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1 fully operational passenger motor vehicles in prototypo 2 quantities embodying such safety features as the Secretary, 3 after consultation with such State, shall prescribe. The pair4 pose of such program shall be to obtain basic information 5 toward the establishment of minimum anfety equipment and design standards. Such application by a State shall

“(1) designate, to carry out such program, a Stato agency that has demonstrated competence in the design,

development and construction of such passenger motor


"(2) set forth a detailed and comprehensive analysis of such program, including a cost analysis and a feasibility study;

“(3) contain assurances that the designated agency has anthority to carry out such prograin in conformity with this section and the application, and that such State will pay froin non-Federal sources the remaining cost of such program;

“(4) provide such fiscal control, fund accounting, and reporting procedures as the Secretary deems neces

sary to protect the interests of the United States; and

“(5) contain such further inforination and assurances as the Secretary may by regulation requure. "(b) The Secretary may approve any application which

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1 he determines conforms to the requirements of the preceding

2 subsection.”


On page 8, line 6, strike out "section 113" and insert

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5 On pago 10, line 17, strike ojit “SEC. 105" and insert in 6 lieu thereof “SEC. 106”. 7 On page 11, line 6, strike ont "Sec. 106” and insert in 8 licu thereof “Sec. 107". 9 On page 12, line 7, strike out “SEC. 107" and insert in

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11 On page 12, line 19, strike out "section 111 (h)” and 12 insert in lieu thereof “section 112 (b)”. 13 011 page 14, line 2, strike out "Sec. 108”? and insert in.14 lieu thereof “Seo. 109”.

On page 14, lines 2 and 3, strike out "section 107" and

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17 18 19 20 21 22 23

On page 14, line 5, strike out "section 107" and insert in licu thercof “section 108”.

On page 14, line 16, strike ont "Sec. 109” and insert in lieu thereof “Sec. 110".

On pnge 15, line 13, strike out “SEC. 110” and insert in licu thereof “SEO. 111".

On page 15, line 15, strike out "section 107" and insert

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i On page 18, line 19, striko out “8pc. 111” ana insert in 2 lion thoreof “Spo. 112”. 3 On page 19, line 23, strike ont. “Sfc. 112” and insert in 4 lion thereof “Seo. 113”. 5 On page 20, line 11, striko out "Sec. 118" and insert 6 in lien thereof "Sro. 114”. 7 On pnge 20, line 17, strike out "Spc. 114” and insert 8 in licu thereof "SEC. 115". 9 On page 20, line 22, strike out “SEC. 115” and insert 10 in licu thereof "SEC. 116”. 11 On page 20, in lines 24 and 25, strike out “$3,000,000 12 for fiscal year 1967” and insert in lieu thercof $8,000,000 13 for fiscal year 1967 of which not to exceed $5,000,000 shall 14 be for grants pursuant to section 105”.




S. 3005


APRIL 6 (legislative day, I PRIT. ), 19166
Referred to the Committee ou ('ommerce und ordered to be printeel

AMENDMENTS Intended to be proposed by Mr. RUBICOFT (for himseli,

Mr. KENNEDY of New York, Mr. IARRIS and Mr. Nelson) to S. 3005, a bill to provide for il coordinated national safety program and establishment of safety standards for motor vehicles in interstate commerce to reduce traffic accidents and the deaths, injuries, and property damage which occur in such accidents, viz

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1 On page 3, beginning with line 20, strike out all down 2 through line 18 on page 4 and insert in lien thereof the fol

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“SEC. 102. (a) In order to carry out the purposes of 5 this Act the Secretary shall, within one year after the chact6 ment of this Ict, establish and issie by order, in accordance 7 with the provisions of section 4 of the Administrative Pro

Amdt. No. 510

i cedure Act, Federal motor vehicle safety standards for motor

2 vehicles and motor vehicle equipment. Such standards shall

3 be published in the Federal Register.” 4 On page 4, line 23, strike out “two” and insert in lieu 5 thereof “one”. 0 On page 5, begiming with line 13, strike out all through 7 line 22 and insert in lieu thereof the following: 8 “(c) The Secretary shall amually review and, to the 9 extent he deems necessary to carry out the provisions of this 10 Act, by order revise, in accordance with the provisions of 11 section 4 of the Administrative Procedure Act, the Federal 12 motor vehicle safety standards issued pursuant to this section. 13 Such revised standards shall be published in the Federal


Register and shall be effective on the date specified by the

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15 Secretary in the regulations prescribing such standards which 16 shall be not sooner than one hundred and eighty days nor 17 lated than one year from the date on which such standards 18 are issued, unless the Secretary finds, publishing his reasons



therefor, that an earlier or later date is in the public interest."

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