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ployee duly designated by the Secretary, permit such oficer or employee to inspect appropriate books, papers, records, and documents relevant to determining whether such Manufacturer has acted or 18 acting in compliance with this title and motor vehicle Rafety standards prescribed pursuant to this title.

(d) All information reported to or otherwise obtained by the Secretary or his representative pursuant to subsection (b) or (c) which information contains or relates to a trade secret or other matter referred to in section 1906 of title 18 of the United States Code, shall be considered conndential for the purpose of that section, except that such Information may be disclosed to other om cers or employees concerned with carrying out this Act or when relevant in any proceeding under this Act.

Certification Sec. 116. Every manufacturer or distribu. tor of motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment shall furnish to the distributor or dealer at the time of delivery of such vehicle or equipment of such manufacturer or distributor a certification that each such vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment conforms to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards. Such certification may be in the form of a label or tag on such vehiclo or item of equipment or on the outside of a container, if any, in which such Items of equipment are delivered.

Notification Sec. 116. (a) Every manufacturer of motor vehicles shall furnish notification of any defect in any motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment produced by such manufacturer which he determines, in good faith, relates to motor vehiclo safety, to tho purchaser (where known to the manufacturer) of such motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment, within a reasonable time after such manufacturer has discovered such defect.

(b) The notification required by subsection (a) shall be accomplished

(1) by certified mall to the Arst purchaser (not including any dealer of such manufacturer) of the motor vehicle or motor vehiclo equipment containing a defect; and

(2) by certified mall or other more expeditious means to the dealer or dealers of such manufacturer to whom such motor vehicle or equipment was delivered.

(c) The notifcation required by subsection (a) shall contain a clear description of the defect, an evaluation of the risk to trai. Ac safety reasonably related to the defect, and a statement of the measures to be taken to repair the defect.

(d) Every manufacturer of motor vehicles shall furnish to the Secretary & true or representative copy of all notices, bulletins, and other communications to the dealers of such manufacturer or purchasers of motor vehi. cles or motor vehicle equipment of such manufacturer regarding any defect in such vehicle or equipment sold or serviced by such dealer. The Secretary shall disclose 80 much of the information contained in such notice or other information obtained under subsection 114(a) to the public as he deems will assist in carrying out the purposes of this Act, but he shall not disclose any information which contains or relates to a trade secret or other matter referred to in section 1906 of title 18 of the United States Code unless he determines that it is necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act.

(e) It through testing. Inspection, investigation, or research carried out pursuant to this title, or examination of reports pursuant to subsection (d) of this section, or otherwise, the Secretary determines that any motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment

(1) does not comply with an applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standard prescribed pursuant to sections 102 and 103; or

conting a defect which related to mo tor vehicle safety; then be shall immediately notify the manufacturer of such motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment of such defect or failure to comply. The notice shall contain the findings of the Secretary and shall include all information upon which the and. ings are based. The Secretary shall afford such manufacturer an opportunity to present his views and evidence in support thereof, to establish that there is no fallure of compliance or that the alleged defect does not alloct motor vehicle safety, II after such presentation by the manufacturer the Secretary determines that such vehicle or item of equipment does not comply with applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards, or contains a delect which relates to motor vohicle safety. the Secretary shall direct tho manufacturer to furnish the notincation specified in subsection (c) of this section to the purchaser of such motor vehicle or Item of motor vehicle equipment as provided in subsections (a) and (b) of this section.

Used motor vehicle inspection study SEC. 117. (a) in order to assure a continuing and effective national traffic safety program, it is the policy of the Congress to encourage and strengthen the enforcement of State Inspection of uscd motor vehicles.

(b) The Secretary shall conduct thorough study and investigation to determine the adequacy of motor vehicle enfety standards and motor vehicle inspection re. quirements and procedures applicable to used motor vehicles in each State, and the effect of programs authorized by this Act upon such standards, requirements, and procedures for used motor vehicles, and report to the Congress as soon as practicable not later than one year after the enactment of this Act, the results of such study and rec. ommandations for nuon additional logimla. tion as he deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act.

Access to information BEC. 118. In addition to information made available to the public under section 3(c) of the Administrative Procedure Act, the Becretary shall make available, to any interested person, the record compiled in the procecdings for establishment of a motor vehicle safety standard, including At least (A) the testimony, documentary evidence, and written submissions of data, views or arguments, and (B) to the extent feasible, any nondocumentary evidence, but the Secretary shall not disclose any Information which contains or related to trade secrets. Obligation for noncomplying motor vehicles

and motor vehicle equipment Sec. 119. () If any motor vehicle or Item of motor vehicle equipment is determined not to conform to applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards, or contains a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety, after the sale of such vehicle or item of equipment by a manufacturer or a distributor to a distributor or a dealer and prior to the sale of such vehic!c or Item of equipment by such distributor or dealer:

(1) The manufacturer or distributor, as the case may be, shall immediately repurchase such vehicle or item of motor vehiclo equipment from such distributor or dealer at & price paid by such distributor or dealer, plus all transportation charges involved and an increment of 2 per centum per month of such price paid prorated from the date of notice of such nonconformance to the dato of repurchase by the manufacturer or distributor; or

(2) In the case of motor vehicle, the manufacturer or distributor, as the case may be, at his own expense, shall immediately furnish the purchasing distributor or dealer the required conforming part or parts or equipment for installation by the distributor or dealer on or in such vehicle and for the

Installation involved the manufacturer

Reports and recommendations shall reimburso much distributor or dealer for

Sec. 123. (B) The Secretary shall preparo the reasonable value of such installation

and submit to the President for transmittal plus an increment of 2 per centum per

to the Congress on March 1 of each year 8 month of the manufacturer's or distributor's

comprehensive report on the administration selling price prorated from the date of notice of this Act for the preceding calendar year. of such nonconformance to the dato such

Such report shall include but not be revobicle le brought into conformance with

stricted to (1) & thorough statistical comapplicable Pederal standards: Provided, how

pllation of the accidents and injuries occur. evet, That the distributor or dealer proceeds

ring in such year; (2) a list of Federal motor with reasonable diligence with the installa

vehicle safety standards prescribed or in eltion after the required part, parts or equlp- fect in such year; (3) the degree of observment are received.

Ance of Applicable Federal motor vehiclo (b) In the event any manutaoturor of standards; (4) 4 summary of all current rodlatributor shall refuse to comply with the search grants and contracts together with a requirements of paragraphs (1) and (2) of description of the problems to be considered subsection (8). then the distributor or by such grants and contracts; (5) an analysis doaler, as the case may be, to whom such and evaluntlon, including relevant policy nonconforming vohicle or equipment has

recommendations, of renoarch nctivities com. been sold may bring suit against such manu pleted and technological progress nchieved facturer or distributor in any district court during such year; and (6) the extent to of the United States in the district in which which technical information was dissemi. sald manufacturer or distributor resides, or nated to the scientific community and is found, or has an agent, without respect consumer-oriented Information was made to the amount in controversy. And shall re- avallable to the motoring public. cover the damage by him sustained, as well

(b) Tho report required by subsection (a) As all court costs plus reasonable attorneys'

of this section shall contain such recomfees. Any action brought pursuant to this mendatlons for additional legislation as the section shall be forever barred unless com- Secretary deems necessary to promote comenced within three years after the cause operation among the several Stntes in the of action shall have accrued.

Improvement of traffic safety and to strength. (c) The reasonable value of such installa- en the national traffic safety program. tions specified in subsection (a) (2) of this section shall be fixed by mutual agreement

Appropriations authorized of the parties, or failing such agreement, by

Sec. 124. There is authorized to be approthe court pursuant to the provisions of sub

priated for the purposc o carrying out the section (b) of this section.

provisions of this title, not to exceed $11,

000,000 for fiscal year 1967. $17,000,000 for Brake fuld and seat belt standards

fiscal year 1968, and $23,000,000 for the Ascal SEC. 120. (a) Public Law 87-637 (Act of

year 1969. September 6, 1962, 76 Stat. 437, 16 U.S.C.

TITLE 1-TRAFFIC ACCIDENT AND INJURY 1301-1303), and Public Law 88-201 (Act of December 13, 1963. 77 Stat. 361. 15 U.S.C.

RESEARCH AND TEST FACILITY 1321-1323) are hereby repealed.

Authorization for research and testing (15) Whenever, prior to tho dn louf onnot. ment of this section, knowingly and willfully SEC. 201. The Secretary of Commerce is violates any provision of law repealed by sub. hereby authorized, acting independently or section (A) of this section, shall be punished in cooperation with other Federal departin accordanco with the provisions of auch ments or agencien, to pinn, design, construct, lawg as in effect on the date such violation acquire, maintain, and operate a incility or occurred

facilities, within the District of Columbia (c) Standards Issued pursuant to any law or elsewhere, in which to conduct so much

or elsewhere, in w repealed by subsection (R) of this section of the research, development, testing and shall continue in full effect and may be

evaluation provided for by this Act, and amended as if they had been effectively issued other research, development, and testing in pursuant to this title. Such standards shall,

trasc safety authorized by law, as he may after enactment of this Act, be subject to the deem appropriate and necessary. enforcement and all other provisions of this Planning appropriations authorized title.

SEC. 202. There is hereby authorized to be (d) All orders, rules, regulations, or privi.

appropriated not to exceed $2.000.000 for the leges made, Issued, or granted by any officer

planning of the facility or facilities authoror agency in connection with any law re

ized by section 201 of this Act, including pealed by subsection (a) of this section, and

necessary feasibility studies. in effect at the time of such repeal, shall continue in effect to the same extent as if this

Limitations on appropriations for section had not been enacted, until modided,

constructions superseded, or repealed No suit, action, or

Sec. 203. (A) No appropriation shall bo other proceeding lawfully commenced by or made to construct. acquire, or alter any against any agency or officer of the United facility pursuant to section 201 involving States acting in his ofcial capacity shall An expenditure in excess of $100,000 11 such abate by reason of any repeal made by this construction, acquisition, or alteration has section, but the court, on motion or supple- not been approved by resolutions adopted mental petition led at any time within by the Committee on Commerce of the Sen. twelve months after such transfer takes er ate and the Committee on Interstate and lect, showing & necessity for a survival of Poreign Commerce of the House of Represuch sult, action, or other proceeding to ob

sentatives, and such approval has not been tain & settlement of the questions Involved, rescinded as provided in subsection (c) of may allow the same to be maintained.

this section. For the purpose of securing Avoidance of duplication

consideration of such approval, the Secre

tary shall transmit to Congress a prospectus SEC. 121. The Secretary, in exercising the

of the proposed project, including (but not authority under this Act. shall utilize the

Ilmited to) services, research and testing facilities of

(1) A brief description of the building or public agencies to the maximum extent prac

facility to be constructed, acquired, or Altered ticable In order to avoid duplication In such

under this title; facilities and services.

(2) the location of the project, and an Regulations

estimate of the maximum cost of the project; SEC. 122. The Secretary 18 authorized to (3) statement by the Secretary that suitIssue and amend such rules and regulations able space owned by the Government is not As ho may and necessary or appropriate to avallable and that suitable facilities are not carrying out the provisions of this Act.

avallable for acquisition or on a fee or rental

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basis at a price commensurate with that to We have had some discussion today as T uorded through the proposed action; and to how we will handle this matter legisla

(4) a statement by the Secretary of tho tively. number of persons expected to be employed

We have now come to the conclusion at the building or facility and an estimate

that we will bring up the Traffic Safety of its annual operating cost.

(b) The estimated maximum cost of any S. 3005, which is now the pending project approved under this section as set

business, proceed to consider it, and imforth in any prospectus may be incrensed by mediately following conclusion of action an amount equal to the percentage increase, on that bill, the Senator from West Vir18 any. as determined by the Secretary ginia (Mr. RANDOLPH) will move to bring in consultation with the Administrator

up the bill reported by his committee, of the General Services Administration, in

S. 3052. construction, production, or alteration costs, as the case may be, from the date of trans

So I will request the Senators who are mittal of such prospectus to Congress, but in

present to convey this plan of procedure no event shall the increase authorized by this to Senators as they come into the Chamsubsection exceed 10 per centum of such esti- ber. mated maximum costs.

I wish to thank the Senator from West (c) In the cause of any project approved Virginia, because I know he had several for construction, acquisition, or alteration by commitments of great importance to him the Committee on Commerce of the Senate

in his home State today. We were and the Committee on Interstate and Poreign Commerce of the House of Representa

hoping to bring up his bul as title III, tives, in accordance with subsection (a) of

and consider his bill, so that he this section, for which an appropriation has might take care of these co not been made within one year after the date However, many of the Senators with of such approval, either the Committee on whom we discussed the matter thought Commerce of the Senate or the Committee on we should first consider the traffic safety Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the

bill, S. 3005, which is the bill reported by House of Representatives may rescind, by

the Commerce Committee, to see if we resolution, its approval of such project at any time thereafter before such an appropriation

can conclude action on that bill. I do has been made.

not know how many amendments will TITLE IN-HIGHWAY SAFETY

be offered to the bill, but there will be National driver register

some, and there will probably be some

rollcalls. Sec. 301. Title 23. United States Code, 1s Then when we are through with that hereby amended by adding at the end there

bill, I hope we can proceed with great of a new section:

dispatch to the bill of the Senator from "4321. National driver register service

West Virginia (Mr. RANDOLPH), S. 3052, "(a) The Secretary shall establish and maintain a register containing the name of

and perhaps finish with it today. Il each individual reported to him by & State. not, there is an informal agreement with or political subdivision thereof. M an in the leadership that we will at least try dividual with respect to whoin such stato to Anish action on 8. 3006 today, and 1 or political subdivision has denied. termi- we must go over to Monday on the bill nated, or temporarily withdrawn (except a

of the Senator from West Virginia, we withdrawal for less than six months based

will get as far as we can proceed today on habitual violation) an individual's license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle. Such

and get some votes on that bill. register shall also contain such other infor

Mr. RANDOLPH. Mr. President, will mation as the Secretary may deem appro- the distinguished Senator from Washpriate to carry out the purposes of this sec- ington yield? tion.

Mr. MAGNUSON. I yield. "(b) The Secretary shall, at the request Mr. RANDOLPH. The statement just of any State, or political subdivision thereof, made is one with which I am in complete or at the request of any Federal department

agreement. I think we must realize that or agency, furnish such information as may be contained in the register established un

the Presidential program, as embodied in der subsection (a) with respect to any in

the President's message, brought to our dividual applicant for a motor vehicle opera

attention the need for & coordinated na

attention the need for tor's license or permit.

tional highway program. That is what "(c) As used in this section, the term we have been faced with in the Senate 'State includes each of the several states, in the consideration of the overall probthe Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Dis- lem. Not that there was any conflict betrict of Columbin, Guam, the Virgin Islands,

tween committees, but the problem of the Canal Zone and American Samon."

jurisdiction necessarily brought the matTechnical amendments

ter of titles 1 and 2 to the Committee on SEC. 302. (a) The Act of July 14, 1960 (74 Commerce, which the Senator from Stat. 626), as amended by the Act of October

Washington so ably serves as chairman; 4. 1961 (75 Stat. 779). 1s hereby repealed.

but title 3 falls within the jurisdiction of (b) The analysis of chapter 3 of title 23, United States Code, Is Amended by adding at

the Committee on Public Works. the end thereof:

It is my hope, Mr. President, that the *321. National Driver Register Service."

matters which fall within the jurisdic

tion of the Committee on Commerce can Mr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President. for be disposed of in relatively few hoursthe information of the Senate, there are perhaps 2 or 3 hours. We want adetwo automobile safety bills. One bili, quate debate. Certainly we want the involving automotive safety proper, is presentation of differing viewpoints. But offered by the Senate Commerce Com. I believe perhaps that can be accommittee. The other bull, which was origi- plished. nally title III, is a bill relating to highway I hope that we can finish both of these traffic matters and was handled by the proposals

as handled by the proposals today. I have informally Public Works Committee under the dis- talked with the distinguished Senator tinguished chairmanship of the Senator from Connecticut (Mr. RIBICOT), and from West Virginia (Mr. RANDOLPH). he has indicated that perhaps his amend


ments three or possibly two in number-might, from his standpoint of debate, require no more than 30 minutes. So I believe the possibility exists, and I hope that it will become a probability and an actuality, and that both matters can be dealt with today

Will the Senator yield further for me o make a parliamentary inquiry? Mr. MAGNUSON. Yes.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator will state his parliamentary inquiry.

Mr. RANDOLPH, I should like to ask Just what will be the procedure as we consider titles I and II. and then consider title III.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Chair advises the Senator from West Virginia that the language the Senata is considering at present is the committee Amendment in the nature of a substitute to the bill, S. 3005. That is to be treated as original text for the purpose of further amendments. If and when the committee amendment is agrecd to, no further amendment would be in order unless it is agreed to by unanimous consent with the understanding that it be treated as original text for the purpose of further amendment.

Mr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President, then I ask unanimous consent that the committee amendment in the nature of a substitute to S. 3005, when agreed to, be considered as original text for the purpose of further amendment.

Mr. KUCHEL. Mr. President, reserying the right to object and I very much doubt that anyone would object to any Senator offering such amendments as he wishes it seems to me that it might be in the interest of orderly procedure to finish with the legislation now pending, and then to proceed to consider the bill which has come from the Committee on Public Works S. 3052-as a separate · piece of legislation.

Having said that, I shall not quarrel with the right of the Senator to offer such amendments as he wishes, including an attempt to tack on another piece of legislation. I merely wish to say that in my opinion, I say most respectfully, It seems to me that the better procedure would be as my able friend, the Senator from Washington, indicated earlier this morning that we would proceed.

Having made that statement, I have no objection to the request.

Mr. RANDOLPH. Mr. President, will the Senator from Washington yield?

Mr. MAGNUSON. I yield. Mr. RANDOLPH. Commenting on the explanation of the situation as he sees it by the distinguished Senator from California, let us have the unanimousconsent agreement, and then 11 later, during the afternoon, we feel that it is better to proceed with the separation of the bills, we can do that.

I wish to say that we are not in any wise tacking on a bill, as it were, and I do not wish to be understood as tacking on something, because we have three prong8, as it were, of the subject matter, and we have felt that in the interest of the package, so to speak, of the coordinated national highway safety program, the two bills could in a very real sense

h brought together, as was proposed in the administration's recommendations to Congress.

So it would be my thought that the request of the Senator from Washington should be agreed to; but if later in the day it is felt, after consultation, that the argument of the Senator from California Is valid, I certainly would not object.

Mr. KUCHEL. Mr. President, will the Senator yield? Mr. RANDOLPH. I yield.

Mr. KUCHEL. So that there may be no misunderstanding, I have no objectlon to the unanimous-consent request. and I apprehend that even without a unanimous-consent agreement for relevancy, the bill on the calendar which the distinguished Senator from West Virginia has brought from his committeeS. 3052_would be relevant to the bill that is pending. It was merely my thought that orderly procedure might impel my fellow Senators to treat the two bills separately.

Mr. RANDOLPH. Yes, we could submit S. 3052, I presume, as an amendment.

Mr. RIBICOFF. Mr. President, a parliamentary inquiry.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Connecticut will state it.

Mr. RIBICOFF. If the unanimousconsent agreement is agreed to and S. 3052 is then adopted as an amendment to S. 3005, how is S. 3052 to be amended? I have amendments to S. 3052 pending at the desk. I have no amendments to S. 3005. and I certainly do not wish to be in a position of bcing forecloned from oncring my amendments to S. 3052.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator would not be precluded from offering his amendments, if thc pending unanimous-consent request by the Senator from Washington (Mr. MAGNUSON) were agreed to.

The pending question is on agreeing to the committee amendment in the nature of a substitute for S. 3005, and that the bill as amended to be treated as original text for the purpose of further amendment.

Mr. COTTON. Mr. President, reserving the right to object-and I certainly would not wish to throw any roadblocks in the way of my distinguished committee chairman-it is not quite clear in my mind how this is going to work out.

I think the Senate should bear in mind that even though these two billsand they are two bills as of the present time even though they are related to the same subject, and the bill from the Committee on Public Works-S. 3052could fit in and become a title of the main bill-S. 3005—nevertheless a good deal of confusion and perhaps delay can result if they are not treated as separate bills, which they now are.

In the first place, as I understand it. there are two very plain and simple amendments to be offered to the bill from the Committee on Commerce S. 3005which is the automotive safety bill. No one can foresee how long the debate will take, but I would not think it would be too long, because they are perfectly clean-cut issues.

If they are disposed of, then the Senate would be in a position to dispose of

matter MANSFIELD. I felt that pt. web

the automotive safety bill. If we do not stance offer an amendment to the autodispose of the matter, and the distin motive safety bill at any time, and we guished Senator from West Virginia (Mr. might spend much more time on the RANDOLPH) offers his bill as an amend matter as a result. ment to the automotive safety bill Mr. MANSFIELD. I felt that I was the distinguished Senator from Con. honorbound to make this attempt, benecticut has amendments which he wants cause we must not lose sight of the fact to offer.

that the distinguished Senator from Senators are human, as is everyone Wisconsin is not in the Chamber because else, and we have been here for a good he has been directed and ordered by the many years. We know that some Sen Senate to undertake an official mission. ator can have a brilliant afterthought Mr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President. 11 at any time. There is no place in the we were to try to accommodate cvcry world in which thcre are so many bril- Senator who cannot be present, we would llant afterthoughts as there are here. not get much work done at all. SomeA Senator could then offer an amend- one always has something which he must ment to the automotive safety bill and do. we would have to begin all over again. The Senator from West Virginia had

It seems to me that, in the interest of some very important cngagements. We clarity and expedition, the safest and announced yesterday that we were going best procedure would be to dispose of to handle this lcgislation. Everyone is the automotive safety bill and get it to familiar with the procedures of the Scnthird reading so that no one can come ate. in and resurrect a question concerning Mr. RANDOLPH. I believe it was anthat legislation. We can then procced nounced as early as last Tuesday. with the bill from the Committee on Mr. MAGNUSON. The Senator is corPublic Works.

rect. It was stated as early as last TuesMr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President, I day that we would consider this legiswithdraw my request.

lation. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The re. I do know that the Scnator from Wisqucst is withdrawn.

consin is very much interested in the Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, will bill. It may be that the Senator will be the Senator yield?

herc before we complete action on the Mr. MAGNUSON. I yield.

bill. Mr. MANSFIELD. Do I correctly un- Mr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President, a derstand the distinguished senior Sena- parliamentary inquiry. tor from New Hampshire to say that it The PRESIDING OFFICER. The would be his wish that the tra Mc safety Sonntor will stale It. bill be considered arst, to be followed by Mr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President, what the highway Safety bill, or, in other is the pending business? words, that the two bills be considered The PRESIDING OFFICER. S. 3005 separately?

is before the Senate. Mr. COTTON. The Senator is correct. The conmittee substitute is open to

Mr. MAGNUSON. One would follow amendment. the other.

Mr. COTTON. Mr. President, the disMr. MANSFIELD. I raise the ques- tinguished Senator from Pennsylvania tion because I have received some calls Mr. Scott), a minority mcmber of the from the distinguished Senator from committee, is on his way to the Chamber. Wisconsin (Mr. NELSON), who is vitally He has an anicndment to offer. interested in some amendments which I ask unanimous conscnt, having had he would like to offer to the auto safety the consent of the Senator from Pennbill. He expressed the hope that the sylvania, to offer the amendment on his final vote might be put over until Mon behalf and join with him in offering it. day. However, as I understand it, un The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without der the agreement which has been objection, it is so ordered. reached between the chairman and the The amendinent will be stated. other Senators, it is the present inten

The legislative clek:ead as follows: tion of the Senate to take up the bills

On page 42, beginning with line 20, strike in sequence today and dispose of them out all down through line 5 on page 43. In that fashion if at all possible. Mr. COTTON. That was our hope.

Mr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President, I Perhaps the distinguished majority

it shall be very brief leader was not present when the Senator There is no subject which has been from New Hampshire stated that we more discussed in and out of the Senate, have two related subjects here. but two for the past few months than auto separate bills.

safety. Certainly we would all extend every The committee itself held rather possible courtesy and consideration to lengthy hearings on the matter. The the distinguished Senator from Wiscon- House, simultaneously with the Senate, sin. However, if we take up the business is proceeding with the matter and has now before the Senate and consider the been for some weeks. After many execuamendment and get the bill to a third tive sessions, after going over the bill line reading, we can then take up the bill by line, paragraph by paragraph, and which comes from the Committee on section by section-because it is a comPublic Works

plex and difficult subject to legislate If we leave the matter hanging in the upon---the committee reported & bill sir. as I said before, there is no place in unanimously the world where there are more after- Several amendments were submitted thoughts than there are in the Senate. In the committee. Some were worked out Any Senator could. under such circum- to the satisfaction of the members who

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