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OCTOBER 19, 1965
Mr. MAGNUson introduced the following lill; which wils read twice w

to the Committee on Commerce


A BILL To establish safety standards for motor vehicle tires sold or

shipped in interstate commerce, and for other purposes. 1 Be it enacted by the Senule am Tlouse of Representa2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 3 That this Act may be cited as the “Tire Safety Act of 1966”.

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Sic. 2. As used in this Act,

(a) The term “interstate commerce" includes commerce 7 between one State, territory, possession, the District of 8 Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and another 9 State, territory, possession, the District of Columbia, or the 10 Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

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(b) The term "motor vehicle” means passenger car's

1 and station wagons used on the highways except those regn2 lated under clauses (1), (2), and (3) of section 204 (a) 3 of the Interstate Commerce Act (49 U.S.C. 304 (a) (1) 4 (3)).

(c) The terin "Secretary” means the Secretary of Com








SEC. 3. In order that motor vehicle accidents caused by 9 tire failure can be kept to a minimum, the Secretary shall 10 establish and publish, as interim minimum safety standards, 11 in the Federal Register the tire safety standards substantially 12 as prescribed in regulation V-1 by the Vehicle Equipment 13 Safety Commission, an interstate agency established pursuant 14 to the joint resolution of the Congress relating to highway

traffic safety approved August 20, 1958, as the initial mini16 mum safety standards for motor vehicle tires.

IMPROVING STANDARDS SEC. 4. (a) Two years after the effective date of this det and thereafter as he deems necessary the Secretary shall 20 review and revise to the extent necessary the minimum safety

standards prescribed pursuant to section 3. Such revised 22 standards shall be published in the Federal Register and 23 shall become effective on the date specified in the regulations. 24 (1) In such revised minimum standards the Secretary 25 shall prescribe the maximum permissible loads for each motor 1 vehicle tire, and the application of such maximum permissible 2 load standards. 3 (c) In order to carry out this section, the Secretary,

(1) is authorized to conduct a research and de

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velopment program to improve minimum new tire safety standards;

(2) is authorized to conduct a research and development program to develop minimum safety standards for retreaded motor vehicle tires;

(3) shall consult with tire manufacturers, and other

interested industries, technical organizations, State, local

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and interstate agencies concerned with tire safety, and tire users; and

(4) shall take into consideration such factors as size, load-carrying ability and its relation to the type of expected use, skid resistance, blowout resistance, resistance to curb striking and pothole or bump dainage, cornering ability, rim resistance and such other factors

as he deems relevant.



SEC. 5. In order that the consumer may make an in23 formed choice in the purchase of motor vehicle tires, the 24 Secretary is authorized and directed to develop a unifonin 25 grading system for motor vehicle tires. The Secretary shall

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