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JUNE 1, 2, AND 3, 1965

l'rinted for the use of the Committee on the Judiciary




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Statement of—

Tom Arnold, chairman, section on Patent, Trademark and Copyright

Law, the American Bar Association; accompanied by Auzville

Jackson, Jr., Chairman, ABA Committee on Government Patent

Harry J. Cappello, on behalf of J. P. Perry, chairman, Small Business

Patent Policy Committee of National Small Business Association --

Charles I. Derr, vice president, Machinery Allied Products Institute;

accompanied by William Healey, counsel.--
Dr. Henry B. Hass, American Institute of Chemists; accompanied

by Mr. Stephen B. Cobb, executive secretary--
Helge Holst, Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America.
Dr. Donald F. Hornig, Director, Office of Science and Technology;

accompanied by David Z. Beckler, Assistant to the Director; and
James Denny, Executive Secretary, Patent Advisory Panel, Federal

Council for Science and Technology -------------

Hon. Russell B. Long, a U.S. Senator from the State of Louisiana;

accompanied by Benjamin Gordon, staff economist, Monopoly Sub-

committee of Senate Small Business Committee...

Mark Owens, Jr., associate counsel of the Regents of the University

of California, and patent administrator --------

Harry C. Page, patent counsel of Clevite Corp., member, Patents

Committee of the National Association of Manufacturers.--

Ernest G. Peterson, on behalf of the Manufacturing Chemists' Asso-

ciation, Inc.--

Hon. Leverett Saltonstall, a U.S. Senator from the State of Massa-

Dr. Austin Smith, president, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Association; accompanied by Thomas J. Beddow, Thomas P.

Carney, and George E. Frost ---------

James E. Webb, Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space

Administration; accompanied by Walter D. Sohier, General Coun-

sel, and Gerald O'Brien, Patent Counsel. ------

Reports of departments and agencies:

Agriculture, Department of..

Atomic Energy Commission...

Bureau of the Budget---

Commerce, Department of

Comptroller general of the United

Defense, Department of.------------

Air Force----------------------

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NOTE.-The Small Business Administration was requested to submit a report on May 6,

1965. At the time of printing the report had not been received.


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