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Boys, once on fire with that contentious zeal,
Feel all the rage that female rivals feel;
The prize of beauty in a woman's eyes
Not brighter than in their's the scholar's prize.
The spirit of that competition burns
With all varieties of ill by turns;
Each vainly magnifies his own success,
Refents his fellow's, wishes it were less,
Exults in his miscarriage if he fail,
Deems his reward too great if he prevail,
And labours to surpass him day and night,
Less for improvement than to tickle spite.
The spur is powerful, and I grant its force;
It pricks the genius forward in its course,
Allows short time for play, and none for Noth;
And, felt alike by eachy advances both:
But judge, where so much evil intervenes,
The end, though plausible, not worth the means.
Weigh, for a moment, classical desert
Against an heart deprav'd and temper hurt;

Hurt, too, perhaps for life; for early wrong,
Done to the nobler part, affects it long;
And you are staunch indeed in learning's cause,
If you can crown a discipline, that draws
Such mischiefs after it, with much applause.

Connexion form'd for int’rest, and endear'd By selfish views, thus censur'd and cashier'd; And emulation, as engend'ring hate, Doom'd to a no less ignominious fate; The

props of such proud seminaries fall, The Jachin and the Boaz of them all. Great schools rejected, then, as those that swell Beyond a size that can be manag'd well, Shall.royal institutions miss the bays, And small academies win all the praise ? Force not my drist beyond its just intent, I praise a school as Pope a government; So take my judgment in his language dress’d" Whate’er is best administer'd is best."

Few boys are born with talents that excel,
But all are capable of living well ;
Then ask not, Whether limited or large ?
But, Watch they strictly, or neglect their charge?
If anxious only that their boys may learn,
While morals languish, a despis’d concern,

and small deserve one common blame,
Diff'rent in size, but in effect the same.
Much zeal in virtue's cause all teachers boast,
Though motives of mere lucre fway the most;
Therefore in towns and cities they abound,
For there the game they seek is easiest found;
Though there, in spite of all that care can do,
Traps to catch youth are most abundant too.
If Ihrewd, and of a well-constructed brain,
Keen in pursuit, and vig'rous to retain,
Your son come forth a prodigy of skill;
As, wheresoever taught, fo form’d, he will ;
The pedagogue, with self-complacent air,
Claims more than half the praise as his due share.

But, if, with all his genius, lie betray,
Not more intelligent than loose and gay,
Such vicious habits as disgrace his name,
Threaten his health, his fortune, and his fames
Though want of due restraint alone have bred
The symptoms that you fee with so much dread;
Unenvy'd there, he may sustain alone
The whole reproach-the fault was all his own!


Oh 'tis a light to be with joy perus’d, By all whom sentiment has not abus'd; New-fangled sentiment, the boasted grace Of those who never feel in the right place ; A fight surpass’d by none that we can show, Though Veftris on one leg still shine below; A father bleft with an ingenuous fonFather, and friend, and tutor, all in one. How !--- turn again to tales long since forgot, Æsop, and Phædrus, and the rest ? Why not?


He will not blush, that has a father's heart,
To take in childish plays a childish part';
But bends his sturdy back to any toy
That youth takes pleasure in, to please his boy:
Then why resign into a stranger's hand
A task as much within your own command,
That God and nature, and your int'rest too,
Seem with one voice to delegate to you?
Why hire a lodging in a house unknown
For one whose tend'reft thoughts all hover round your

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own ?

This second weaning, needlefs as it is,
How does it lac'rate both your heart and his !
Th' indented ftick, that loses day by day
Notch after notch, till all are smooth'd away,
Bears witness, long ere his dismission come,
With what intense defire he wants his home.

But, though the joys he hopes beneath your rook
Bid fair enough to answer in the proof,

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