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One Hundred and Twenty Thousand of these Volumes have been sol

.\> and they are the acknowledged Standard wherever —i ' . this refining study is pursued. h V


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Remarkabie foiWhe space and attention given to grammatical principles* to affix i; substantial groundwork; also for the admirable treatment of synonyms, figura j * language, and tbe sources of argument and illustration, with notable exercises forji|!;' paring the way to poetic composition.


explains, first, the conditions and processes itf which the mind receives ideas, then unfolds the art of reasoning, with clear directions for the estiblisbment and: firmation of sonnd judgment. A thoroughly practical treatise, being a systematic philosophical condensation of all that is known of the subject.


This standard work, as is well known, treats of the faculty of perception, am result of its exercise upon the tastes and emotions. It may therefore be termed a < pendinm of Aesthetics and Natural Morals; and its use in refining the mind and! has made it a standard text-book.



Milton's Paradise Xost.
Young's Night Tlimtghts.
Cowper's Taste, Table Talhf Ae,

Thomson's Seasons,
Pollok's Coitrse of Time,
Lord Jiaeon's Essays,

In six cheap volumes. The service done to literature, by Prof. Boyd's Annota upon these standard writers, can with difficulty be estimated. Line by line ther pressions and ideas are analyzed and discussed, until the best comprehension c||| powerful use of language is obtained by the '.earner.

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: UNITED STATES. ' ' . "...story of the


* ionTEITH, author of the National Geographical s elementary work »on the catechetical plan, with Maps, Engraving Tables, etc. For we youngest pupils.

Ilard's School History, for Grammar Sch - * :aden'. --lasses. esigned to cultivate the memory, the intellect, a £3. * * *w the

reds of virtue, by contemplation of the actions of

Ilard's Unabridged History, for higher: jurse. Notable for its clear arrangement and devič, series of Progressive Maps.

mmary of American History. A skeleton: ent facts and dates, in fifty-three pages. May be couis - tim, used in review of larger volumes, or for reference simply. ** American History.” <-LAND 1. Berard's School History of Engla-, i. d an interesting history of the social life c * > ople, with that of the civil and military transactions of the realm

2rature, sei's +, and commerce are included. prá ". . . sh and of French History, FRANCE *** * * *.*, presenting more points of s £ment of the '' interest and memory than a chronological table. A

i-proportional outliu- ~ld index to more extended reading.

E Ricord's History of Rome. A story-like epitome of this inter

s esting and chivalrous history, profusely illustrated, with the legends doubtful portions so introduced as not to deceive, while adding extended rm to the subject.

s • • s - R AL Willard's Universal History. A vast subject so arranged s - and illustrated as to be less difficult to acquire or retain. Its

Ple substance, in fact, is su'imarized on one page, in a grand “Temple of

or Picture of Nations. ...# **

: Summary of s”: Being the Summaries of American, and 'ish and French Hi ry, , in one volume. The leading events in scries of these three dati, epitomized in the briefest manner.

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