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331, Arts, commerce, and institutions—332, The sentence of death on

the generation–333, The tabernacle and the other fabulous works of

Bezaleel and Aholiab_336, Contrast_337, Monuments-338, Civil

institutions-339, Pentateuchal laws for extermination of the peoples

and their religions 344, The tribes; the levites; the priests

346, Pentateuchal story of the tribes--348, Pentateuchal story of the

priests and levites; a levite coming to Jerusalem ; observations-

349, Phinehas' everlasting priesthood; contrast ; pentateuchal story of

the council of seventy, and of the judges—351, The king and his

conduct and duty-352, Writing, reading, and studying the law, and

extracts from the pentateuch—353, Observations-354, Abstract notes

of the laws, observances, &c., in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and

Deuteronomy-366, The Book of the Law unknown until the reign of

Josiah—369, Its production in the time of Josiah caused alarm and

persecution, but discredited—370, Scriptural authorities—374, Obser-

vations; marriage; polygamy; and concubinage_379, Observations

-381, Marriage with foreigners-384, Circumcision-385, Sanitary

institutions; sabbaths, festivals, and fasts - 389, Scriptural texts

395, The seventh day sabbath 396, The new moon sabbath

398, Festivals; the four annual : passover, pentecost, trumpets,

and tabernacles-400, The passover-406, Pentecost—408, Trumpets

410, The day of atonement—415, Tabernacles—117, The septennial

sabbath-418, The 50th year sabbath, the jubilee-419, The covenant

“So shall ye be my people, and I will be your god.”

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