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PHS 301.104-1 Publication and code

arrangement. (a) The PHSAR is published in the same forms as indicated in FAR 1.104 1(a).

(b) PHS issuances will be published on yellow pages in looseleaf form for insertion into the HHSAR.

PHS 301.104–2 Arrangement of regula


PHS 301.101 Purpose.

(a) The Public Health Service Acquisition Regulation (PHSAR) is issued to establish uniform acquisition policies and procedures throughout PHS which are necessary to implement or supplement the Department of Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR).

(b) PHS issuances do not reiterate material published in the HHSAR or the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

(c) The PHSAR implements and supplements the HHSAR. Implementing material expands upon or indicates the manner of compliance with the related HHSAR. Supplementing material is new material which has no counterpart in the HHSAR. The omission of sections or subsections in PHSAR means no further explanation or qualification

(a) General. The PHSAR conforms to the FAR and HHSAR with respect to divisional arrangements; i.e., subchapters, parts, subparts, sections, subsections, and paragraphs.

(c) References and citations.

(2) This regulation shall be referred to as the Public Health Service Acquisition Regulation (PHSAR), Appendix A to the Department of Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation. Any reference shall be cited as “PHS” followed by the appropriate number.

(3) Citations of authority shall be incorporated where necessary. All FAR reference numbers shall be preceded by "FAR.” References to the HHSAR shall

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[49 FR 36237, Sept. 14, 1984, as amended at 51 FR 20486, June 5, 1986]

Subpart PHS 301.2-Administration

PHS 301.201 Maintenance of PHSAR.

The PHSAR is maintained by the Division of Grants and Contracts, Office of Resource Management, Office of Management, PHS. The Director, Division of Grants and Contracts is responsible for developing and preparing material to be included in the PHSAR.

(a) Requests for deviations from the FAR, HHSAR or any PHSAR issuance for implementation or supplementation shall be submitted in writing by the PHS agency principal official responsible for acquisition to the Director, Division of Grants and Contracts, ORM/OM/PHS for approval and/or further processing as may be required. When it is recognized that a deviation will be required prior to the issuance of a solicitation, the request for deviation must be processed and approved prior to release of the solicitation. When completion of a contract action is contingent on approval of a deviation, the request for deviation must be processed and approval granted by the appropriate level, prior to contract execution. In an exigency situation, initial verbal contact should be made with the Chief, Contracts Management Branch, DGC/ORM/OM/PHS or his/her designee. Only deviations to the PHSAR may be granted by the Director, Division of Grants and Contracts.

(b) Each request for deviation shall provide sufficient information to permit PHS compliance with the HHSAR. Generally, such requests shall contain the following in addition to the information required by 301.470(b):

(1) The name of the contractor and contract number, or the name of the

PHS 301.270 Procurement manage

ment advisory committee. (a) The Director, Division of Grants and Contracts has established the Procurement Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) to assist and facilitate the planning and development of acquisition policies and procedures, and the resolving of operational problems affecting all acquisition activities in the PHS.

(b) The PMAC consists of members and alternates from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Alco

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