-Tempe Stone Co., relief of, 1741
Physicians, regulating the compensation in the District of

Columbia, 405
Piatt, Theodore M., pension to, 471
Pickett, Joseph J., issuance of patent in fee, 1847
Pickrell, James M., U.S.N., relief of, 909
Pierpont, Rachel Ann, pension to, 345
Pigeons, safeguard homing, 1624
Pigott, Michael, relief of, 576
Pilcher, J.E., relief of, 399, 455

Pine Ridge Reservation, S. Dakota, sale of land allotted to

Iris Marak, 1960
Pilowaty, Carl and W.J., relief of, 2063
Pitner, George W., pension to, 460
Pittsburgh Dubois Co., relief of, 1975
Pittwood, Edward, relief of, 1837
Pletcher, Wesley A., pension to, 806
Plettenberg, Carmencita von, relief of, 1988
Plumbing and sanitary systems in Federal Government

buildings, 1244
Points, Abraham, pension to, 321
Police Court, establishment in the District of Columbia,

Police Department, to abolish the Board of Commissioners

from the District of Columbia, 173
Polock, Nancy, pension to, 543
Pope, Benjamin F., to confirm title to office of assistant

surgeon, U.S. Army, 202
Pope, Eileen Wallace Kennedy, relief of, 2299
Port Newark Army Supply Base, sale of, 1315
Porten, Max von der, and Charlotte, relief of, 1640
Porter, Fitz-John, relief of, 199
Portland Co., relief of, 622, 650
Postal service and mail:

Administrative furloughs, discontinuance, 1205
Chairmen and chairwomen, increase in pay, 1409
Classification of certain official matter, 1117
Custodial employees, benefits, 1575
Detroit, Mich., relief of clerk in, 1712
Dutiable goods, immediate transportation to port of

Omaha, 209
Employees, right to participate in political processes,

Field service, compensation rates, 2073, 2116
Leasing quarters for post offices, 2020
Letter carriers, equalization of, 1579
Letter delivery where none exists, 807
Local delivery rate of first class mail, 1442, 1507
Longevity pay for employees, 1691
Mail carriers in village delivery, increase pay of, 1113
Motor vehicles seized for violations of the custom laws,

Ocean transportation, authorize appropriations for, 40
Peru and Indianapolis Railroad Post Office by motor-

vehicle, 1473
Post office at Hempstead, N.Y., relief of laborers on,

Postal Savings System, amendment of Act approved

June 25, 1910, 1001
Postal substitutes, minimum pay for, 1154
Postmaster at Sandborn, Ind., reimbursement of, 942
Postmasters of the fourth class, allowance for essentials,

Postmasters to act as disbursing officers for payment of

traveling expenses, 1198
Post office building at Lynn, Mass., erection of, 336
Railway mail clerks assigned to road duty, travel allow-

ance to, 1467

Religious periodicals, second-class matter, 1218
Rural post roads, United States to aid the States in con-

struction of, 1071
Salaries of employees, 1050, 1074, 2208
Special Delivery Postal Service, classified status to

messengers in, 1402
St. Joseph's Mo., carrying U.S. mails from, 46
Veterans of W.W. II, promotion of, 1970
Village Delivery Service, increase salaries of letter car-

riers in, 1449
Potter, Samuel J., relief of, 130
Potts, Jane, pension to, 495
Potts, Robert, pension to, 395
Powell, Hannah Mae, relief of, 2111
Powers, L.J., relief of, 1377
Prather, S.H., relief of, 2071
Prati, Virginia Dalla Rosa, relief of, 1984
Pratt, Caroline E., pension to, 366
Pratt, Wm. T., correct the military record of, 868
President of U.S., fixing salary, 154
Price, Harold, relief of, 1458
Price, Leslie and Phillip C., relief of, 1892
Priest Lumber Co., relief of, 1601
Printz-Biederman Co., relief of, 1365
Private Act No. 446, 1940, amendment to, 1650
Probert, Anna A., pension to, 317
Procter, Alexander M., relief of, 1104
Proctor, Alexander M., relief of, 1119
Proctor, James L., grant honorable discharge to, 869
Propaganda agencies, registration of, 1715
Prosperity, advancement of, 1858
Protestant Episcopal Church, Alexandria, District of Colum-

bia, incorporate, 3
Provisional officers of W.W. I, 1379
Public buildings:

Allentown, Pennsylvania, erection of, 482
Annapolis, Maryland, erection of, 323
Asheville, North Carolina, erection of, 285
Bar Harbor, Maine, erection of, 483, 644
Columbus, Georgia, erection of, 464
Contractors to name subconstructors, 1431
Convict and alien labor, to prevent the employment of,

Dallas, Texas, construction of addition to, 627
Dayton, Ohio, erection of, 222
Duluth, Minn., erection of, 286
East Saginaw, Mich., for the erection of, 401
“Gerald R. Ford Federal Office Building,” to name the

U.S. Courthouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2318
Hudson, N.Y., erection of, 623
Lafayette, Ind., erection of, 334
Monroe, Alabama, erection of, 364
Portsmouth, Ohio, to erect at, 352
Sioux City, Iowa, erection of, 220, 413
Springfield, Mo., erection of, 251
Youngstown, Ohio, erection of, 414
Tuscaloosa, Ala., erection of, 631
Wages for laborers and mechanics, 1120
Zanesville, Ohio, erection of, 213

Public Health Service, extend facilities to officers of the

Foreign Service, 1488
Public Health Service, Foreign Quarantine Division, com-

pensation, 2068
Public Health Service Act:

Emergency medical service systems, 2285
Health revenue sharing and health services, extend

program, 2321, 2323
Hospital construction, 2255, 2285
National Institute of Aging, establishment of, 2280
Nurse Training program, 2322, 2323
Public Health Service, United States investigation of

plumbing and sanitary systems in Federal Govern-

ment buildings, 1243
Public lands:

Agriculture and mechanic arts, to certify lands to Kan-

sas for benefit of, 47, 536
Alabama, granting right of way to the Pensacola and

Memphis R.R., 550
Arizona, acceptance of unsurveyed lands in exchange

for other lands, 1355
Burnt timber, sale of, 982
Chamlette National Monument, add lands to, 1349
Claims by United States based upon accretion or avul-

sion, subject to legal and equitable defenses, 2251
Clearwater, St. Joe and Selway National Forests, con-

solidation of, 1043
Cleveland National Forest, California, addition of lands

to, 1588
Commissions and fees paid on void entries, repayment

of, 186
Florida, granting right of way to the Pensacola and

Memphis R.R., 550
Grand Canyon National Monument, return portion,

Grazing lands, prevent overgrazing, soil deterioration,

and stabilize the livestock industry, 1257
Homestead lands, leave of absence to settlers during

1937, 1390
Homesteads to settlers, to secure, 51
Indians of the Cattaraugus and Allegany Tribes of New

York, authorization to lease lands and confirm leases,

Indigent, insane persons, grant to States for benefit of,

Kansas, granting the Fort Hays Military Reservation for

a public park, 707
Mississippi, granting right of way to the Pensacola and

Memphis Ř.R., 550
Missouri, confirm land titles in, 134
Nevada, Sec. of Interior to convey lands to be used for

recreational site, 1492
New York and Montana Iron Mining and Manufacturing

Company, to enable to purchase, 63
New York and United States, protection of forest lands

in New York through cooperation between, 1427
Ouachita National Park, Ark., establishment of, 1083
Padgett, Margaret, patent issuance, 969

Patents for lands held under color of title, issuance of,

Proceeds of sales, appropriate, 18, 29
Railroads, to amend an Act of March 3, 1875 granting

the right of way through lands of United States, 687
Silver Creek, Oreg., exchange lands for recreational pur-

poses, 1812
South Dakota, public park, 1181
Tacoma, Washington, granting lands for a public park,

Tennessee, granting right of way to Pensacola and Mem-

phis R.R., 550
Timber and stone lands under the Act of June 3, 1878,

relief of purchasers of, 663, 667, 740
Tramroads, canals, and reservoirs, right of way for, 826
Washington National Park, set aside lands known as

Pacific Forest Reserve, 799
Public Utility District No. 1, Cowlitz County, Wash., relief

of, 1874
Public works:

Appropriations for repair and completion of certain

projects, 39
Capital development and investment program, 2344
Civil Works Administration, relief of disbursing officers,

Internal improvements, funds for, 9
Lighthouses and beacons, appropriations for, 14
Pensacola, Fla., naval air station, 1160
Public Utility District No. 1, Cowlitz County, Wash.,

relief of, 1874
Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965,

amendment to, 2282, 2342

Wisconsin, provide for continuation of, 36
Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965,

2282, 2342
Pulaski's Memorial Day, General, observance of death on

Oct. 11, 1224
Purchasers of lands sold for taxes in the Insurrectionary

States, relief of, 99
Putman, Eunice, pension to, 680

Quackenbush, John N., status in Navy and relief of, 200, 774
Quartermaster Corps, confer benefits of hospitalization and

soldiers' home, 1110, 1121
Queen City Brewing Co., Cumberland, Md., relief of, 1766
Quiggle, Chloe, pension to, 485
Quilter, John, ratify a lease made by the Seneca Nation of

New York Indians to, 900
Quint, Hannah R., pension to, 815
Quintos, Juan D. and Perfecta B., relief of, 2192

Rabbits, inspection of those slaughtered for human food,

Radiator Specialty Co., relief of, 1559
Radio Act of 1927, amendment of, 1132

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