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1 the purpose of that section, except that such information may 2 be disclosed to other officers or employees concerned with 3 carrying out this Act or when relevant in any proceeding 4 wder this Act.

SEC. 13. (a) No person shall-

(1) manufacture for sale, sell, eller for sale or introduce or deliver for introduction in interstate com

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merce, or import into the United States for resale, illiy

tire manufactured or retreaded or any motor vehicle assembled on or after the date any applicable standards take effect under this Act unless it is in conforunity with such standards as prescribed or amended by the Secretary pursuant to section 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10 of this Act. except as provided in subsection (1) of this section; or

(2) fail or refuse to permit entry or inspection as

authorized under section 12 (b) of this Act or fail or

refuse access to or copying of records, or fail to make

reports or provide information, as required under sec

tion 12 (c).

(1) Paragraph (1) of subsection (a) shall not appli

22 to the sale, the offer for sale, or the introduction or delivery 23 for introduction in interstate commerce of any tire or motor 24 vehicle after the first purchase of it in good faith where



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1 the tire is labeled as conforming to Federal minimum safe 2 performance standards. 3 (c) (1) A tire or motor vehicle offered for importation 4 in violation of paragraph (1) of subsection (a) shall be 5 refused admission into the United States, but the Secretary 6 of the Treasury and the Secretary may, by joint regulations, 7 provide for authorizing the importation of a tire or motor 8 vehicle, or class thereof, into the United States upon such 9 terms and conditions (including the furnishing of a bond)

as may appear to them appropriate to insure that any such 11 tire or motor vehicle will be brought into conformity with 12 any applicable standards prescribed under this Act, or will 13 be exported or abandoned to the Government. 14 (2) The Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary 15 may, by joint regulations, prohibit the importation of any 16 tire or motor vehicle, or class thereof, into the United States,

unless it meets any standards or regulations issued by the Secretary pursuant to the provisions of this Act.

(3) Paragraph (1) of subsection (a) shall not apply 20 to a tire intended solely for export, if it is labeled on the out

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side of the shipping container to show that it is intended for

export and is so exported.

(d) No person, firm, or corporation shall sell, offer for sale, or introduce for sale or deliver for introduction in inter

state commerce any tire or motor vehicle equipped with any

1 tire which has been regrooved, except that the Secretary

2 may by order permit the sale of regrooved tires or motor 3 vehicles equipped with such tires which he finds are designed 4 and constructed in a manner consistent with the purposes 5 of this Act.


SEC. 14. (a) Whoever violates any provision of ser8 tion 13 (a) (2) or 13 (d), or any regulation issued there9 under, shall be subject to a civil penalty of not to exceed 10 $1,000 for each such violation. 11 (b) Any such civil penalty may be compromised by the 12 Secretary. The amount of such penalty, when finally de13 termined, or the amount agreed upon in compromise, ina v lop 14 deducted from any sumus owing by the l'uited States to the 15 person charged.

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SEC. 15. (a) The United States district courts and the

18 United States courts of the territories and of the Common

19 wealth of Puerto Rico shall have jurisdiction, for cause 20 shown and subject to the provisions of rule 65 (a) and (1)

of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, to restrain viola

tions of this Act upon petition by the appropriate Limited

23 States attorney or the Attorney General on behalf of the

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(b) In any proceeding for criminal contempt for viola

1 tion of an order, injunction, or restraining order issued under 2 this section, which violation also constitutes a violation of this 3 Act, trial shall be by the court or, upon demand of the


accused, by a jury. Such trial shall be conducted in accord

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5 ance with the practice and procedures applicable in the case 6 of proceedings subject to the provisions of rule 12 (b) of the 7 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

(c) In all libel or injunction proceedings for the en9 forcement, or to restrain violations, of this Act, subpenas 10 for witnesses who are required to attend a court of the 11 United States in any district may mın into any other district

in any such proceeding.



Src. 16. (a) Any motor vehicle tire that has been manufactured or introduced into commerce in violation of

section 13 of this Act shall be liable to be proceeded against 17 lwy the United States while in interstate commerce on libel


18 of information and condemned in any district court of the

United States and in any United States court for the territories, possessions, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

(h) Such tires shall be liable to seizure by process pursuant to the libel, and the procedure in cases under this 23 section shall conform, as nearly as may be, to the procedure 24 in admiralty; except that on demand of either party any 23 issue of fart joined in any such case shall be tried by jury.

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1 When libel for condemnation proceedings under this section. 2 involving the same claimant, are pending in two or more 3 jurisdictions, such pending proceedings, upon application of 4 the United States or the claimant seasonably made to the

5 court of one such jurisdiction, shall be consolidated for trial

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6 by order of such court, and tried in (1) any district selecteel
7 by the applicant where one of such proceedings is prending:
8 or (2) a district agreed upon loy stipulation berwice the
9 parties. If no order for consolidation is so made within all
10 reasonable time, the United States or the claimant may
11 apply to the court of one such jurisdiction, and such court
12 (after giving the other party, the claimant, or the United
13 States attorney for such district, l'easonable notice :und
14 opportunity to be heardl) shall by order, mless good callse
15 to the contrary is shown, specify a district of reasonable
16 proximity to the claimant's principal place of business, in
17 which all such pending proceedings shall be consolidated for
18 trial and tried. Such order of consolidation shall not apply
19 so as to require the removal of any case the date for trial
20 of which has been fixed. The court granting such order
21 shall give pronipt notification thereof to the other courts
22 having jurisdiction of the case covered thereby
23 (c) Any tire condemned under this section shall, after
24 entry of the decree, be disposed of ly destruction or sale as the




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