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National Highway Safety Advisory Committee

A National Highway Safety Advisory Committee, composed of the Secretary or an officer of the Department as Chairman, the Federal Highway Administrator, and 29 members appointed by the President, is established. Members would be selected from among representatives of State and local governments, and persons and groups demonstrating an active interest in highway safety. Members would be appointed for 3-year terms.

The Committee would make recommendations to the Secretary concerning highway safety. The Committee is authorized to review research projects and to review, prior to issuance, standards proposed to be issued by the Secretary under the provisions of the highway safety programs' section of the bill.

National Highway Safety Agency

The Secretary would carry out the provisions of the Highway Safety Act through a National Highway Safety Agency in the Department of Commerce. The agency would be headed by a Presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed, Administrator who would be compensated at the rate prescribed for Level V of the Federal Executive Salary Schedule. He would be appointed with due regard for his fitness to discharge efficiently the powers and duties delegated to him. On highway matters, the Administrator would consult with the Federal Highway Administrator.

Note: The President is expressly authorized to carry out the provisions of the vehicle safety law (S. 3005) through this agency created by S. 3052. Accordingly, S. 3005 and S. 3052 taken together authorize the President to determine whether the Secretary shall have two separate agencies in the Department --one to carry out the provisions of the vehicle safety law and the other to carry out the provisions of the highway safety law -- or a single agency to administer both laws. If there is a single agency it must be the National Highway Safety Agency created under the highway safety law (S. 3052).


The Secretary would submit a report annually on activities conducted under the bill to the President for transmittal to the Congress. In addition, the Secretary would report to the Congress by July 1, 1967, on initial standards for highway safety programs, and by January 10, 1968, the Secretary would submit a cost estimate on programs under the Act and recommendations for Federal, State, and local matching funds programs. By January 1, 1969 the Secretary would be required to submit to Congress his recommendations for a nondiscretionary formula for apportioning highway safety program funds to the States for fiscal years after 1969. The Secretary would also be required to study the relationship between the consumption of alcohol and its effect upon highway safety and drivers of motor vehicles. The results of this study would be reported to the Congress by July 1, 1967.

Federal Highway Administrator

The Federal Highway Administrator would be placed at Level IV of the Federal Executive Salary Schedule, rather than the current Level V.


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