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$ 109–40.305–5 Reports of agency ne- commercial express receipts in making gotiations.

shipments for the account of the AEC. Subject to the provisions of FPMR

Cost-type contractors may be authorized 101-40.305–5 a complete report of each

by the contracting officer to use Governnegotiation (other than those related to

ment bills of lading if such use will be nuclear weapons, radioactive and fissile advantageous to the Government. material shipments, and all other com

$ 109-40.5002 Applicability, modities when the quantity involved is less than 200 short tons of a single com- The policy and procedures set forth in modity or mixed commodities to be this subpart shall be applied when AEC's moved by common carrier from the same cost-type contractors use commercial consignor to the same consignee within bills of lading or commerical express à 30-day period) shall be submitted to receipts. the Division of Construction promptly after each negotiation is completed for

§ 109–40.5003 Commercial bills of ladtransmittal to GSA. Each report shall

ing or commercial express receipts. be in memorandum form referencing (a) AEC's cost-type contractors using FPMR 101-40.305-5 and sh contain

commercial bills of lading in making the data prescribed in the FPMR's. Clas- shipments for the account of the Atomic sified information shall not be included

Energy Commission shall include the in the reports.

following statement or one substantially § 109-40.305-50 Negotiations involv

the same on all commercial bills of ing national security.

lading: Title 49 U.S.C., section 22, as amended

This shipment is for the account of the

U.S. Government which will assume the by Public Law 85–246, provides that rate

freight charges and is subject to the terms tenders to the Government must be filed

and conditions set forth in the standard form by the carriers with the Interstate Com

of the U.S. Government bills of lading and merce Commission except for “any quo- to any available special rates or charges. tation or tender which, as indicated by the U.S. Government, or any agency or

(b) The foregoing language may he Department thereof, to any carrier or

varied without materially changing its carriers, involves information the dis

substance to satisfy the needs of particuclosure of which would endanger the

lar cost-type contractors for the purpose national security.” Carriers will be in

of obtaining the benefit of the lowest formed by the negotiating official if any

available rates for the account of the quotation or tender to the U.S. Atomic Government. Energy Commission involves such infor- (c) Where practicable, commercial mation.

bills of lading or express receipts may $ 109–40.307 Tonnage reports.

provide for consignment of a shipment

to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Tonnage reports required by FPMR

c/o the cost-type contractor or may indi101-40.307 shall be submitted to the Division of Construction 5 working days

cate consignment by the contractor “for before the end of each calendar month

the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission." so as to allow for timely transmittal to

(d) Commercial bills of lading exGSA. Tonnage representing commodities

ceeding $10,000 issued by cost-type conunder AEC negotiated rates authorized

tractors shall be annotated with a typeby AECPMR 109-40.305-3 shall not be written, rubber stamp, or similar impresreported to GSA.

sion containing the following wording: § 109_40.50 Bills of lading.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY § 109–40.5000 Scope of subpart.

The nondiscrimination clauses contained

in section 202 of Executive Order 11246 relaThis subpart sets forth the require- tive to equal employment opportunity for all ments under which commercial or Gov- persons without regard to race, creed, color, ernment bills of lading or express re

or national origin, and the implementing ceipts may be used.

rules and regulations of the President's Com

mittee on Equal Employment Opportunity $ 109-40.5001 Policy.

which, to the extent not inconsistent with

Executive Order 11246, remain in full force Generally AEC cost-type contractors and effect a' those of the Secretary of Labor, will use commercial bills of lading or

are incorporated herein.

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§ 109–40.5004 Government bills of lad

ing. (a) Before any Government bill of lading which has not been revised to include reference to Executive Order 10925, as amended, or Executive Order 11246 is issued for use by AEC or costtype contractors (where authorized) at least the original (SF 1103) and shipping order copy (SF 1104) shall be annotated with a typewritten, rubber stamp, or similar impression containing the following wording:

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Condition 9 hereof is revised as follows: The nondiscrimination clauses contained in section 202 of Executive Order 11246 relative to equal employment opportunity for all persons without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin and the implementing rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Labor, are incorporated herein.

(b) In those instances when AEC costtype contractors are authorized to use

Government bills of lading, specific employess of cost-type contractors will be authorized by the contracting officer to issue such Government bills of lading. (See Title V, U.S. Government Accounting Office Policy and Procedures Manual for Guidance of Federal Agencies.) § 109-40.51 Price - Anderson coverage

certifications. § 109-40.5100 Scope of subpart.

This subpart sets forth the policy for issuance of certifications regarding Price-Anderson coverage of particular shipments. $ 109_40.5101 Policy.

Upon request of a carrier, an appropriate certification will be issued by an authorized representative of the Atomic Energy Commission to the carrier regarding the applicability of PriceAnderson indemnity to a particular shipment.

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