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Part 101-25 101-26 101-27 101-28 101-29 101-30 101-31 101-32 101-33 101-34

Procurement sources and programs.
Inventory management.
Storage and distribution.
Federal specifications and standards.
Federal catalog system.
Inspection and quality control.
Government-wide automated data management services.
Emergency preparedness planning.

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101-42 Property rehabilitation services and facilities. 101-43 Utilization of personal property. 101-44 Donation of personal property. 101-45 Sale, abandonment, or destruction of personal property. 101-46 Utilization and disposal of personal property pursuant to exchange/sale

authority. 101-47 Utilization and disposal of real property. 101-48–49 [Reserved]

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PART 101-1-INTRODUCTION described by $ 101-1.101, prescribed by

the Administrator of General Services to Subpart 101-1.1-Regulation System

govern and guide Federal agencies. Sec. 101–1.100 Scope of subpart.

§ 101–1.103 Temporary-type FPMR. 101–1,101 Federal Property Management FPMR include a temporary type for Regulations System.

use under the following circumstances: 101–1.102 Federal Property Management

(a) Where the effective period is to be Regulations. 101–1.103 Temporary-type FPMR.

not more than six months. 101-1.104 Publication of FPMR.

(b) When time will not permit prep101–1.105 Authority for FPMR System. aration in final codified form. (These 101–1.106 Applicability of FPMR.

will be converted to permanent form 101–1.107 Agency consultation regarding

within 90 days after publication.) FPMR. 101–1.108 Agency implementation and sup

(c) Where delegation of authority to plementation of FPMR.

other agencies for a specific one-time 101–1.109 Numbering in FPMR System. purpose is required, as in public utility 101-1.110 Deviation.

representation cases. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 101–1 issued under sec. 205(c), 63 Stat. 390;

§ 101–1.104 Publication of FPMR. 40 U.S.C. 486(c).

FPMR will be published in the FEDERAL SOURCE: The provisions of this part 101-1 REGISTER and in looseleaf form. Temappear at 29 F.R. 13255, Sept. 24, 1964, unless otherwise noted.

porary-type FPMR will appear in the

Notices section of the FEDERAL REGISTER. Subpart 101-1.1-Regulation System § 101-1.105 Authority for FPMR Sys§ 101–1.100 Scope of subpart. This subpart sets forth introductory

The FPMR System is prescribed by the material concerning the Federal Prop

Administrator of General Services unerty Management Regulations System: der authority of the Federal Property and its content, types, publication, authority, Administrative Services Act of 1949, 63 applicability, numbering, deviation pro

Stat. 377, as amended, and other laws cedure, as well as agency consultation,

and authorities specifically cited in the implementation, and supplementation.

text. $ 101-1.101 Federal Property Management Regulations System.

§ 101-1.106 Applicability of FPMR. The Federal Property Management

The FPMR apply to all Federal agenRegulations System described in this sub

cies to the extent specified in the Federal part is established and shall be used by

Property and Administrative Services Act General Services Administration (GSA)

of 1949 or other applicable law. officials and, as provided in this subpart,

reby other executive agency officials, in

§ 101–1.107 Agency consultation

garding FPMR. prescribing regulations, policies, procedures, and delegations of authority per

FPMR are developed and prescribed in taining to the management of property

consultation with affected Federal agenand records, and other programs and

cies. activities of the type administered by

§ 101-1.108 Agency implementation GSA, except procurement and contract matters contained in the Federal Pro

and supplementation of FPMR. curement Regulations (FPR),

Chapters 102 through 149 of this title

Subtitle A of this title.

are available for agency implementation

and supplementation of FPMR contained § 101–1.102 Federal Property Manage

in Chapter 101 of this title. Supplemenment Regulations.

tation pertains to agency regulations in The Federal Property Management

the subject matter area of FPMR but not Regulations (FPMR) are regulations, as

yet issued in Chapter 101.

§ 101–1.109 Numbering in FPMR Sys.

tem. (a) Numbering in the FPMR System will conform with that of the FPR System (§ 1-1.007–2 of this title). Chapter assignments in Title 41, CFR to agencies in the FPMR System will correspond to their chapter assignments in the FPR System except that the number "100" will be added. For example, the Post Office Department has Chapter 39 in the FPR System and in the FPMR System will have Chapter 139.

(b) Agency implementing regulations should conform to the FPMR section numbers, except for the substitution of the chapter designation of the agency. Agency supplementing regulations should be numbered “50” or higher for section, subpart, or part as may be involved. $ 101-1.110 Deviation.

Insofar as practicable the FPR deviation procedure (§ 1-1.009 of this title) shall be applied with respect to FPMR.

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Subparts 101-3.4—101–3.48—[Reserved]

Subpart 101–3.49—Forms and Reports

Scope of subpart.

GSA forms.
101-3.4901-1166 GSA Form 1166: Annual

Report of Real Property
Owned by the United

101-3.4901–1166(I) Instructions for the prep-

aration of GSA Form
1166: Annual Report of
Real Property Owned by

the United States.
101-3.4901-1166A GSA Form 1166A: Annual

Report of Real Property
Leased to the United

101-3.4901-1166A (I) Instructions for the

preparation of GSA
Form 1166A: Annual Re-
port of Real Propetry
Leased to the United

101-3.4901–1166A (I-A) Major cities.
101-3.4901–1209 GSA Form 1209: Summary

of Number of Installa-
tions Owned by the

United States.
101-3.4901-1209(I) Instructions for the prep-

aration of GSA Form
1209: Summary of Num-
ber of Installations Own-

ed by the United States.
101-3.4901–1209A GSA Form 1209A: Com-

parative Summary of
Properties Leased to the

United States.
101-3.4901-1209A (I) Instructions for the

preparation of GSA Form
1209A: Comparative
Summary of Properties
Leased to the United


The provisions of this part
101–3 issued under sec. 205(c), 63 Stat. 390;
40 U.S.C. 486(c).

SOURCE: The provisions of this part 101-3
appear at 29 F.R. 15596, Nov. 20, 1964, unless
otherwise noted.
§ 101-3.000 Scope of part.

This part prescribes the procedure and
forms for use by executive agencies in
connection with the preparation of an-
nual reports necessary for the mainte-
nance and publication of inventories of
real property owned by and leased to
the United States as of June 30 each
Subpart 101-3.1-General Provisions
§ 101-3.100 Scope of subpart.

This subpart deals with the back-
ground, objectives, and coverage of re-

101–3.000 Scope of part.

Subpart 101-3.1—General Provisions
101-3.100 Scope of subpart.
101–3.101 Background.
101-3.102 Program objectives.
101-3.103 Coverage.
101-3.104 Source of data.
101–3.105 Agency liaison.

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Subpart 101–3.2—Annual Report-Real Property

Owned by the United States 101–3.200 Scope of subpart. 101–3.201 Reporting agency. 101-3.202 Coverage. 101-3.203 Exclusions. 101–3.204 Reports to be submitted. 101–3.205 Optional reporting method. 101–3.206 Preparation and due dates.

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Subpart 101–3.3—Annual Report-Real Property

Leased to the United States 101-3.300 Scope of subpart. 101–3.301 Reporting agency. 101–3.302 Coverage. 101-3.303 Exclusions. 101–3.304 Reports to be submitted. 101–3.305 Optional reporting method. 101–3.306 Preparation and due dates.

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ports in connection with the real prop- Subpart 101–3.2—Annual Reporterty owned by and leased to the United

Real Property Owned by the United States.

States $ 101–3.101 Background

§ 101-3.200 Scope of subpart. (a) The inventory of Federal real

This subpart prescribes the procedure property was initiated and is being con

and forms to be used by executive agentinued at the request of the Senate Com

cies in connection with annual reports mittee on Appropriations.

on real property owned by the United (b) The House Committee on Govern

ment Operations annually requests data
on all Federally-owned real property for § 101–3.201 Reporting agency.
inclusion in its real and personal prop-

Reports on real property owned by the erty inventory reports.

United States shall be submitted by the $ 101-3.102 Program objectives.

agency responsible for the maintenance

of real property records and accounts The principal objectives of the Gov

as prescribed by General Accounting Ofernment-wide real property inventory

fice principles and standards and illusprogram are:

trated in 2 GAO 1270 and 2 GAO 7030; (a) To provide a centralized source of information on Federal real property

i.e., the agency which has control of

and the authority to assign and reasholdings.

sign the use of the property or any por(b) To achieve the most effective control and economical Government-wide

tion thereof. For purposes of this inutilization of available property,

ventory, the above rule shall apply (c) To facilitate disposal of surplus

regardless of the manner of acquisition property,

or which agency is currently using the (d) To provide a basis for the intel

property. For example: ligent evaluation and appraisal of budg

(a) For general purpose buildings, etary requirements, and

such as office buildings or warehouses, (e) To establish a ready reference for

which are occupied by a Federal agency answering inquiries from the Congress,

or agencies upon determination by GSA, the press, trade associations, educational

and for which GSA is responsible for institutions, Federal, State, and local

elevator and guard service, and for government agencies, and the general

cleaning and maintenance, GSA is the public.

reporting agency.

(b) For special purpose buildings, such § 101–3.103 Coverage.

as Coast Guard stations, military reserThe inventory reports prescribed in

vations, hospitals, and prisons, those this Part 101–3 shall cover land, build

agencies having control of building manings, and other structures and facilities

agement and operation including authroughout the world, which are owned

thority to assign or reassign space in by or leased to the United States, in

such buildings, will be considered as the cluding wholly-owned Federal Govern

reporting agencies. ment corporations.

$ 101–3.202 Coverage § 101–3.104 Source of data.

The annual reports of real property Data reported shall be based on agency

owned by the United States shall cover real property and accounting records.

land, buildings, and other structures and

facilities owned by the United States § 101–3.105 Agency liaison.

throughout the world. These reports Each reporting agency shall designate

shall include the following: an official to serve as agency representa

(a) Unreserved public domain lands. tive for each of the real property inven

(b) Public domain lands reserved for tories. The same representative may be

national forests, national parks, military designated for the federally owned and

installations, or other purposes. leased real property inventories. The

(c) Real property acquired by purGeneral Services Administration, Office

chase, construction, donation, and other of Finance and Administration, Wash


(d) Real property in which the Govington, D.C. 20405, shall be advised in

ernment has a long-term interest conwriting of the names of all such sidered by the reporting agency as being representatives and subsequent changes.

equivalent to ownership. 99-193-69—-2


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(e) Buildings or other structures and is necessary to reflect a change in the facilities owned by the Government name of an installation, date or method whether or not located on Government- of acquisition of property, acreage, numowned land.

ber and/or floor area of buildings, or (f) Excess and surplus real property. predominant usage category of land, (The reporting agency, as defined in buildings,

or other structures and § 101-3.201, shall continue to retain ac- facilities. countability and report excess and sur- (b) Each agency shall prepare, in acplus real property pending its transfer cordance with instructions in § 101– to a Federal agency or disposal.)

3.4901-1209 (I) and submit to GSA a (g) Buildings being acquired under

separate report on GSA Form 1209, Sumthe terms of the Public Buildings Pur- mary of Number of Installations Owned chase Contract Program or Lease Pur- by the United States (see § 101-3.4901chase Agreements (39 U.S.C. 2103, 40 1209) for each bureau or other major U.S.C. 356). Buildings shall be reported organizational unit, for (1) properties in upon completion of construction. Sepa- the United States; and (2) properties rate annual reports shall also be sub

outside the United States. Reports on mitted for real properties held in trust GSA Form 1209 shall be submitted by the Federal Government.

whether or not changes occurred

since the previous report. § 101–3.203 Exclusions Annual inventory reports on real prop

§ 101–3.205 Optional reporting method. erty owned by the United States shall

Agencies with electrical accounting not include the following:

machine equipment may make arrange(a) Properties acquired through fore

ments with the GSA, Office of Finance closure, confiscation, or seizure to be

and Administration, to furnish detailed liquidated in settlement of a claim or

machine listings together with the supdebt to the Federal Government.

porting punch cards, in lieu of GSA (b) Rights-of-way


Forms 1166. However, GSA Forms 1209 granted to the Government.

shall be submitted as prescribed in (c) Lands administered by the United

$ 101-3.204(b). States under trusteeship by authority of the United Nations.

§ 101-3.206 Preparation and due dates. (d) Machinery and processing equip- The annual inventory reports prement which are not part of the realty. scribed in $ 101-3.204 shall be prepared

(e) Land held under permit from an- as of June 30, each year. An original other Government agency.

and one copy of each report shall be

submitted to the General Services Ad§ 101–3.204 Reports to be submitted.

ministration, Office of Finance and Ad(a) Each agency shall prepare in ac

ministration, Washington, D.C. 20405, cordance with instructions in § 101

not later than September 1. 3.4901-1166(I) and submit to GSA a separate report on GSA Form 1166, Annual

Subpart 101-3.3—Annual ReportReport of Real Property Owned by the

Real Property Leased to the United United States (see § 101-3.4901-1166)

States for:

(1) Each newly acquired or previ- 101–3.300 Scope of subpart. ously omitted installation.

This subpart prescribes the procedure (2) Each installation received by

and forms to be used by executive agentransfer from another Federal agency which is not merged with an existing

cies in connection with annual reports installation.

on real property leased to the United (3) Each installation with increases

States. or decreases in cost of $1,000 or more

§ 101-3.301 Reporting agency. affecting any line item or the total for the installation.

Reports on real property leased to the (4) Each installation declared excess

United States shall be submitted by the or surplus, in whole or in part.

agency currently administering the lease (5) Each disposal of complete

and making payments to the lessor, reinstallation.

gardless of which agency executed the (6) Each installation for which a re- original lease or is currently using the vision of an entry on a previous report property.

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