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property by purchase, condemnation, con- c. Systematic, thorough reviews of real
struction, or lease. The notification may be property holdings are made annually to iden-
formal or informal as appropriate. GSA and tify unneeded or uneconomically used prop-
the Bureau of Land Management, as appro- erties; and
priate, will advise the agencies if excess, d. Properties or portions of properties
unreserved public domain, or surplus real identified as excess are reported or processed
property is or may be available which might as provided in paragraph 3 without delay if
meet the need.

continued retention by the agency is not
In specific cases where the agency's pro- justified under the standards prescribed by
posed acquisition of real property is dictated this Circular.
by such factors as exact geographical loca- 9. Annual reporta. Submission. The re-
tion, topography, engineering, or similar sults of the review conducted pursuant to
characteristics which limit the possible use paragraph 8c of this Circular will be sum-
of other available property, the notification marized in an annual report. The first an-
will not be required. For example, in the case nual report will be for fiscal year 1968. This
of a dam site or reservoir area, the construc- report will either be included as an attach-
tion of a generating plant or a substation, ment to the agency's annual inventory report
specific lands are needed and ordinarily no on real property owned by the United States,
purpose would be served by such notification. which is submitted to the General Services

d. Joint use. If suitable excess, surplus, Administration as of June 30 of each fiscal or unreserved public domain land is not year, or it may be submitted separately to available, consideration should be given to GSA when the annual inventory report is the possibility of joint use of real property submitted. When included as part of the held by other Federal agencies.

annual inventory report, the data concerne. Transfer of excess real property. As a ing the agency's review will be attached to general rule and where compatible with the GSA Form 1209, Summary of Number of Ingeneral provisions of this Circular, excess stallations Owned by the United States. real property may be acquired by transfer

b. Coverage. The report will include the as provided in General Services Administra- following: tion's Federal Property Management Regu- (1) Summary of actions which have been lations, Subchapter H, Subpart 47.2, or as taken during the fiscal year to comply with otherwise provided by law.

the provisions of this Circular. A copy of new 6. Permits. Permits authorizing the use of or revised instructions or criteria developed property in the custody of an agency by and issued by the agency should be included. another agency will be issued only when (2) A statement that all properties under (a) a determination has been made by the

the custody of the agency are needed or, as accountable agency that the property is not appropriate, that action is being taken to excess, and (b) the proposed use by the screen, report excess, or otherwise dispose requesting agency conforms to the acquisi- of unneeded properties. A separate summary tion and use provisions of this Circular. An will be included for each of the following agency authorized to dispose of real property

categories showing the number and cost of may make excess or surplus property available for short-term use by permit during the

properties, acreage, and number of buildings, period it is being processed for further use or

structures, and facilities: (a) Properties redisposal, providing the requesting agency

ported excess for disposition under the Fedconforms to the provisions of this Circular.

eral Property and Administrative Services 7. Financing arrangements and authoriz. Act of 1949, as amended; (b) properties reing legislation. There may be cases where the turned to the public domain (see paragraph application of guidelines 4b and 4c cannot be 3); (c) properties made available by permit accomplished without first incurring ex- to another agency as provided in paragraph penses for which appropriate financing must

6; (d) leases canceled as a result of the anbe obtained or securing the enactment of

nual agency review; and (e) properties for new authorizing legislation. In these cases appropriate arrangements should be made to

which other disposition has been made. complete the necessary studies and to submit

(3) In those cases where recommendasuch proposals for appropriations or legisla

tions have been made to obtain appropriate tion as may be necessary. These proposals

financing or new authorizing legislation to should be supported by estimates of replace

obtain substitute facilities in accordance ment costs and ultimate net savings.

with the policy guidelines of this Circular, a 8. Implementation. The head of each agen- reference to such recommendations should be cy will issue appropriate instructions to as- included in the report. sure that:

The General Services Administration will a. Real property use, retention, and acquisition policies enunciated by this Circu

transmit the above described report for all lar are followed;

agencies accountable for real property to the b. The guidelines for identification of ex

Bureau of the Budget no later than Nocess real property are applied in accordance

vember 1, of each year. with this Circular;

(33 F.R. 572, Jan. 17, 1968]

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§ 101-47.4909 Memorandum of the supply shall be determined equitably. The President dated May 21, 1956.

controlling department or agency, according THE WHITE HOUSE

to its particular circumstances, may make

such determinations on an individual lease Washington, May 21, 1956 basis or on an area basis. In arriving at MEMORANDUM FOR THE HEADS OF ALL

such determinations, consideration shall be EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES

given to the interests of individual farmers

and the local community, the supply situaIn order that the leasing of farm lands

tion of crops that might be grown on the owned by the Federal Government shall be

lands, the effect on price-support programs, consistent with the Administration's deter

the objectives of the programs under which mined effort to reduce price-depressing sur

such lands were acquired or reserved, and

maintenance savings and income to the pluses and to bring agricultural production

Federal Government. If it is at any time into line with markets, I request that the

determined, pursuant to this paragraph, following-described policies governing the

that a lease of farm lands by the Federal leasing of farm lands by the Federal Government, to the extent that such policies are

Government shall prohibit the cultivation

of price-supported crops in surplus supply, not inconsistent with law, be placed in effect

any lease of such lands made at any time by all departments and agencies concerned

thereafter by the Federal Government shall on the effective date of this memorandum:

prohibit the cultivation of such crops. 1. Except as provided in paragraphs 2 and

5. In determining the acreage in each 4 hereof, leases of farm lands made by the

unit of farm land to be offered for lease by Federal Government on or after the effective

the Federal Government, consideration shall date of this memorandum shall prohibit the

be given to the leasing of such land for cultivation of price-supported crops in sur

family-size farm operations. plus supply.

6. As used in this memorandum: 2. In the case of acquisitions of farm

(a) The term "lease" shall include perlands by the Federal Government on or after

mits and licenses. the effective date of this memorandum, if

(b) The term "price-supported crops in price-supported crops in surplus supply are

surplus supply" shall mean those cultivated growing on such lands at the time of acqui

crops supported pursuant to the Agriculsition, the harvesting of such crops may be

tural Act of 1949, as amended and supplepermitted.

mented, and determined from time to time 3. No lease of farm lands by the Federal

by the Secretary of Agriculture to be in Government which is in effect on the effec

surplus supply. tive date hereof shall be terminated under

7. To insure that the leasing of farm authority of this memorandum, but this

lands by the Federal Government shall be memorandum shall not be construed to

consistent with the Administration's farm affect any authority which may otherwise

program, the Department of Agriculture, exist for the termination of any such lease.

until such time as some appropriate inter4. Upon the expiration of leases of farm

agency group or committee may be desig. lands by the Federal Government which do

nated, shall be available as a focal agency for cultivation of not prohibit the


consultation in such matters. supported crops in surplus supply (includ

8. All departments and agencies concerned ing those in effect on the effective date of

shall submit to the Bureau of the Budget this memorandum, and including those

within sixty days from the date of this made as provided for in this paragraph, but

memorandum copies of implementing innot including any agreement made with

structions to their operating organizations. respect to harvesting pursuant to paragraph

This memorandum shall become effective 2 of this memorandum), whether such lands

sixty days after the date hereof. may thereafter be leased for the cultivation of price-supported crops in surplus


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§ 101-47.4910. Field offices of Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to

receive notices of availability.
Region and Jurisdiction

Address and Telephone
Region I--Maine, New Hampshire, Ver- Regional Representative, Surplus Property Utiliza-

mont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, tion Division, 120 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass.
and Rhode Island.

02116. Phone: 482–6550 (Area Code 617). Region II~Delaware, New York, New Regional Representative, Surplus Property UtilizaJersey, and Pennsylvania.

tion Division, Room 1200, 42 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10004, Phone: 363-4031 (Area Code 212).

Nebe hom

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Address and Telephone
Regional Representative, Surplus Property

Utilization Division, 700 East Jefferson
Street, Charlottesville, Va. 22901. Phone:

296–5171 (Area Code 703).
Regional Representative, Surplus Property

Utilization Division, Room 404, 50 Seventh
Street NE., Atlanta, Ga. 30323, Phone:

TRinity 6–3311 (Area Code 404).
Regional Representative, Surplus Property

Utilization Division, Room 712, 433 West
Van Buren Street, Chicago, Ill. 60607.

Phone: 828-5197 (Area Code 312).
Regional Representative, Surplus Property

Utilization Division, 560 Westport Road,
Kansas City, Mo, 64111. Phone: BAltimore

1–7000 (Area Code 816).
Regional Representative, Surplus Property

Ulitization Division, 1114 Commerce Street,
Dallas, Tex, 75202. Phone: 749-3385 (Area

Code 214).
Regional Representative, Surplus Property

Utilization Division, Room 551, 621 17th
Street, Denver, Colo. 80202. Phone: 534 4151

(Area Code 303).
Regional Representative, Surplus Property

Utilization Division, 447 Federal Office
Building, Civic Center, San Francisco,
Calif. 94102. Phone: 556-6651 (Area Code

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§ 101-47.4911 Outline for explanatory statements for negotiated sales.
EXPLANATORY STATEMENT OF PROPOSED NEGO- Acquisition cost and date: (Line item

TIATED DISPOSAL OF SURPLUS REAL PROPERTY separation between land, improvements, and
SECTION 203(e) (6) OF THE FEDERAL PROP- All income received from rentals:

Appraised by: (Name and date-If not a

contract appraiser, state briefly the reason Property: (Property designation and case

another appraisal method was authorized). No.).

Proposed purchase price:

Proposed purchaser:
Reported excess by: (Holding agency and

Proposed use:

Background and justification:
Date surplus:

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§ 101-47.4912 Field offices of Department of the Interior, Bureau of Outdoor

Field office addresses
Northeast Region-Connecticut, Delaware, Regional Director, Region 6, Bureau of Out-
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New

door Recreation, 143 South Third St.,
Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsyl- Philadelphia, Pa. 19106.
vania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West

Southeast Region-Alabama, Arkansas, Flor- Regional Director, Region 4, Bureau of Out-

ida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North door Recreation, Post Office Box 1202,
Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Puerto Atlanta, Ga. 30301,

Rico, Virgin Islands, and Virginia.
Lake Central Region Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Regional Director, Region 5, Bureau of Out-

Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, door Recreation, Post Office
Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Downtown Station, Ann Arbor, Mich,

Mid-Continent Region-Colorado, Kansas, Regional Director, Region 3, Bureau of Out-

Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Okla- door Recreation, Hartford Bldg., 7860 West
homa, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and 16th Ave., Denver, Colo. 80215.

Box 351,


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$ 101-47.4913 Outline for protection is required at facilities of the following

and maintenance of excess and sur. classes:
plus real property.

(a) Facilities containing Uttle removable

personal property but having a considerable A. General. In protecting and maintaining excess and surplus properties, the adop

number of buildings to be sold for off-site

use when (a) the buidlings are of low realiztion of the principle of "calculated risk" 18

able value and so spaced that loss of more considered to be essential. In taking what

than a few buildings in a single fire is imis termed a "calculated risk,” the expected

probable, or (b) the buildings are so 10losses and deteriorations in terms of realiz

cated that water for firefighting purposes is able values are anticipated to be less in the

available and municipal or other fire departoverall than expenditures to minimize the

ment services will respond promptly; risks. In determining the amount of pro

(b) Small, inactive industrial and comtection to be supplied under this procedure,

mercial facilities which must be kept open a number of factors should be considered;

for inspection and which are so located that such as, the availability of, and the distance

public fire and police protection can be seto, local, public, or private protection facili

cured by telephone; ties; the size and value of the facility; general

(c) Facilities where the highest and best characteristics of structures; physical pro

use has been determined to be salvage; and tection involving fencing, number of gates, etc.; the location and availability of com

(d) Facilities of little, or salvage, value munication facilities; and the amount and

but potentially dangerous and attractive to type of activity at the facility. Conditions

children and curiosity seekers where the at the various excess and surplus properties

posting of signs is not suficient to protect

the public. are so diverse that it is impracticable to establish a definite or fixed formula for de- 3. Properties Requiring Continuous Guard termining the extent of protection and main- Service. One guard on duty at all times tenance that should be applied. The stand- (a total of 5 guards required) is required at ards or criteria set forth in B and C, below, facilities of high market value which are are furnished as a guide in making such fenced; require only one open gate which determinations.

can be locked during patrols; all buildings of B. Protection Standards. The following which can be locked; and where local police standards are furnished as a guide in deter- and fire protection can be secured by telemining the amount and limits of protection. phone.

1. Properties not Requiring Protection 4. Properties Requiring High Degree of Personnel. Fire protection or security per- Protection. More than one firefighter-guard sonnel are not needed at:

will be required to be on duty at all times

at facilities of the classes listed below. The (a) Facilities where there are no structures or related personal property;

number, and the assignment, of firefighter(b) Facilities where the realizable or re- guards in such cases should be determined coverable value of the improvements and by taking into consideration all pertinent related personal property subject to loss is

factors. less than the estimated cost of protection (a) Facilities of high market value which for a one-year period;

are distant from public assistance and re(c) Facilities of little value located within quire an on-the-site firefighting force ade

quate to hold fires in check until outside public fire and police department limits,

assistance can be obtained. which can be locked or boarded up;

(d) Facilities where the major buildings (b) Facilities of high market value which are equipped with automatic sprinklers, su- can obtain no outside assistance and require pervised by American District Telegraph an on-the-site firefighting force adequate Company or other central station service, to extinguish fires. which do not contain large quantities of

(c) Facilities of high market value at readily removable personal property, and

which the patrolling of large areas is neceswhich are in an area patrolled regularly by

sary. local police; and

(d) Facilities of high market value not (e) Facilities where agreements can be fenced and containing large quantities of made with a lessee of a portion of the prop

personal property of a nature inviting pilerty to protect the remaining portions at

ferage. nominal, or without additional cost.

(e) Facilities of high market value at 2. Properties Requiring a Resident Cus

mpany ducing

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which several gates must be kept open for todian. A resident custodian or guard only

operating purposes.

ans, vag


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5. Standards for All Protected Properties. ally been taken care of by staffing with

(a) All facilities within the range of mu- additional guards so that the "buddy system" nicipal or other public protection, but out- of patrolling may be used. In such cases, side the geographic limits of such public the use of sentry dogs should be considered body, should be covered by advance arrange- in arriving at the appropriate method of ments with appropriate authorities for police offsetting the need for additional guards, as and fire protection service, at a monthly or well as possible reductions in personnel. If other service fee if necessary.

it is determined to be in the Government's (b) Patrolling of all facilities with large interest to use this type of protection, advice areas to be protected should be accomplished should be obtained as to acquisition (lease, by use of automotive vehicles.

purchase, or donation), training, use, and (c) At fenced facilities, a minimum num- care, from the nearest police department ber of gates should be kept open.

using sentry dogs. When sentry dogs are 6. Firefighter-Guards. Firefighters and used, the property should be clearly posted guards are the normal means for carrying “Warning—This Government Property Paout the fire protection and security programs

trolled by Sentry Dogs.”

C. Maintenance Standards. The followat excess and surplus real properties where both such programs are required. The duties ing standards or criteria are furnished as of firefighters and guards should be com- a guide in connection with the upkeep of bined to the maximum extent possible in the

excess and surplus real properties: interest of both economy and efficiency. 1. Temporary Type Buildings and StrucSuch personnel would also be available in tures. Temporary buildings housing permany cases for other miscellaneous services,

sonal property which cannot be readily re

moved to permanent type storage should be such as, removing grass and weeds or other

maintained only to the extent necessary to fire hazards, servicing fire extinguishers, and other activities related to general protection

protect the personal property. Vacant temof property.

porary structures should not be maintained 7. Operating Requirements of Protection except in unusual circumstances. Units. Firefighter-guards or guards, should

2. Permanent Type Buildings and Struc

be required to make periodic rounds of facili-
ties requiring protection. The frequency of

(a) No interior painting should be done. these rounds would be based upon a number

Where exterior wood or metal surfaces reof factors, such as, location and size of the quire treatment to prevent serious deteriorafacility, type of structures and physical bar- tion, spot painting only should be done when riers, and the amount and type of activity practicable. at the facility. There may be instances (b) Carpentry and glazing should be limwhere some form of central station super- ited to: work necessary to close openings vision, such as American District Telegraph against weather and pilferage; making necCompany, will effect reduction in costs by essary repairs to floors, roofs, and sidewalls reducing the number of firefighter-guards, a protection against further damage; or guards, required to adequately protect the shoring and bracing of structures to preclude premises.

structural failures; and similar operations. 8. Watchman's Clock. To insure adequate (c) Any necessary roofing and sheet metal coverage of the entire property by the guards, repairs should, as a rule, be on a patch basis. or firefighter-guards, an approved watch- (d) Masonry repairs, including brick, tile, man's clock should be provided, with key and concrete construction, should be understations strategically located so that, in pass- taken only to prevent leakage or disinteing from one to the other, the guards will gration, or to protect against imminent cover all portions of the property.

quired which is te FER


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structural failure. 9. Protection Alarm Equipment. Auto- (e) No buildings should be heated for matic fire detection devices and allied equip- maintenance purposes except in unusual ment and services may materially assist in circumstances. minimizing protection costs. However, use 3. Mechanical and Electrical Installations. of devices of this type, like guards, are purely These include plumbing, heating, ventilatsecondary fire protection and are primarily ing, air conditioning, sprinkler systems, fire a means of obtaining fire and police protec- alarm systems, electrical equipment, elevation facilities at the property in an emer- tors, and similar items. gency. There are various types of devices, (a) At facilities in inactive status, maineach of which can be considered separately tenance of mechanical and electrical installaor in combination as supplementing guard tions should be limited to that which is patrols, which may assist in reduction of costs and, in some instances, it may be pos

necessary to prevent or arrest serious deterisible to eliminate all guards.

oration. In most cases, personnel should

not be employed for this work except on a 10. Sentry Dogs. Frequently there are facilities of high market value, or which

temporary basis at periodic intervals when cover large areas, or are so isolated that they

it is determined by inspections that the work invite intrusion by curiosity seekers, hunt

is necessary. Wherever possible electrical ers, vagrants, etc., which require extra or

systems should be deenergized, water special protection measures. This has usu- drained from all fixtures, heat turned off,



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