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APRIL 20 (legislative day, APRIL 19), 1966 Referred to the Coinmittee on Commerce and ordered

to be printed.

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MIX 1.), 1960 Referred to the Committee on (commerce and ordered to be printeil


Intended to be proposed by Mr. VELson to S. 33005, it will to

provide for a coordinated national safety program and establishment of safety standards for motor vehicles in interstate commerce to reduce traffic accidents and the deatlıs, injuries,

and property damage which occur in such accidents, viz: 1 On page 20, between lines 20 and 21, insert the 2 following:



4 “SEC. 115, (a) The Secretary is authorized to carry 5 out il program to research, design, develop, coustruct, and 6 test fully operational passenger motor vehicles in prototype 7 quantities embodying such safety features and technical ap8 proaches as he deems necessary. Such vehicles are to serve

Amdt. No. 568

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1 ils prototypes for the development of safety designs, char2 acteristics, and features for itse on commercially manufactured 3 motor vehicles. There should be incorporated into such 4 prototype vehicles those safety designs, characteristics, and


features tending to alloid or minimize the risk of accident,

6 and avoid or minimize injury to passengers, pedestrians, and 7 damage to other vehicles in the event of accidents. 8 “(1)) Such prototype safety vehicle program shall not 9 loe limited to traditional methods of automobile design, style 10 ing. testing, production, or sales practices and methods. 11 “(«) Ju carrying out the provisions of this section, the

Secretary is authorized to

“(1) acquire by purchase, license, lease for a term


of real's or less, or donation, secret processes, termical

data, inventions, pratent applications, copyright applications, patents, copyrights, irrevocable nonexclusive licenses, and other rights and licenses under patents and

Copyrights granted by this or any other country;

" (2) negotiate research contracts, procure trade journals and technical information, und employ experts

and consultants who shall be compensated at a rate to

be fixed by the Secretary but not exceedling $75 per dav: including traveltime, and while so emploved in Wal! from their homes or regular places of business, they may be allowed travel expenses, including per diem

in lieu of subsistence, ils illthorized low section ij of the

Jdministrative Expenses det of 1946 (531'.S.C. 7:30–2).

for persons in the Government service complovel inter

mittently; and

“ (3) consult with any individuals, public or pri

vate agencies or organizations from which soud datit,

recommendations, and (valuations may be obtaineel.“

On page 20, line 22, strike 011t SEC, 11.5" ind insert

9 in lien thereof “SEC. 116”.

10 On page 20, line 24, strike ont “Ş:3,000,000" ind insert 11 in lieu thereof “$8,000,000".

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