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formation gathering and disseminating activities necessary and appropriate for motor vehicle safety and motor vehicle safety standards, and purchasing or acquiring equipment and facilities related thereto, or fabricating needed motor vehicle equipment to ecoomplish the purposes of this title, including

(A) relating motor vehicle cod motor vehicle equipment performance character. istics to motor vehicle safety:

(B) determining the effects of wear and use of motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment upon motor vehicle safety:

(C) evaluating and developing methods and equipment for testing. Inspecting, and determining safety of motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment;

(D) evaluating and developing methods and equipment for determining adequacy of motor vehicle safety standards, and compliance of motor vehicles with motor vehicle standards; and

(E) developing appropriate motor vehicle safety standards; and

(5) awarding grants to State or Interstate agencies and nonprofit institutions for performance of activities authorized in this section.

(b) The Secretary may, by means of grant or contract, design, construct and test operational passenger motor vehicles and items of motor vehicle equipment in demonstration quantities, embodying such features as the Secretary determines will assist in car. rying out the purposes of this Act. Such vehicles or equipment are to serve as demonstrations for the development of safety features applicable to commercially manufactured motor vehicles or items of motor vehicle equipment, and for the development of Federal motor vehicle safety standards under section 103. Such demonstration vehicles or equipment shall not be sold or leased for private use. Such demonstration vehicles shall not be limited to traditional methods of automobile design, styling, testing, or production.

(c) Whenever the Pederal contribution for any research or development activity authorized by this Act encouraging motor vehicle safety is more than minimal, the Secretary shall include in any contract, grant, or other arrangement for such research or development activity, provisions effective to insure that all information, ubes, processes, patents, and other developments resulting from that activity will be made freely and fully available to the general public. Nothing herein shall be construed to deprive the owner of any background patent of any right which he may bave thereunder.

Cooperation Sec. 107. In addition to such advisory authority as the Secretary otherwise may exercise, he is authorized to advise, Assist, cooperate with, or enter into cooperative agreements with and receive and expend funds made available thereunder by Federal agencies, State or other public agencies, businesses (including manufacturers, distributors, and dealers of motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment), universities, or other institutions in the planning or development of

(a) motor vehicle safety standards;

(b) method for inspecting or testing under motor vehicle safety standards;

(c) motor vehicle and motor vehicle equipment test methods and test equipment.

Training SEC. 108. (a) The Secretary is authorized to train, or establish training programs for, personnel of Federal agencies, State or other public agencies or institutions, private firms and private institutions by grants to or contracts with such agencies, firms, or institutions for the purpose of achieving motor vebicle safety as provided in this title. He

I recalve and expend funds made avall. able under a cooperative agreement or utiliza motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment furnisbed thereunder for training purpose. Such training may include

(1) interpreting and applying motor vehicle safety standards;

(2) using test methods and test equipment;

(3) testing and inspecting motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment to determine motor vehicle safety; or

(4) such other training as may be necessary to carry out this title.

(b) The Secretary may purchase, use, and dispose of motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment for use, other than for purposes of transportation, in the training authorized by subsection (a), under the same authority, and subject to the same conditions, as provided in section 106.

Prohibited acts SEC. 109. (8) No person shall(1) manufacture for sale, sell, offer for sale, or introduce or deliver for introduction, in interstato commerce, or import into the United States, any motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment manufactured on or after the date any applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standard takes effect under this title unless it is in conformity with such standard as prescribed or amended by the Secretary pursuant to this title except As provided in subsection (b) of this section;

(2) fall or refuse access to or copying of records, fall to make reports or provide information, or fall or refuse to permit entry or inspection, as required under section 114;

(3) fall or refuse to furnish a certification as required by section 115, or furnish & certification as required by such section 115 which is false; or

(4) fall or refuse to furnish notiäcation as required by section 116.

(b) (1) Paragraph (1) of subsection (a) shall not apply to the sale, the oder for sale, or the introduction or delivery for introduction, in interstate commerce, or importation into the United States, of any motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment after tbe Oirst purchase of it in good faith for purposes other than resale, or to any person who ostablishes that he did not know and did not have reason to know in the exerciso of due care that such vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment was not in conformity with such standard, or to any person, who, prior to such Arst purchase, holda & certicate issued by the manufacturer or Importer of such motor vehiclo or motor vehicle equipment, to the effect that such vebicle or equipment conforms to all applicablo Federal motor vehicle standards, unless such person knows that such vehicle or equipment does not so contorm. Paragraph (3) of subsection (a) shall not apply to any person who establishes that he did not know and did not have reason to know in the exercise of due care that such vehicle or Item of motor vehicle equipment was not in conformity with such standard.

(2) A motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment ofered for importation in violation of paragraph (1) of subsection (a) shall be refused admission into the United States under joint regulations issued by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary: except that the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary may. by such regulations, provide for authorizing the importation of sucb motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment into tho United States upon such terms and condi. tions (including the furnishing of a bond) as may appear to them appropriate to insure that any such motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment will be brought into conformity with any applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standard prescribed under this title, or will be exported or abandoned to the United States.

(3) The Secretary of the Treasury and the habitant or wherever the defendant may be Secretary may, by joint regulations, permit found. the temporary importation of any motor (b) In any action brought under section vehicle or Item of motor vehicle equipment. 110(a) or section 111(a), subpoenas for wit. after the Arst purchase of it in good faith Desses who are required to attend a United for purposes other than resale, notwithstand. States district court may run into any other ing paragraph (2) of this subsection, district.

(4) Paragraph (1) of subsection (a) shall (c) It shall be the duty of every manynot apply in the case of a motor vehicle or facturer offering a motor vehicle or item Item of motor vehicle equipment that is in of motor vehicle equipment for importation tended solely for export, and so labeled or into the United States to designate in writtagged on the vehicle or Item Itself and on ing an agent upon whom service of all adthe outside of the container, 11 any, and is ministrative and judicial processes, notices, exported.

orders, decisions and requirements may bo Civil penalty

made for and on behalf of said importer, and SEC. 110. (a) Any person who violates any

to file such designation with the Secretary, provision of section 109, or any regulation

which designation may from time to time be issued thereunder, shall be subject to a civil

changed by like writing. similarly Aled. penalty which may be recoverable in a civil

Service of all administrative and judicial action brought by the Attorney General in a

processes, notices, orders, decisions and reUnited States district court in the name of

quirements may be made upon sald importer the United States of not to exceed 1000 for by vice upon such designated agent at his each such violation except that for each such

omt or usual place of residence with like person the maximum civil penalty shall not

efect as 'I made personally upon said imexceed $400.000 for any related series of vio

porte, and in default of such designation lations. Such violation of a provision of

of such agent, service of process, notice, orsection 109, or such regulations 1ssued there

der, requirement or decision in any proceedunder, shall constitute & separate violation

ing before the Secretary or in any judicial with respect to each motor vehicle or item of

proceeding for enforcement of this title or motor vehicle equipment or with respect to

any standards prescribed pursuant to this each fallure or refusal to allow or perform an

title may be made by posting such process, act required thereby.

notice, order, requirement or decision in the (b) Any such civil penalty may be com

Omce of the Secretary. promised by the Secretary. In determining

Application of antitrust laws the amount of such penalty, or the amount

SEC. 113. Nothing contained herein shall agreed upon in compromise, the appropriate be deemed to exempt from the antitrust laws ness of such penalty to the size of the busi

of the United States any conduct that would ness of the person charged and the gravity otherwise be unlawful under such laws, or of the violation shall be considered. Tho to prohibit under the antitrust laws of the amount of such penalty, when finally deter- United States any conduct that would be mined, or the amount agreed upon in com lawful under such laws. promise, may be deducted from any sums

Inspection and testing for compliance; owing by tho United States to the person

records and reports charged. Injunction

Soc. 114. (a) The Secretary is authorized

to conduct such testing, inspection, and inSec. 111. (a) Tho United States district

vestigation as he deems necessary to aid in courts eball have jurisdiction, for cause

the enforcement of Federal vehicle safety shown and subject to the provisions of rulo

standards prescribed and in effect under this 65 (a) and (b) of the Federal Rules of Civil

title and shall furnish the Attorney General Procedure, to restrain violations of this title,

and, when appropriate, the Secretary of the or to restrain the sale, over for sale, or the introduction or delivery for introduction, in

Treasury any information obtalned and test

results indicating noncompliance with such interstate commerce, or the importation into

standards, for appropriate enforcement or the United States, of any motor vehiclo or

customs action. Item of motor vehicle equipment which is

(b) For purposes of enforcement of this determined, prior to the arst purchase of

title, ofcers or employees duly designated such vehicle in good faith for purposes other

by the Secretary, upon presenting approthan resale, not to conform to applicablo

priate credentials and a written notice to the Federal motor vehicle safety standards pre

owner, operator, or agent in charge, are auscribed pursuant to this title, upon petition

thorized (1) to enter, at reasonable times, by the Attorney General on behalf of the

any factory. warehouse, or establishment in United States. Whenever practicable, tho

which motor vehicles or items of motor veSecretary shall give notice to the contem

hicle equipment are manufactured, or held plated defendant and afford him an oppor

for Introduction into Interstate commerce tunity to present his views, and, except in

or are held for sale after such introduction: the case of a knowing and willu violation,

and (2) to inspect, at reasonable times and shall alord him opportunity to achieve com

within reasonable limits and in a reasonable pliance. The fallure to give such notice and

manner, such factory, warehouse, or estabAdord such opportunity shall not preclude

lishment. Each such inspection shall be the granting of appropriate reller.

commenced and completed with reasonable (b) In any proceeding for criminal con

promptness. tempt for violation of an order, injunction,

(c) Every manufacturer of motor vehicles or restraining order issued under this sec

and motor vehicle equipment shall establish tion, which violation also constitutes & vlo

and maintain such records, make such relation of this title, trial shall be by the court or, upon demand of the accused, by a jury.

ports, and provide such information as the

Secretary may reasonably require to enable Such trial shall be conducted in accordance

him to determine whether such manufacturer with the practice and procedure applicablo

has acted or is acting in compliance with this in the case of proceedings subject to the

title and motor vehicle safety standards provisions of rulo 42(b) of the Federal Rules

prescribed pursuant to this title and shall, of Criminal Procedure.

upon request of an omcer or employer duly Jurisdiction and venue

designated by the Secretary, permit such Sec. 112. (a) Actions under sections 110(a) omcer or employee to inspect appropriate and 111(a) may be brought in the district books, papers, records, and documents relewherein any act or transaction constituting vant to determining whether such manu. the violation occurred, or in the district facturer has acted or is acting in compliance wherein the defendant is found or is an with this title and motor vehicle safety inhabitant or transacts business, and proc. standards prescribed pursuant to this title. ess in such cases may be served in any other (d) All information reported to or otherdistrict of which the defendent is an in- wise obtained by the Secretary or his repre

Secreta defendant. anis views, and molation.


sentative pursuant to subsection (b) or sent his views and evidence in suport thereIci walch information contains or relates to of, to establish that there is no fallure of a trade secret or other matter referred to in compliance or that the alleged defect does section 1905 of ultle 18 of the United States not affect motor vehicle safety. I after Code, shall be considered conndential for such presentation by the manufacturer the the purpose of that section, except that such Secretary determines that such vehicle or information may be disclosed to other onlcers Item of equipment does not comply with or employees concerned with carrying out applicable Federal motor vehicle safety this Act or when relevant in any proceeding standards, or contains a defect which relates under this Act.

to motor vehicle safety, the Secretary shall Certification

direct the manufacturer to furnish the notiSEC. 115. Every manufacturer or distribu nication specified in subsection (c) of this tor of motor vehicles or motor vehicle equip

section to the purchaser of such motor vement shall furnish to the distributor or

hicle or item of motor vehicle equipment as dealer At the time of delivery of such vehicle provided in subsections (a) and (b) of this or equipment of such manufacturer or dis section. uributor & certification that each such vehicle Used motor vehicle inspection study or Item of motor vehicle equipment conforms

SEC. 117. (a) in order to assure a conto all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety

tinuing and effective national tramc safety standards. Such certification may be in the

program, 1t 18 the policy of the Congress form of a label or tag on such vehicle or item

to encourage and strengthen the enforceof equipment or on the outside of a con

ment of State Inspection of used motor tainer, 11 any, in which such items of equip

vehicles. ment are delivered.

(b) The Secretary shall conduct & Notification

thorough study and investigation to deterSEC. 116. (a) Every manufacturer of motor mine the adequacy of motor vehicle safety vehicles shall furnish notification of any standards and motor vehicle inspection redefect in any motor vehicle or motor vehicle

quirements and procedures applicable to equipment produced by such manufacturer used motor vehicles in each State, and the which he determines, in good faith, relates to efect of programs authorized by this Act motor vehicle safety. to the purchaser (where upon such standards, requirements, and known to the manufacturer) of such motor

procedures for used motor vehicles, and vehicle or motor vehicle equipment, within

report to the Congress As soon as practicable a reasonable time after such manufacturer

not later than one year after the enactment has discovered such defect

of this Act, the results of such study and (b) The notification required by subsec

recommendations for such additional legis. tion (a) shall be accomplished

lation as he deems necessary to carry out (1) by certified mall to the first purchaser the purposes of this Act. (not including any dealer of such manu

Access to information facturer) of the motor vehicle or motor

SEC. 118. In addition to information made vehicle equipment containing & defect; and

avallable to the public under section 8(c) of (2) by certified mall or other more expe

the Administrative Procedure Act, the Secditious means to the dealer or dealers of such

retary shall make available, to any interested manufacturer to whom such motor vehicle

person, the record compiled in the proceedor equipment was delivered.

ings for establishment of a motor vehicle (c) The notification required by subsec

safety standard, including at least (A) the tion (a) shall contain a clear description of

testimony, documentary evidence, and writthe defect, an evaluation of the risk to tramc

ten submissions of data, views or arguments, safety reasonably related to the defect, and

and (B) to the extent feasible, any non& statement of the measures to be taken to

documentary evidence, but the secretary repair the defect.

shall not disclose any information which con(d) Every manufacturer of motor vehicles

tains or relates to trade secrets.
shall furnish to the Secretary a true or repre-
sentative copy of all notices, bulletins, and

Obligation for noncomplying motor vehicles other communications to the dealers of such

and motor vehicle equipment manufacturer or purchasers of motor vehicles SEC. 119. (a) If any motor vehicle or item or motor vehicle equipment of such manu- of motor vehicle equipment 18 determined facturer regarding any defect in such ve- not to conform to applicable Federal motor hicle or equipment sold or serviced by such vehicle safety standards, or contains a defect dealer. The Secretary shall disclose so much which relates to motor vehicle safety, after of the Information contained in such notice the sale of such vehicle or item of equipment or other information obtained under sub by a manufacturer or a distributor to a dissection 114(a) to the public as he deems tributor or a dealer and prior to the sale of will assist in carying out the purposes of this such vehicle or item of equipment by such Act, but he shall not disclose any infor- distributor or dealer: mation which contains or relates to a trade (1) The manufacturer or distributor, as the secret or other matter referred to in section

case may be, shall immediately repurchase 1905 of title 18 of the United States Code

such vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipunless he determines that it is necessary to ment from such distributor or dealer at the carry out the purposes of this Act.

price paid by such distributor or dealer, plus (e) If through testing, Inspection, investi

all transportation charges involved and a reagation, or research carried out pursuant to sonable reimbursement of not less than 1 this title, or examination of reports pursuant

per centum per month of such price paid proto subsection (d) of this section, or other

rated from the date of notice of such nonwise, the Secretary determines that any conformance to the date of repurchase by motor vehicle or Item of motor vehicle

the manufacturer or distributor; or equipment

(2) In the case of motor vehicles, the (1) does not comply with an applicable

manufacturer or distributor, AS the case Federal motor vehicle safety standard pre

may be, at his own expense, shall immediately scribed pursuant to sections 102 and 103; or

furnish the purchasing distributor or dealer (2) contains a defect which relates to

the required conforming part or parts or motor vehicle safety;

equipment for installation by the distributhen he shall immediately notify the manu tor or dealer on or in such vehicle and for facturer of such motor vehicle or item of the installation involved the manufacturer motor vehicle equipment of such defect or shall reimburse such distributor or dealer for failure to comply. The notice shall contain the reasonable value of such installation the Andings of the Secretary and shall in plus & reasonable reimbursement of not less clude all information upon which the and than 1 per centum per month of the manuings are based. The Secretary shall afford facturer's or distributor's selling price prosuch manufacturer an opportunity to pre- rated from the date of notice of such non


conformance to the date such vehicle is brought into conformance with applicable Federal standards: Provided, however, That the distributor or dealer proceeds with reasonable diligence with the installation after the required part, parts or equipment are received.

(b) In the event any manufacturer or distributor shall refuse to comply with the requirements of paragraphs (1) and (2) of subsection (&). then the distributor or dealer, as the case may be, to whom such nonconforming vehicle or equipment bas been sold may bring suit against such manufacturer or distributor in any district court of the United States in the district in which bald manufacturer or distributor resides, or is found, or has an agent, without respect to the amount in controversy, and shall recover the damage by him sustained, as well as all court costs plus reasonable attorneys' fees. Any action brought pursuant to this section shall be forever barred unless commenced within three years after the cause of action shall have accrued.

(c) The value of such installations and such reasonable reimbursements as specided in subsection (a) of this section shall be fixed by mutual agreement of the parties, or falling such agreement, by the court pursuant to the provisions of subsection (b) of this section.

Brake Tuid and seat belt standards SEC. 120. (a) Public Law 87-637 (Act of September 5, 1962. 76 Stat. 437, 15 U.S.C. 1301-1303), and Public Law 88-201 (Act of December 13, 1963, 77 Stat. 361, 15 U.S.C. 1321-1323) are hereby repealed.

(b) Whoever, prior to the date of enactment of this section, knowingly and willfully violates any provision of law repealed by subsection (a) of this section, shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of such laws as in effect on the date such violation occurred.

(c) Standards issued pursuant to any law repealed by subsection (a) of this section shall continue in full effect and may be amended as if they had been effectively 16sued pursuant to this title. Such standards shall, after enactment of this Act, be subject to the enforcement and all other provisions of this title.

(d) all orders, rules, regulations, or priv. lleges made, issued, or granted by any odioer or agency in connection with any law repealod by subsection (a) of this section, and in effect at the time of such repeal, shall continue in effect to the name extent as 11 this section had not been enacted, until modified, superseded, or repealed. No mult, action, or other proceeding lawiwly commenced by or against any agency or omcer of the United States acting in his omcial capacity shall abate by reason of any repenl made by this section, but the court, on motion or supplemental petition Oled at any time within twelve months after such transTer takes effect, showing a necessity for & survival of such sult, action, or other proceeding to obtain & settlement of the questions involved, may allow the same to be maintained.

Avoidance of duplication SEC. 121. The Secretary, in exercising the authority under this Act, shall utilize the Bervices, research and testing facilities of public agencies to the maximum extent practicable in order to avoid duplication in such facilities and services.

Regulations Sec. 122. The Secretary is authorized to 1ssue and amend such rules and regulations as he may find necessary or appropriate to carrying out the provisions of this Act.

Reports and recommendations BEC. 123. (&) The Secretary shall prepare and submit to the President for transmittal

to the Congress on March 1 of each year a comprehensive report on the administration of this Act for the preceding calendar year. Such report shall include but not be restricted to (1) & thorough statistical compilation of the accidents and injuries occurring in such year; (2) a list of Federal motor vehicle safety standards prescribed or in effect in such year; (3) the degree of observance of applicable Federal motor vehicle standards; (4) a summary of all current research grants and contracts together with a description of the problems to be considered by such grants and contracts; (5) an analysis and evaluation, including relevant policy recommendations, of research activities completed and technological progress achieved during such year; and (6) the extent to which technical information was disseminated to the scientific community and consumer-oriented information was made avall. able to the motoring public.

(b) The report required by subsection (a) of this section shall contain such recommendations for additional legislation as the Secretary deems necessary to promote cooperation among the several States in the improvement of tradic safety and to strengthen the national trainc safety program.

Appropriations authorized SEC. 124. There is authorized to be appropriated for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this title, not to exceed $11.000,000 for fiscal year 1967. $17,000,000 for Ascal year 1968, and $23,000,000 for the fiscal year 1969. TITLE 0—TRASTIC ACCIDENT AND INJURY RE

Authorization for research and testing

facility Sec. 201. The Secretary of Commerce is hereby authorized, acting independently or in cooperation with other Federal departments or agencies, to plan, design, construct, acquire, maintain, and operate a lacility or facilities, within the District of Columbis or elsewhere, in which to conduct 80 much of the research, development, testing and evaluation provided for by this Act, and other research, development, and testing in tramc safety authorized by law, as he may deem appropriate and necessary.

Planning appropriations authorized Sec. 202. There is hereby authorized to bo appropriated not to exceed $2,000,000 for tho planning of the facility or facilities authorized by section 201 of this Act, including necessary feastbility studies. Limitations on appropriations for con

struction SEO. 203. (a) No appropriation shall bo made to construct, acquiro, or alter any facilIty pursuant to section 201 involving an expenditure in excess of $100.000 such con. struction, acquisition, or alteration has not been approved by resolutions adopted by the Committee on Commerce of the Senate and the Committee on Interstate and Foreiga Commerce of the House of Representatives, and such approval has not been rescinded as provided in subsection (c) of this section. For the purpose of securing consideration of such approval, tho Secretary shall transmit to Congress & prospectus of the proposed project, including (but not limited to)

(1) a brief description of the building or facility to be constructed, acquired, or altered under this title;

(2) the location of the project, and an estimate of the maximum cost of the project;

(3) statement by the Secretary that suitable space owned by the Government la not available and that suitable facilities are not avallable for acquisition or on a fee or rental basis at a price commensurate with

that to be afforded through the proposed only to establish Senator MAGNUSON as action; and

one of the most effective and highly re(4) a statement by the Secretary of the

garded Members of this body. His many number of persons expected to be employed at the building or facility and an estimate

achievements speak better of his great of its annual operating cost.

capacities than do any words of praise. (b) The estimated maximum cost of any We all are deeply grateful. And I speak project approved under this section as set not only for the membership, but for the forth in any prospectus may be increased by entire Nation. an amount equal to the percentage Increase,

For many years, the junior Senator if any, as determined by the Secretary in

from Connecticut (Mr. RIBICOFF) has consultation with the Administrator of the

been closely identified with this whole General Services Administration, in construction, production, or alteration costs, as the

field of automobile safety. All of us apcase may be, from the date of transmittal preciate his many great contributions. of such prospectus to Congress, but in no With the success of this measure today event shall the increase authorized by this he has realized an objective for which subsection exceed 10 per centum ol such esti he has labored long and hard. Senator mated maximum costs.

RieIcoFF nay justly be proud of the (c) In the case of any project approved for

achievement, but his pride in the acconstruction, acquisition, or alteration by the

complishment can be no greater than Committee on Commerce of the Senate and the Committee on Interstate and Foreign

the cstecm of the American people which Commerce of the House of Representatives, he has earned and which he so richly in accordance with subsection (a) of this

on tal of this deserves. section, for which an appropriation has not I also wish to single out for well debeen made within one year after the date of served praise, the outstanding efforts of such approval, elther the Committee on Com

the junior Senator from Wisconsin (Mr. merce of the Senate or the Committee on

NELSON) in assuring today's great sucInterstate and Foreigo Commerce of the

cess. As I said earlier, his absence today House of Representatives may rescind, by resolution, its approval of such project at

was occasioned solely by the Senate's of any time thereafter before such an appro

ficial business abroad which he was dipriation bas been made.

rected to perform. I only add that no TITLE -HIGHWAY SAFETY

other Member of this body was more National driver register

interested in, or supported more vigor

ously. this legislation. I note that his Sec. 301. Title 23, United States Code. Is hereby amended by adding at the end there

position on all of its features has been of a new section:

entered in the RECORD. "$321. National driver register service

It is plain that a unanimous endorse(a) The Secretary shall establish and ment is achieved only with the strong maintain a register containing the name of and articulate support of many Seneach individual reported to him by a State, ators. On this measure, there was none or political subdivision thereof, as an in- stronger nor more articulate than the dividual with respect to whom such State or

ranking minority member of the commitpolitical subdivision has denied, terminated,

tee, the senior Senator from New Hampor temporarily withdrawn (except a withdrawal for less than ninety days based on

shire (Mr. COTTON). Senator COTTON led habitual violation) an individual's license the way with his splendid cooperation or privilege to operate a motor vehicle. and highly able support. And equally Such register shall also contain such other cooperative were the efforts of the SenInformation as the Secretary nay deem ap- ators from Pennsylvania (Mr. SCOTT) propriate to carry out the purposes of this and Indlang (Mr. HARTKE). section.

Others too must be commended for as"(b) The Secretary shall, at the request of any State, or political subdivision thereof,

suring this great success by devoting or at the request of any Federal department

their great talents to its discussion on or agency, furnish such information as may

the floor. I refer to the Senators from be contained in the register established un Oklahoma (Mr. MONRONEY), Rhode der subsection (a) with respect to any in Island (Mr. PASTORE), Michigan (Mr. dividual applicant for & motor vehicle op- HART and Mr. GRIFFIN) and to others erator's license or permit.

who rose to support the measure with "(c) As used in this section, the term

their outstanding abuties.
'State includes each of the several States,
the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Dis-
trict of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands,
the Canal Zone and American Samoa."

Technical amendments
SEC. 302. (a) The Act of July 14, 1960 (74
Stat 526), as amended by the Act of October
4, 1961 (75 Stat. 779), is hereby repealed.

(b) The analysis of chapter 3 of title 23.
United States Code, is amended by adding
at the end thereof:
"321. National Driver Register Service."

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, for the second time in 3 short days the Senate unanimously approved a measure handled by the distinguished chairman of the Committee on Commerce (Mr. MAGNUSON). Now added to his long record of achievements is the auto safety bill; & proposal which could not have obtained such overwhelming support without his able advocacy. Success of this magnitude, however, serves once again

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