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Brandt, Sandford F., representing the National Association for Mental


Brayfield, Dr. Arthur, executive officer, American Psychological


Cohen, Hon. Wilbur J., Under Secretary, Department of Health, Edu-

cation, and Welfare------------------------------------------

Pole. Dr. Hayden, director, Mental Health Center, Norman,

Ewalt, Dr. Jack, representing the American Psychiatric Association.--

Freelund, Michael, associate director, National Association for Mental

Health, New York City--------------------------------------

Glass, Dr. Albert, director, Department of Mental Health, State of


Gorman, Mike, executive director, National Committee Against

Mental Illness----------------------------------------------

Hamilton, Hon. Lee H., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Indiana--------------------------------------------------

Kelly, James F., Assistant Secretary, Comptroller, Department of
Health, Education, and Welfare-------------------------------

McMillan, John J., administrative officer for professional affairs, Amer-

ican Psychological Association--------------------------------

Otlowski, George J., representing the National Association of Coun-


Patten, Hon. Edward J., a Representative in Congress from the State

of New Jersey----------------------------------------------

Schnibbe, Harry, executive director, National Association of State

Mental Health Program Directors-----------------------------

Seidman, Bert, director, Social Security Department, AFL–CIO-----

Shoemaker, Richard E., assistant director, Social Security Depart-

ment, AFL-CIO--------------------------------------------

Stewart, Dr. William H., Surgeon General, Public Health Service,
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare------------------

Winston, Dr. Nat T., Mental Health Commissioner, State of Ten-


Yolles, Dr. Stanley F., Director, National Institute of Mental Health,
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare----------------

American Hospital Association, letter from Kenneth Williamson, asso-

ciate director------------------------------------------------

American Nurses’ Association, Inc., letter from Judith G. Whitaker,

R.N., executive director--------------------------------------

American Psychiatric Association: Resolution adopted by National
Governors’ Conference on Community Mental Health, December
15, 1965, at Chicago, Ill--------------------------------------

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dditional information submitted for the record by—Continued
American Psychological Association:

“The Community and the Community Mental Health Center,”
article by M. Brewster Smith and Nicholas Hobbs, adopted as
official position paper of the American Psychological Asso- Page
°iation------------------------------------------------- 158

“The Critical Need for Additional Mental Health Manpower,”
speech presented by Mike Gorman, executive director, National

. Committee. Against Mental Illness------------------------- 151
American Public Health Association, Inc., letter from Dr. Berwyn F.
Mattison, executive director---------------------------------- 170
Ewalt, Dr. Jack R., letters from, re–
Psychiatric personnel staffing problems----------------------- 91
Relation between economic and social status of families having
mentally retarded children, studies on-------------------- 99
Staffing requirements estimated for community mental health
center for approximately 100,000 people------------------ 95

Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of:

Authorizations, appropriations, and obligations for construction

and staffing of community mental health centers (chart)------ 43

Centers funded under appropriations as of June 30, 1967 (chart)-- 42
Community mental health centers program status report, by
Director, National Institute of Mental Health, March 31,

1967--------------------------------------------------- 18

Community mental health centers progress report------------- 47

Construction and staffing grants, number of under present
authority (chart).---------------------------------------- 41
Construction and staffing of community mental health centers,
5-year funding estimate, 1968–72 (table).-------------------- 43

Contingency funds authorized in fiscal year 1967 appropriation

acts---------------------------------------------------- 48

Deaths and deformities involving children, resulting from Ger-
man measles, 1964-65------------------------------------ 64
Grants for construction and staffing community mental health
centers, distribution as of March 27, 1967 (chart)------------ 44
Muskingum County Guidance Center, Zanesville, Ohio (chart)-- 40
Patients in State and local mental hospitals (chart)------------ 33
Resident patients, projected and actual numbers in State and
county mental hospitals, 1946–66 (chart).------------------- 34

Supplemental appropriations, chronological history of HEW for

fiscal years 1962–67 (table).------------------------------- 60

Swedish-St. Barnabas Community Mental Health Center,
Minneapolis, Minn. (chart)------------------------------- 36
Tacoma §. Mental Health Center (chart)--------------- 37

National Association for Mental Health:

“Facts About Mental Illness,” from 1967 fact sheet------------ 138

Harris Poll on mental health clinics, article from April 3, 1967,

issue of the New York Post------------------------------- 144

National Association of Counties: County-operated mental health

facilities receiving grants, to date (table)----------------------- 103

National Association of Social Workers, Inc., letter from Melvin A.
Glasser, chairman, Social Action Commission-------------------- 174

McNair, Hon. Robert E., Governor, State of South Carolina- 116
Miller, Dr. Alan D., commissioner, Department of Mental
Hygiene, State of New York-------------------------- 117
Rockefeller, Hon. Nelson A., Governor, State of New York- 115
Rogers, Dr. W. D., director, Division of Mental Health,

State of Florida.------------------------------------- 117
Rosenn, Max, secretary of public welfare, Commonwealth of

Pennsylvania---------------------------------------- 118

Smith, Hon. Hulett C., Governor, State of West Virginia--- 115

Ulett, Dr. George A., director, Division of Mental Diseases,

State of Missouri------------------------------------ 119

Subcommittee on Public Health and Welfare: Correspondence of
1963 re botulism, between the subcommittee, the Food and Drug
Administration, and the Public Health Service------------------ 66

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