Several Tracts on Hindoo Theism, &c. Containing the Third and Fourth Numbers of the Brahmunical Magazine, a Controversy Between Dr. Tytler and Ramdoss, and Baboo Prusunnu Koomar Thakoor's Humble Suggestions to His Countrymen who Believe in the One True God

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Reprinted, by the direction of the Committee of the Tuttuboadhiney Sobha, at the Tuttuboadhiney Press, 1845 - Brahmanism - 59 pages

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Page 14 - And men shall speak of the might of Thy terrible acts : And I will declare Thy greatness.
Page 21 - And yet there are not three Almighties, but one Almighty. So the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Ghost is God : And yet there are not three Gods, but one God.
Page 23 - God of infinite wisdom, power, and majesty ; that there can be but one person originally of Himself subsisting in that infinite Being, because a plurality of more persons so subsisting would necessarily infer a multiplicity of Gods...
Page 14 - Behold, God is great, and we know him not, neither can the number of his years be searched out.
Page 22 - Divine Persons. I may say, God the Father is One God, and the Son is One God, and the Holy Ghost is One God; but I cannot say, that the Father is One God, and the Son another God, and the Holy Ghost a Third God.
Page 51 - Intelligence" for which the Christian lays we are indebted to the English, he means the introduction of useful mechanical arts, I am ready to express my assent and also my gratitude ; but with respect to Science, Literature or, Religion, I do not acknowledge that we are placed under any obligation. For by a reference to History it may be proved that the World was indebted to our ancestors for the first dawn of knowledge...
Page 24 - The three names of God the Father, "Son, and Holy Ghost must denote a three-fold difference or distinction belonging to God, but such as is consistent with the unity and "simplicity of the divine nature, for each of these includes the whole "idea of God and something more. So far as they express the nature "of God, they all adequately and exactly signify the same. It is the "additional signification, which makes- all the distinction between "them...
Page 11 - Impure fables of his false gods," " Pretended gods of Hindoos ; &c., common decency prevents me from making use of similar terms in return. We must recollect that we have engaged in solemn religious controversy and not in retorting abuse against each other.
Page 24 - The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, "are as really distinct Persons as Peter, James, and John, each of "which is God. We must allow each Person to be a God. These "three infinite minds are distinguished, just as three created minds "are, by self-consciousness. And by mutual consciousness, each "person of these has the whole wisdom., power and goodness of the "other two...

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