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Sec. 14. Proxies

Sec. 15. Registration and regulation of brokers and dealers

Sec. 15A. Registered securities associations

Sec. 15B. Municipal securities

Sec. 15C. Government securities brokers and dealers

Sec. 16. Directors, officers, and principal stockholders

Sec. 17. Accounts and records, examinations of exchanges, members, and


Sec. 17A. National system for clearance and settlement of securities


Sec. 17B. Automated quotation for penny stocks

Sec. 18. Liability for misleading statements

Sec. 19. Registration, responsibilities, and oversight of self-regulatory


Sec. 20. Liability of controlling persons and persons who aid and abet


Sec. 20A. Liability to contemporaneous traders for insider trading

Sec. 21. Investigations; injunctions and prosecution of offenses

Sec. 21A. Civil penalties for insider trading

Sec. 21B. Civil remedies in administrative proceedings

Sec. 21C. Cease-and-desist proceedings

Sec. 21D. Private securities litigation

Sec. 21E. Application of safe harbor for forward-looking statements

Sec. 22. Hearings by Commission

Sec. 23. Rules, regulations, and orders; annual reports

Sec. 24. Public availability of information

Sec. 25. Court review of orders and rules

Sec. 26. Unlawful representations

Sec. 27. Jurisdiction of offenses and suits

Sec. 27A. Special provision relating to statute of limitations on private

causes of action

Sec. 28. Effect on existing law

Sec. 29. Validity of contracts

Sec. 30. Foreign securities exchanges

Sec. 30A. Prohibited foreign trade practices by issuers

Sec. 31. Transaction fees

Sec. 32. Penalties ....

Sec. 33. Separability of provisions

Sec. 34. Effective date .....

Sec. 35. Authorization of appropriations

Sec. 35A. Requirements for the EDGAR system

Sec. 36. General exemptive authority


Sec. 1. Necessity for control of holding companies

Sec. 2. Definitions

Sec. 3. Power to make particular exemptions regarding holding companies,

subsidiary companies, and affiliates

Sec. 4. Transactions by unregistered holding companies

Sec. 5. Registration of holding companies

Sec. 6. Unlawful security transactions by registered holding and subsidiary


Sec. 7. Declarations by registered holding and subsidiary companies in

respect of security transactions

Sec. 8. Acquiring interest in electric and gas utility companies serving same


Sec. 9. Acquisition of securities and utility assets and other interests

Sec. 10. Approval of acquisition of securities and utility assets and other


Sec. 11. Simplification of holding company systems

Sec. 12. Intercompany loans; dividends; security transactions; sale of utility

assets; proxies; other transactions

Sec. 13. Service, sales, and construction contracts

Sec. 14. Periodic and other reports

Sec. 15. Accounts and records

Sec. 16. Liability for misleading statements

Sec. 17. Officers, directors, and other affiliates

Sec. 18. Investigations; injunctions, enforcement of title, and prosecution of





Sec. 15. Investment advisory and underwriting contracts .....

Sec. 16. Changes in board of directors; provisions relative to strict trusts

Sec. 17. Transactions of certain affiliated persons and underwriters

Sec. 18. Capital structure

Sec. 19. Dividends

Sec. 20. Proxies; voting trusts; circular ownership

Sec. 21. Loans

Sec. 22. Distribution, redemption, and repurchase of redeemable securities

Sec. 23. Distribution and repurchase of securities: closed-end companies

Sec. 24. Registration of securities under Securities Act of 1933

Sec. 25. Plans of reorganization

Sec. 26. Unit investment trusts

Sec. 27. Periodic payment plans

Sec. 28. Face-amount certificate companies

Sec. 29. Bankruptcy of face-amount certificate companies

Sec. 30. Periodic and other reports; reports of affiliated persons

Sec. 31. Accounts and records

Sec. 32. Accountants and auditors

Sec. 33. Filing of documents with Commission in civil actions

Sec. 34. Destruction and falsification of reports and records

Sec. 35. Unlawful representations and names

Sec. 36. Breach of fiduciary duty

Sec. 37. Larceny and embezzlement

Sec. 38. Rules, regulations, and orders; general powers of Commission

Sec. 39. Rules and regulations; procedure for issuance

Sec. 40. Orders; procedure for issuance

Sec. 41. Hearings by Commission

Sec. 42. Enforcement of title .....

Sec. 43. Court review of orders

Sec. 44. Jurisdiction of offenses and suits

Sec. 45. Information filed with commission

Sec. 46. Annual reports of Commission; employees of the Commission

Sec. 47. Validity of contracts

Sec. 48. Liability of controlling persons; preventing compliance with title

Sec. 49. Penalties

Sec. 50. Effect on existing law

Sec. 51. Separability of provisions

Sec. 52. Short title

Sec. 53. Effective date

Sec. 54. Election to be regulated as a business development company

Sec. 55. Functions and activities of business development companies

Sec. 56. Qualifications of directors

Sec. 57. Transactions with certain affiliates

Sec. 58. Changes in investment policy

Sec. 59. Incorporation of provisions

Sec. 60. Functions and activities of business development companies

Sec. 61. Capital structure

Sec. 62. Loans

Sec. 63. Distribution and repurchase of securities

Sec. 64. Accounts and records

Sec. 65. Liability of controlling persons; preventing compliance with title


Sec. 201. Findings

Sec. 202. Definitions

Sec. 203. Registration of investment advisers

Sec. 203A. State and Federal responsibilities

Sec. 204. Annual and other reports

Sec. 204A. Prevention of misuse of nonpublic information

Sec. 205. Investment advisory contracts

Sec. 206. Prohibited transactions by registered investment advisers

Sec. 206A. Exemptions

Sec. 207. Material misstatements

Sec. 208. General prohibitions

Sec. 209. Enforcement of title

Sec. 210. Publicity

Sec. 211. Rules, regulations, and orders

Sec. 212. Hearings

Sec. 213. Court review of orders

Sec. 214. Jurisdiction of offenses and suits

Sec. 215. Validity of contracts

Sec. 216. Annual reports of Commission

Sec. 217. Penalties

Sec. 218. Hiring and leasing authority of the Commission

Sec. 219. Separability of provisions

Sec. 220. Short title ......

Sec. 221. Effective date

Sec. 222. State regulation of investment advisers


Sec. 1. Short title

Sec. 2. Application of Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Sec. 3. Securities Investor Protection Corporation

Sec. 4. SIPC Fund

Sec. 5. Protection of customers

Sec. 6. General provisions of a liquidation proceeding

Sec. 7. Powers and duties of trustee

Sec. 8. Special provisions of a liquidation proceeding
Sec. 9. SIPC advances

Sec. 10. Direct payment procedure

Sec. 11. SEC functions

Sec. 12. Examining authority functions

Sec. 13. Functions of self-regulatory organizations

Sec. 14. Prohibited acts

Sec. 15. Miscellaneous provisions

Sec. 16. Definitions

Temporary Reporting Provisions:

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