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Chemistry and Physics.-On a new form of magneto-electric machine : On the synthesis

of chlorid of thioxyl, Wurtz, 107.-On a new series of hydrocarbons, SCHORLEMMER :

On the compounds of tantalum, NARIGNAC, 108.—On the preparation of jodhydric and

phosphoric acids, PetTENKOFER, 109.--On crotonic acid, Bulk: On syntheses of

guanidin, A. W. HOFMANN: On flame reactions, BUNSEN, 110.

Mineralogy and Geology.-Geological Survey of Illinois, 110.-Contributions to the Pa-

leontology of Illinois and other Western States, hy F. B. MEEK and A. H. WORTHEN,

113.- A Geological and Agricultural Survey of 100 miles west of Omaha : Notes on

the Geology of Western S. America, by A. RÉMOND, 114.-Carta Geologica di Savoja,

Piemonte e Liguria, Prof. ANGELO SISMONDA: Comptoir Minéralogique of F. Pisani at

Paris : Discovery of additional Mastodon remains at Cohoes, N. Y., 115 - A Catalogue

of Official Reports upon Geological Surveys of the United States and British Prov-

inces, 116.--Human Remains in Belgium, 121.-Hübnerite a new mineral, 123.- Min-

eralogical Notices, by WM. P. BLAKE, 124.

Botany.—The Miscellaneous Botanical Works of Robert Brown, Esq., 125.–Nature of

Anthers, &c., J. Mueller : Art Innovation in Nomenclature in the recently issued

volume of the Prodromus, 126.—Mémoire sur la Famille des Pipéracées, par M. Casi-

MIR DECANDOLLE: American Heather, 128.

Astronomy.--Observations of Venus near its inferior conjunction, 129.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.- Telegraphic determination of Longitude between

Europe and America, 130.- Mr. George Peabody's recent gifts to Science, 131.-Obit.

uary --George W. Featherstonlaugh, 135.

Miscellaneous Bibliography.-Geological Map of the Department of the Seine, by Mr.

DELESSE, 135.-- The American Naturalist : A Manual of Blowpipe Analysis and De-

terminative Mineralogy, by William ELDERHORST, M.D., 136.–Catalogue of the

Silurjan Fossils of Anticosti, etc., by E. BILLINGS: Lessons in Elementary Chemis-

try, by HENRY E. Roscoe: Lecture Notes for Chemical Students, etc., by EDWARD

FRANKLAND, 137.--Chemical Tables, by STEPHEN P. SHARPLES, 139.-A new Chem-

ical Nomenclature, by Prof. S. D. TILLMAN: Memoirs of the National Academy : No-

tices of New Works and Proceedings of Societies, 140.

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ART. XVI. On the Decrease of the Rate of Increase of Popu.

lation now obtaining in Europe and America ; by HORATIO



XVII. Research on the Ethers of Silicic Acid; by C. FRIEDEL

and J. M. CRAFTS,


XVIII. Remarks on the Cretaceous rocks of the West known as

No. 1, or the Dakota Group; by F. V. HAYDEN,


XIX. Researches on Solar Physics; by WARREN DE LA RUE,


· 179

XX. On the Subterranean Sources of the Waters of the Great

Lakes; by George A. SHUFELDT,

· 193

XXI. Experiments on the Influence of various Organic and Inor-

ganic Bodies upon Germination and Vegetation ; by M. Carey



XXII. Contributions from the Sheffield Laboratory of Yale Col.

lege.—XIII. On Native Crystallized Terpin; by S. W.


. 200

XXIII. On the crystallization of natural Hydrated; Terpin from

California ; by John M. Blake,


XXIV. On the objects and Method of Mineralogy ; by T. STERRY


• 203

XXV. The Repsold Portable Vertical Circle ; by CLEVELAND


• 207

XXVI. On Cryophyllite, a new mineral species of the Mical Fam.

ily, with some associated minerals, in the granite of Rockport,

Massachusetts ; by Josiah P. COOKE, Jr.,

• 217

XXVII. On a possible Geological Cause of Changes in the Position

of the Axis of the Earth's Crust ; by John Evans,

· 230

XXVIII. On Fluorescence; by J. Eneu Lougulin, .

. 239

XXIX. Note on Dr. Andrews' paper on the Glacial Drift; by



XXX. On Naphtha and Illuminating Oil from Heavy California

Tar (Maltha); by B. SILLIMAN,


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Chemistry and Physics. On the influence of the absorption of heat upon the formation of

dew, 246.--On some new forms of electrical apparatus, Töpler and Holtz, 247.-

On nitrites of cobalt and nickel, 0. L. ERDMANN, 248.-On the synthesis of alcohols

by means of chlorinated ethers, LIEBEN, 249.-Graphitoidal Boron, a compound of

aluminum, St. CLAIRE DEVILLE: Tests for glucose, BRAUN: Hydrocarbons from

animal fats, WARREN and STORER, 250.--Naphtha from Rangoon petroleum, War-

REN and STORER: Synthesis of petroleum, BERTHELOT, 251.--Silvering upon glass :

Nodal figures in organ pipes, by Dr. August KUNDT, 252.--Influence of the interior

friction of the air on the transmission of sound, STEFAN : Interferential tones, 253.--

Foucault's silvered objectives for observations of the sun : Lead-thallium glass : Ex-

pansion of water and mercury, A. MATTHIESSEN, 254.--On the expansion of crystals,

FIZEAU, 253.---Expansion of a conductor due to the galvanic current, by Er. EDLUND,


Mineralogy and Geology.--Note on the use of the name Hudson-river group, by F. B.

Meek, 256.--Note on Bellinurus Danæ, from the Illinois Coal-measures, by F. B. Meek,

257.--Section of the Rocks of Illinois, from Worthen's Geological Report, 258.--Geo-

logical Survey of Canada--Catalogue of the Silurian Fossils of the Isle of Anticosti, &c.,

by E. Billings, 259.-- Tertiary of Norih and South Carolina, by T. A. CONRAD: On

Human remains in Belgium, by MR. DUPONT, 260.-Volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, by

Rev. T. Coan, 264.--Notice of a Human Skull, found near Angel's, Calaveras County,

by J. D. WHITNEY, 265.--Occurrence of the Silurian Series in Nevada, by J. D. WHIT-

NEY, 267.--Eozoön: On fossils in the Auriferous rocks of California, by W. P. BLAKE,

270.-. On the Crystalline form of Pachnolite, by A. DESCLOIZEAUX, 271.

Botany.–Salices Europææ : Le Specie dei Cotoni descritte da Filippo PARLATORE,

272.- Tree labels for the Arboretum : Ozone produced by plants Morphology of

Stamens, and use of Abortive Organs, 273.--Remarkable union of two trees, by

Payson W. Lyman, 275.

Astronomy and Meteorology.--November Meteors in 1866, 276.--New minor planet, An-

tiope, (90): New minor planet, (91): Comet: Aurora Borealis at Highland, Illinois, by


Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.--Analysis of a Meteoric Iron from Colorado, by Dr.

C. T. JACKSON, 280.--Hailstones in China, by S. W. WILLIAMS : U.S. Coast Survey :

Chicago Museum of Natural History, 281.--Obituary.--Prof. Bache, 292.--J. Burkhardt,


Miscellaneous Bibliography.-First Annual Report on the Geology of Kansas, by B. F.

Mudge: Preliminary Report of tbe Geological Survey of Kansas, by G. C. Swallow,

283.--First Annual Report of the Geological Survey of lowa, by C. A. White, M.D. :

Report of the Progress of the Geological Survey of North Carolina, by Prof. W.C. KERR:

Geological Survey of Canada, by Sir Wm. E. Logan: On the Rock-Salt Deposit of Petit

Anse, Louisiana: Plane Problems in Elementary Geometry, etc., by Prof. S. EDWARD

WARREN: The American Naturalist : Fossil Plants from the Chinese Coal-bearing rocks,

by J. S. NEWBERRY, M.D.: Musée Teyler, par T. C. WINKLER, 284.

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