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1 businesses, universities, or other institutions in the planning 2 of development of




fat motor vehiele safety standards;

fot method for inspeeting of testing Hider motor vehicle safety standards;

fet motor vehiele and motor vehiele equipment test methods and test equipment.






SEE. 106. tut The Secretary is authorized to train, 10 er establish training programs for, personnel of Federal 11 Ageneies, State of other publie agencies or institutions, pri

12 vate firms and private institutions by grants to or contracts 13 with such agencies, firms or institutions for the purpose of

14 schieving motor vehiele safety is provided in this title. 15 He may receive and expend funds made available under a 16 cooperative agreement of utilize motor vehieles of motor

17 vehiele equipment furnished thereunder for training purposes.

18 Suelt training may inelude 19

th interpreting and applying motor vehicle safety




27 using test methods and test equipment;


fat testing and inspecting motor vehicles and motor vehiele equipment to determine the flirte



safety; or


+47 sueh other training as may be necessary to


carry out this title.


At The Secretary may purchase, use, and dispose of

4 motor vehicles of motor vehiele equipment for use, othek

5 than for purposes of transportation, in the training author

6 ized by subseetion fat, under the same authority, and sub

7 jeet to the same conditions, is provided in section 104.




Svo. 107. fat No person shall

+47 manufacture for sale, sell, offer for sale, of



introduce or deliver for introduction in interstate com


meree, or import into the United States, any motor


14 15



vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment manufae Hured on or after the date any applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standard takes effect under this title unless it is in conformity with suel standard es preseribed of amended by the Secretary pursuant to seetion 102 except as provided in subsection Art of this section; of

(27 fail of refuse access to of copying of records, or fail to make reports of provide information, as re quired under section 11bt.






fbl1 Paragraph 14 of subsection fat shall not

23 apply to the sale, the offer for sale, or the introduction or

24 Helivery for introduction in interstate commeree of any motor 1 vehicle or motor vehiele equipment after the first purehase

2 of it is good faith for purposes other than restle.


A motor vehiele of items of motor vehicle emir 4 ment offered for importation in violation of paragraph 11

5 of subseetion fat shall be refused admission into the United 6 States under joint regulations issued by the Secretary of the 7 Treasury and the Secretary; except that the Secretary of the 8 Treasury and the Seeretary nay, by shelt regulations, pro 9 vide for authorizing the importation of stel motor vehiete


of item of motor vehicle equipment into the United States

11 upon such terms and conditions fineluding the furnishing 12 of a bond) ag may appear to them appropriate to insure 13 that any sueh motor vehiele or item of motor vehicle equip 14 ment will be brought into conformity with any applieable 15 Federal motor vehiele safety standard preseribed under this 16 title, or will be exported or abandoned to the United States.

+37 The Secretary of the Treasiry and the Secretary may, by joint regulations, permit the temporary importation 19 of any motor vehicle or item of motor vehiele equipment,



20 after the first purchase of it in good faith for purposes other


than resale; notwithstanding paragraph 127 of this subsee

22 tion.


147 Paragraph 117 of subseetion fat shall not apply

24 in the case of # motor velviele ef item of motor vehicle

1 equipment intended solely for export, and so labeled of 2 tagged on the vehicle or item itself and on the outside of 3 the container, if any.

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5 SEG. 108. fat Whoover violates any provision of set6 tion 107, or any regulation issued thereunder, shall be sub 7 jeet to a civil ponałty of not to exceed $1,000 for each such 8 violation. Such violation of a provision of seetion 107, or 9 regulations issued thereunder, shall constitute a separate 10 violation with respeet to each motor vehiele or item of motor

11 vehiele equipment of with respect to each failure or refusal 12 to allow or perform an act required thereby. 13 tbt Any such civil penalty may be compromised by 14 the Secretary. The amount of sueh penalty, when finally 15 determined, or the amount agreed upon in compromise, may 16 be dedueted from any sums owing by the United States te

17 the person eharged.




SEE. 109. fat The United States district courts and

20 the United States courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto

21 Rice and the territories and possessions shall have jurisdie

22 ton; for eause shown and subject to the provisions of rule

23 65 tat and fbt of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, to

24 restrain violations of this title upon petition by the appro 1 priate United States attorney of the Attomey General of 2 behalf of the United States.

3 fot In any proceeding for eriminal contempt for viola4 tion of an order, injunction, or restraining order issued under 5 this section, which violation also constitutes a violation of this 6 title, triat shall be by the count of, Hpon demand of the 7 Accused, by a jury. Such trint shall be conducted in Arcord 8 ance with the practice and procedure applicable in the cast 9 of proceedings subject to the provisions of ile 42 tbt of the 10 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

11 Het In at libel or injunetion proceedings for the en 12 forcement or to restrain violations of this title, subpenes for

13 witnesses we are required to attend a court of the United

14 States in any district may phim into any other distriet in any

15 such proceeding:



SEO. HA. tat Aut motor vehiele of motor vehicle

18 equipment that has been manufactured or introduced inte


commerce in violation of sertion 107 shalt be liable to be

20 proeeeded against by the United States while in interstate


commerce, of while held for any sale after shipment in inter

22 state commeree until the opetiitenee of the first purchase of 23 it in good faith for purposes other than resale, of libel of

24 information and condemned in any district pourt of the

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