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(d) All orders, rules, regulations, or privileges made, issued, or granted by any officer or agency in connection with any law repealed by subsection (a) of this section, and in effect at the time of such repeal, shall continue in effect to the same extent as if this section had not been enacted, until modified, superseded, or repealed. No suit, action, or other proceeding lawfully commenced by or against any agency or officer of the United States acting in his official capacity shall abate by reason of any repeal made by this section, but the court, on motion or supplemental petition filed at any time within twelve months after such transfer takes effect, showing a necessity for a survival of such suit, action, or other proceeding to obtain a settlement of the questions involved, may allow the same to be maintained.

[AN ACT To provide for å register in the Department of Commerce in which shall be listed the names of certain persons who have had their motor vehicle operator's licenses revoked.

[Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

[That the Secretary of Commerce shall establish and maintain a register containing the name of each individual reported to him by a State, or political subdivision thereof, as an individual with respect to whom such State or political subdivision has terminated or temporarily withdrawn an individual's license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle because of (1) driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, or (2) conviction of a violation of a statute of a State, or ordinance of any political subdivision thereof, which resulted in the death of any person. Such register shall contain such other information as the Secretary may deem appropriate to carry out the purposes of this Act.

[Sec. 2. The Secretary shall, at the request of any State, or political subdivision thereof, furnish such information as may be contained in the register established under section 1 with respect to any individual applicant for a motor vehicle operator's license or permit in such State or political subdivision.

[Sec. 3. The term “State" includes each of the several States, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the Canal Zone.]

Sec. 301. Title 23, United States Code, is hereby amended by adding at the end thereof a new section: “8 321. National driver register service

"(a) The Secretary shall establish and maintain a register containing the name of each individual reported to him by a State, or political subdivision thereof, as an individual with respect to whom such State or political subdivision has denied, terminated, or temporarily withdrawn (exce pt a withdrawal for less than six months based on habitual violation) an individual's license or pririlege to operate a motor vehicle. Such register shall also contain such other information as the Secretary may deem appropriate to carry out the purposes of this section.

(6) The Secretary shall, at the request of any State, or political subdivision thereof, or at the request of any Federal department or agency, furnish such information as may be contained in the register established under subsection (a) with respect to any individual applicant for a motor vehicle operator's license or permit.

"(c) As used in this section, the term 'State' includes each of the several States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands, the Canal Zone and American Samoa.

Sec. 302. (a) The Act of July 14, 1960 (74 Stat. 526), as amended by the Act of October 4, 1961 (75 Stat. 779), is hereby repealed.

(6) The analysis of chapter 3 of title 23, United States Code, is hereby

amended by analysis of chabe stat. "7795007 Stat.

"321. National Driver Register Service.



(From Federal Register, Tuesday, Mar. 8, 1966)

pact areas to include extremes of occu-
pant sizes and to include 45-degree
laterals to each side. Added requirement
that specified essential controls be in

reach of upper torso belted operator. Foderal Supply Service

No. 515/4a-Energy Absorbing Steer( 41 CFR Subpart 101–29.3 ]

ing Control System for Automotive Ve

hicles. Changed title from "Impact FEDERAL STANDARD NO. 515— Absorbing Steering Wheel and Column


This proposal more clearly permits col

lapsible steering columns, denies clothesNotice of Proposed Revision

catching hardware on steering wheel and Notice is hereby given that a revision increases barrier collision test to 30 miles is proposed in Federal Standard No. 515 per hour. which is prescribed in $ 101–29.303 of the No. 515/58 Safety Door Latches and Federal Property Management Regula- Hiruges for Automotive Vehicles. Intions. The revision as finally published creased door latch load requirements and will be issued pursuant to Public Law added a requirement for a positive lock88–515, approved August 30, 1964 (78 ing device or handles not operable by Stat. 696), and the Federal Property and accidental side, rearward or forward Administrative Services Act of 1949 (63 force. Stat. 377), as amended, and will be effec- No. 515/6a-Anchorage of Seats for tive 1 year and 90 days after the date Automotive Vehicles. Added a requireof publication in the FEDERAL REGISTER. ment for locking devices for folding and Federal Standard No. 515 was published pedestal type seats. ortginally in the FEDERAL REGISTER on No. 515/9a-Hydraulic Service Brake June 30, 1965 (30 F.R. 8319).

Systems for Automotive Vehicles. Title The revision of Federal Standard No. changed from “Dual Operation of Brake 515 involves the addition of new detailed System for Automotive Vehicles." Brake standards and changes in existing de- performance requirements for sedans, talled standards and was developed carryalls, and station wagons added. through consultation with the automo- Brake fluid system changed to exclude tive industry, technical societies, trade absorption of moisture. Provisions made associations, the medical profession, and to more clearly permit other than hy. Government agencies. Proposed new draulic actuation of emergency backup detailed standards are designated as Fed- system. eral Standards Nos. 515/18 through No 515/128 Windshield Wipers and 515/26. Proposed changes in existing Washers for Automotive Vehicles. detailed standards are indicated by the Changed to include a specific area to be letter "a" following the detalled stand wiped. ard number (e.g., 515/1a indicates the No. 515/13A-Glare Reduction Surfaces revision of 515/1). The changes in the for Automotive Vehicles. Expanded reexisting detailed standards are as quirements to include all interior surfollows:

faces in the operator's field of view. No. 515/1& Anchorages for Seat Belt Title changed from "Glare Reduction Assemblies for Automotive Vehicles. Surfaces Instrument Panel and WindMade provisions for seat belt anchorages shield Wipers for Automotive Vehicles." to the seats of school buses. Added an- No. 515/142-Control of Air Pollution chorages for upper torso restraints for from Automotive Vehicles. Title all outboard forward facing seating posi- changed from "Exhaust Emission Contions in vehicles other than buses.

trol System for Automotive Vehicles." No. 515/28--Forward Compartment Incorporated requirements contained in Energy Absorption for Automotive Vehi- a new standard proposed by Department cles. Title changed from “Padded In- of Health Education and Welfare. strument Panel and Visors for Automo- No. 515/17 Rearview Mirror(s) for tive Vehicles." Expanded impact area to Automotive Vehicles. Changed title from Include extremes of occupant size and to "Outside Rearview Mirror(s) for Autoinclude 45-degree laterals to each side. motive Vehicles," Added breakaway or Also added knee area protection and detachable requirement for the inside header and corner post padding.

rearview mirror and increased outside No. 515/38—Recessed Instrument mirror minimum size to 5 inches. Panel Instruments and Control Devices Comments and suggestion are welfor Automotive Vehicles. Expanded im- comed and should be submitted, in dupli

cate, to the Commissioner, Federal Sup (11) No. 616/11-Standard Gear Quadrant ply Service, General Services Adminis. (PRNDL) for Automotive Vehicles Equipped tration, Washington, D.C., 20405, within with Automatic Transmissions. the period of 30 calendar days from the

(12) No. 616/122—Windshield Wipers and

Washers for Automotive Vehicles. date of publication of this notice in the

(13) No. 515/138-Glare Reduction SurFEDERAL REGISTER.

faces for Automotive Vehicles. The text of the changes in and addi (14) No. 616/148-Control of Air Pollution tions to the Federal Standard No. 515 are from Automotive Vehicles. set forth below.

(16) No. 615/15—Tires and Safety Rims

for Automotive Vehicles. Dated: March 4, 1966.

(16) No. 615/16—Backup Lights for Auto

motive Vehicles. LAWSON B. KNOTT, Jr.,

(17) No. 616/178—Rearview Mirror(s) for Administrator of General Services. Automotive Vehicles. Section 101–29.303 is amended as fol.

(18) No. 616/18/Window and Door Con

trols for Automotive Vehicles. lows:

(19) No. 161/10Ash Trays and Lighters $ 101–29.303 Federal Standard No for Automotive Vehicles. 515Standard Safety Devices for

(20) No. 615/20—Arm Rests for Automo

tive Vehicles. Automotive Vehicles.

(21) No. 618/21–Padding for Automotivo (a) This section prescribes Federal Seat Backs. Standard No. 515, covering safety devices (22) No. 515/22—Headrests for Automofor automotive vehicles, as required by

tive Vehicles. Public Law 88–515. August 30, 1964 (78 (23) No. 616/23—Side Marker Devices for

Automotivo Vehiclos. Stat. 696). Automotive vehicles pur- (34) No. 615/24Rear Window Defogger chased by the Federal Government for for Automotive Vehicles. use by the Federal Government shall be (26) No. 616/26—Roll Bars for Automotivo equipped with safety devices conforming Vehicles. to Federal Standard No. 515. Copies of (26) No. 816/28/Fuel Tanks and Tank this standard may be obtained from the Miller Pipes for Automotive Vehicles. Commissioner, Federal Bupply Service, (b) The Standard reads as follows: General Services Administration, Washington, D.C., 20405. Since Federal

. (Pederal Standard No. 515) Standard No. 515 was originally pre STANDARD SAFETY DEVICES POR AUTOMOTIVE scribed (30 F.R. 8319, June 30, 1965), a

VEHICLES number of detailed standards therein have been revised and new standards 83. Safety devices. Safety devices shall be have been added. Where a standard has 88 speciñed in the detalled standards (see been revised the letter "&" appears in 84). Publications referenced in the detailed the number of the standard, e.g., 515/1a.

standards form a part of this standard, 88

applicable. The publications referred to are The new detailed standards which have

the 1ssues in effect on the date of the public been added include Standards Nos. 515/

cation of this standard in the FEDERAL REG18 through 515/26. In the introduction ISTB: in the case of changes in Federal entitled Standard Safety Devices for Standard No. 516, reference to publications Automotive Vehicles, paragraph S3 has therein are to the IRRTIER

3 nas therein are to the issues in effect on the date been revised. As amended, Federal of the publication of the respective changes Standard No. 515 is composed of detailed in the FEDERAL REGISTER. standards which include:

NOTE: Copies of ASTM Standards may be (1) No. 515/18--Anchorages for Seat Beit obtained from the American Society for TostAssemblies for Automotive Vehicles.

ing and Materials, 1916 Race Street, Phila· (2) No. 515/2a- Forward Compartment dolphia, Pa., 19103. Energy Absorption for Automotive Vehicles.

NOTE: Copies of SAE publications may be (9) No. 515/3a-Recessed Instrument

obtained from the Society of Automotive Panel Instruments and Control Devices for

Engineers, Inc., 485 Lexington Avenue, New Automotive Vehicles.

York, N.Y., 10017. (4) No. 515/4a-Energy Absorbing Steering Control System for Automotive Vehicles. (5) No. 515/5a-Safety Door Latches and

Federal Standard No. 515/1a) Hinges for Automotive Vehicles.

(6) No. 515/6a-Anchorage of Seats for ANCHORAGES POR SEAT BELT ASSEMBLIES FOR Automotive Vehicles,

AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLES (7) No. 515/7-Four Way Flasher for Auto

81. Purpose and scope. This standard esmotive Vehicles. (8) No. 515/8-Safety Glazing Materials

tablishes the requirements and test profor Automotive Vehicles.

cedures for anchorages for seat belt assem(9) No. 616/9a-Hydraulic Service Brake

blies for automotive vehicles. This standard

does not cover seat belt assemblies. Systems for Automotive Vehicles. 110) No. 515/10Standard Bumper

S2. Application. This standard applies to

Bedans, station wagons, carryalls, buses (desHeights for Automotive Vehicles.

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ignated as school buses), and to light trucks be rearward of a vertical line though the up to 10,000 pounds G.V.W. Excluded are point where the belt will enter the seat, as stand-up, walk-in package dellvery vehicles shown in figure 4. All anchorages shall be with tilt type drivers' seats. Excluded are spaced laterally 80 that the lap portion of folding jump seats that are folded directly the belt essentially forms a U-shaped loop behind the front seat.

when in use. The same anchorage shall not 83. Standard characteristics.

be used for both ends of a single type 1 seat 83.1 Definitions.

belt assembly or the lap portion of a single 83.1.1 Anchorage. A seat belt anchorage type 2 seat belt assembly. Type 1 seat belt shall consist of a threaded hole, an eyebolt, assemblies used in school buses shall utilize or other suitable means of attachment and the seat for the anchorage attachment points shall be situated in a suitable structure to and shall comply with the above, where apreceive the seat belt attachment fittings. plicable. Common anchorages may be used

83.1.2 Attachment fittings. Attachment for one end of each of two assemblies proAttings are the parts necessary to attach vided strength requirements are in accordthe seat belt assembly to the vehicle struc. ance with S3.2.2. ture.

83.1.3 Seat belt assembly. A seat belt assembly 18 any strap, webbing, or similar device designed to secure a person in an

WIP POINT automotive vehicle with the intention of mitigating the results of a traffic accident, including all buckles or other fasteners, and

SMOULO DE AG NCAR all hardware designed for installing the as

AS PRACTICAL TO 40 sembly in an automotive vehicle. The seat belt assemblies intended for installation in the anchorages specified hereinafter are de

NORIZONTAL LINE scribed in Fed. Spec. JJ-B-185 and Standards for Seat Belts for Use in Motor Vehicles, 30 P.R. 8432 (July 1, 1965); 15 CFR.

MP POINT Type 1 seat belt assembly. A type 1 seat belt Assembly is a lap belt for pelvic restraint. Type 2 seat belt assembly. A type

MONIZONTAG 2 seat belt assembly is a combination of LINE pelvic and upper torso restraints. Type 2a seat belt assembly. A type 2A seat belt assembly is a shoulder belt

SHOULD BE AS NEAR AS for upper torso restraint for use only in

PRACTICAL TO 45. conjunction with a type 1 lap belt. 83.2 Anchorages. The SAE Recommend.

NIP POINT ed Practice for Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Anchorage, J787, forms a basis, in part, for this Federal Standard.

SHOULD JE AS S3.2.1 General. When eyebolt anchorages NEAR AG PRACTICAL are furnished, they shall conform to the TO 48 applicable requirements of Fed. Spec. JJ-A630. All threads shall be in accordance with


LINE the applicable requirements of the National Bureau of Standards Handbook H28. The location of the anchorages shall be determined with the seat in its rearmost limit of travel. Anchorages for type 1 seat belt assemblies and lap portion of types 2 and 2a seat belt assemblies. Anchorages for type 1 beat belt assemblies or the lap belt portion of types 2 and 28 seat belt assemblies shall NIP POINT be provided for three sets of seat belts for all bench type seats designed to accommoi te three persons. The location of anchorages for type 1 seat belt Assemblies or the lap portion of type 2 seat belt assemblies shall be such that a line from the anchorage to the passengers' "hip" point will make an angle from the horizontal as near as practicable to 45 degrees, as shown in figures 1, 2. and 3. The bip point is the point on the - HORIZONTAL LINE manikin defined as the "H" point in SAE Standard, Manikins for Use in Defining Ve S3.2.1.2 Anchorages for types 2 and 2a seat hicle Seating Accommodations, J826. The belt assemblies. Except for buses and vinyl location of the hip point shall be determined or canvas top or bolted-on metal enclosure by following the procedures in SAE J826. vehicles and utility vehicles of the threeAnchorages for belts that will be installed wheel type, automotive vehicles covered by over the seat bottom frame rear bar shall this standard shall be provided with anchor

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