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Lewis, Louise P., relief of, 1932, 1987
Lewis, Matthew T., relief of, 736
Life insurance, renewing 5-year level premium term policies

by ex-servicemen, 1369
Life Insurance Act of District of Columbia, 1934, amend-

ment to, 2206
Life Saving Service, retired pay for certain members, 1096
Light-House Board, extend jurisdiction to the Sacramento

and San Joaquin Rivers, Calif., 551
Lighthouse Service personnel, benefit of, 2038
Lighthouses and beacons, appropriations for, 14
Lightner, Isaiah, relief of, 877
Lincoln land district, to create in the Territory of New

Mexico, 548
Lindsay, Russell H., relief of, 1254
Linehan, Timothy A., pension to, 1578
Liner, Peter, pension to, 520
Links, Hilda, relief of, 1930
Lipps, Wm. Frank, relief of, 1274
Liquor, intoxicating, divestment of the interstate commerce

character, 994
Lischewsky, Florian, pension to, 545
Livestock industry, stabilization of, 1257
Lock, Wm. and James H. Tinsley, relief of, 794
Locke, Thomas, relief of, 1796
Lockerby, David L., issuance of honorable discharge to, 655
Lockery, John J., pension to, 568
Loeffler Operating Co., relief of, 1807
Loewinger, Johanna, pension to, 420
Lofts & Son, relief of, 1426
Loomis, Aretus F., pension to, 304

Chalmette National Monument, add lands to, 1349

Representation in Congress, 82
Louisville and Portland Canal Company, stock subscription,

Lounsberry, Clement A., relief of, 475
Lowe, George H., relief of, 1424
Lucas, Michael P., relief of, 1301
Lucas Act, amendment to section 3, 1979
Luce, Elizabeth, pension to, 289
Luckett, E.H., relief of, 155
Lutman, David H., pension to, 440
Lyman, Frank E., relief of, 963
Lynch, Wm., pension to, 348
Lynn, Mary Jane, pension to, 731

MacDonald, Byron, relief of, 1517
MacDonald, Gilmour C., relief of, 2240
Mack Copper Company, determine claim of, 1245
Madden, Luke, pension to, 898
Maddox, Laura E., relief of, 439
Maddux, Dr. James T., relief of, 2222
Madison Papers, provide for distribution, 23
Mahan, Michael, to remove desertion charge from the record

of, 657
Mahar, James Patrick, relief of widow and children of, 1451

Maher, John P., relief of, 1805
Mahoney, Wm. H., payment of claim of, 753
Mail. (See Postal service and mail.)

Portland Co. of Portland, relief of, 622, 650

Public building at Bar Harbor, erection of, 483, 644
Makeef, Nina (Berberova), relief of, 2061
Malowney Real Estate Co., relief of, 2140
Management and Budget Office, abolish offices of Director

and Deputy Director, 2286
Manassas, claims for damages to property by soldiers during

the War with Spain, 889
Manchester, Ky., relief of those suffering from the destruc-

tion of saltworks near, 116
Mann, John, pension to, 613
Mann, Samuel Richard, relief of, 1382
Manpower Training Program, assist States and local com-

munities in providing public services, 2254
Mansfield, Betsy, pension to, 421
Mantor, Morris T., pension to, 487
Maphet, C.T., pension to, 453
Marak, Iris Huebner, Pine Ridge Reservations, S. Dak., sale

of land allotted to, 1960
Marchand, Mrs. Margaret D., pension to, 214, 309
Marine Corps:

Commissions to issue to officers, 934
Discriminatory reductions in pay, amendment to sec-

tion 4808 of the Revised Statutes, 1193

Promotion of POW's, 1803
Marine sciences, advancement of, 2215
Marion, John H., relief of, 436
Marko, Joseph, relief of, 1109
Marmet, W. Va., Sec. of War to convey lands to town of,

Marsh, John W., relief of, 149
Marshals, Deputy U.S., regulate pay and reclassify positions,

193, 2279
Martin, Alice F., relief of, 1171
Martin, Elijah, relief of, 494
Martin, James Harry, relief of, 1852
Martinson, Wm., relief of, 943

Baltimore, Fidelity Trust Co., payment of claims, 1859
Baltimore Port, to render more accessible to the war

steamers of the United States, 44
Public building at Annapolis, erection of, 323

Queen City, Cumberland, relief of, 1766
Masonic Mutual Relief Association of the District of Colum-

bia, incorporation of, 1044

Boston Harbor, cession of land in, 842
Castle Island, Boston Harbor, authorizing the use and

improvement, 537
Essex County, abolishment of the Parker River National

Wildlife Refuge, 1840
Hingham, relief of, 971
Light ship at Great Round Shoals Nantucket, establish-

ment of, 558

Old Colony Street Railway Co., relief of, 971
Port, delivery, establishment in Springfield, 230
Post office building at Lynn, erection of, 336
Quincy, relief of, 971

Weymouth, relief of, 971
Masters, Rosella J., relief of, 1822
Mauchenheim, Margarete von, relief of, 1541
Maulding, Daniel M., pension to, 604
Maysville, Washington, Paris, and Lexington Turnpike Road

Company stock subscription, 12
McAlpin, George, relief of, 792
McAlpine, Kenneth, relief of, 939
McBlair, John Hollins, relief of, 212
McCaleb, Sarah E., relief of, 503
McCarty, Mrs. Catherine, pension to, 287
McChesney, Mary D., pension to, 656
McConnell, H.W., relief of, 682
McCool, John, pension to, 574
McCool, Wells C., relief of, 379
McCoy, R.C., relief of, 1260
McCrary, J.B., relief of, 1820
McCreary, A.J., administrator of the estate of J.M. Hiatt,

relief of, 616, 642
McCullah, James A., relief of, 120
McCullough Coal Corp., determine claims, 1758
McDaniel, Orin R., relief of, 692
McDonald, John E., pension to, 898
McDonough, P.H., relief of, 958
McDougal, Louis M., relief of, 1698
McEnery, Peter, relief of the estate of, 959
McFall, John, relief of, 125
McGarrahan, Wm., title to Rancho Panoche Grande, 659
McGee, James, to correct military record, 715
McHam, Beryl M., relief of, 1138, 1398
McHenry, Benjamin S., remove desertion charge from the

record of, 1060
McIlwain, Martha, pension to, 308
McInerney, Joe G., relief of, 1151
McIntosh, J.J., relief of, 1710
McKay Elizabeth, pension to, 278
McKay, Nathaniel, relief of, 473
McLaurine, DeWitt F., relief of, 1454
McLean, Sarah K., relief of, 648
McLoskey, Meta De Rene, relief of, 1450, 1573
McMahon, Raymond J., relief of, 1661
McNulty, John M., relief of, 1256
McQuilkin, Anna K., relief of, 2067
McRobertson, Anthony, pension to, 353
McShain, Inc., relief of, 1401
Mead, James R., relief of, 139
Meals, Robert, Margaret, Donald, relief of, 1770
Mechanic arts and agriculture, to certify lands to Kansas

for the benefit of, 536
Medical department, establish order of promotion in the

Army, 390
Medical officers, to provide for the volunteer service, 54
Medicine and Surgery Department, improve recruitment and

retention of career personnel, 2277


Meeks, Spencer, relief of, 1717
Melcher, Louis, pension to, 243
Melvin, James, pension to, 641
Menoher, Elizabeth Painter, pension to, 1690
Menominee Tribe of Indians, salaries of officers of Council,

Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946, amendment to, 1995
Merchant Marine Act of 1936, creation of Federal Maritime

Administration, 2248
Merchants Distilling Corp., relief of, 1677
Merit Co., relief of, 1959
Meriwether, Henry Thornton, relief of, 1295
Mertz, Anna, pension to, 430
Mesa Verde National Park, amendment to an Act approved

June 29, 1906, 960
Metropolitan Police, adjustment of salary, 1722, 2173, 2202
Metropolitan Police Force and Fire Department, retirement

benefits, 2266
Metropolitan Washington Commission, establishment of, 2064
Meyer, Capt. Edward S., to restore the name to the active

list of the Army, 160
Miamies and United Peorias Indians, provide for allotment of

land to, 555

Detroit, sale of U.S. customhouse at, 1639
Lake Michigan, controlling the level, 2066
Public buildings at East Saginaw, erection of, 401
St. Clair Flats, deepen channel, 41, 48

St. Mary's River, deepen channel over flats, 42
Miles, Daniel Walter, relief of, 2233
Miles, Frank F., relief of, 1861
Miles City, Mont., convey lands to, 1943
Military establishment, United States, ascertain and fix

size, 2
Military installations, construction at, 2092, 2237, 2350
Military Order of the Purple Heart, incorporate, 1246, 1554
Milk, price support, 2315, 2330, 2343
Milk River Valley Gun Club, issuance of patent to, 1029
Miller, Akiko Tsukado, relief of, 1896
Miller, Elbert R., relief of, 1484
Miller, John Henry, relief of, 1743
Miller, Mary Ann, pension to, 258
Miller, Robert L. and Mildred M., relief of, 2250
Miller, Samuel, pension to, 314
Milligan, Howard P., relief of, 1093
Mills, Emily G., relief of, 484
Mims, Samuel, Mississippi Territory, relief of, 4

Continental Shelf, leases to the States, 2014
Domestic Minerals Program Extension Act of 1953,

amendment to, 2081
Mineral Leasing Act of 1920:
Amendment to,

Increase acreage limitations, Alaska, 2165
National Minerals Resources Division, establishment of,

Reservoir projects, reconveyance of interests inlands,
Mines and mining:


98-758 O -78 - 34

Hyde, Arthur W., Gossett, John H., et al, validation of

claims, 2097
Lead and zinc, stabilize, 2200
Mining and Mineral Policy Act of 1970, amendment to,

New York and Montana Iron Mining and Manufacturing

Company to purchase public lands, 63
Oil and gas mining leases upon Indian reservation lands,

Surface coal mining, 2312, 2326

Tin, protection and preservation, 1207
Mining and Mineral Policy Act of 1970, amendment to, 2271

Court, to provide a term at Duluth, 404

Misetich, Sylvia M., relief of, 1929

Baptist Church at Salem meeting house, relief of, 4
Biloxi, erection of the charity hospital, 776
Bridge, construction across the Miss. River, Friar Point,

Circuit Courts of the U.S. for southern district, Scran-

ton, Jackson County, 184
Des Moines Rapids, continuing the improvement of, 45
Mississippi River, to remove obstructions to navigation

in mouth, 49
Road to the national cemetery at Corinth, to construct,

Southwest Pass and Pass a l'Outre, Miss. River, to re-

move obstructions to navigation, 43
Mississippi River, to remove obstructions to navigation in the

mouth, 49

Bean Lake, Platte County, relief of land owners, 1673
Bounties for troops, 77
Fidelity Building, Kansas, fair market value, 1849
James River, construct a dam across, 941
Mail from St. Joseph's, carrying of, 46

Public building at Springfield, erection of, 251
Missouri, Kansas & Tesax Coal Co., exchange of lands with

the Eastern Coal & Mining Co., 972
Missouria and Otoe Indians. (See Otoe and Missouria.)
Mitchell, D.H., relief of, 643
Mitchell, J.R., relief of, 1260
Mitchell, W.W., relief of, 1260
Mix, Harry C., relief of, 884
Mnatzakanian, Ashot and Ophelia, 2100
Moert, Mary Angela, relief of, 1173
Moffitt, James, relief of, 1184
Mohohan, James, restoring the name to the pension roll, 382
Mollin, Gustave, relief of, 877
Monk, Robert L., relief of, 1287
Monroe, Joel D., relief of, 275

Assay-office at Helena, to establish, 124
Big Porcupine Dam, Fort Peck project, relief of prop-

erty owners, 1680

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