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August 10, 1966.— Referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be printed

Mr. BOLLING, from the Committee on Rules, submitted the following


(To accompany H. Res. 965)

The Committee on Rules, having had under consideration House Resolution 965, report the same to the House with the recommendation that the resolution do pass.

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House Calendar No. 282 H. RES. 965



[Report No. 1830]


AUGUST 10, 1966 Mr. Bolling, froin the Committee on Rules, reported the following resolution;

which was referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be printed

Resolved, That upon the adoption of this resolution it


2 shall be in order to move that the House resolve itself into

3 the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the

4 Union for the consideration of the bill (H.R. 13228) to

5 provide for a coordinated national safety program and estab6 lishment of safety standards for motor vehicles in interstate

7 commerce to reduce traffic accidents and the deaths, injuries, 8 and property damage which occur in such accidents. After 9 general debate, which shall be confined to the bill and shall

10 continue not to exceed three hours, to be equally divided 11 and controlled by the chairman and ranking minority mem1 ber of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce,

2 the bill shall be read for amendment under the five-minute

3 rule. It shall be in order to consider the substitute amend

4 ment recommended by the Committee on Interstate and 5 Foreign Commerce now in the bill and such substitute for

6 the purpose of amendment shall be considered under the

7 five-minute rule as an original bill. At the conclusion of

8 such consideration the Committee shall rise and report the

9 bill to the IIouse with such amendments as may have been 10 adopted, and any Member may demand a separate vote 11 in the House on any of the amendments adopted in the

12 Committee of the Whole to the bill or comunittee substitute.

13 The previous question shall be considered as ordered on the 14 bill and amendments thereto to final passage without inter15 vening motion except one motion to recommit with or with

16 out instructions. After the passage of H.R. 13228, the

17 Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce shall be 18 discharged from the further consideration of the bill (S. 193005), and it shall then be in order in the House to move 20 to strike out all after the enacting clause of said Senate bill

21 and insert in lieu thereof the provisions contained in II.R. 22 1:3228 as passed the Ilouse.

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