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Equipment for electrical substations -- Contract awarded April 4, 1974; all work under contract now substantially completed.

Fabrication and delivery of structural steel for new Refrigeration Plant Building -- Contract awarded December 2, 1974; all work under contract now completed.

Piping system components for new Refrigeration Plant -Contract awarded December 27, 1974; all work under contract now completed.

Electric motor-operated ball valves for new Refrigeration Plant -- Contract awarded March 13, 1975; all work under contract now substantially completed.

Chilled water pumps and condenser pumps for New Refrigeration Plant -- Contract awarded August 26, 1976; all work under contract now substantially completed.

Phase II

Site preparation work for a new 24,000 ton Refrigeration Plant Building -- Contract awarded July 10, 1974; all work under contract is now completed.


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Construction of a new building to house a refrigeration plant of 24,000-ton capacity; construction of a new operations building for centralisation and administration of control functions of both the new and existing refrigeration plants; installation of a tunnel across the north portion of the existing power plant site, for subsequent installation therein (under a separate contract) or a new underground chilled water "headering" system -- Contract awarded May 20, 1970 all work under contract now substantially completed.

Phase IV

Procurement and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment in new
Refrigeration Plant Building and in new North Header tunnel -- Contract awarded
July 13, 1977; tentative projected completion date September 1979. Work under
this phase is approximately 65% complete.

Phase V

Procurement of dust collectors, central control aysteme for new operations
building, and noise abatement equipment, and other miscellaneous iteme remaining
to complete project -- tentative projected complet ton date, September 1980.

Projected completion date of all work under project -- December 1980.

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This project was authorized by Public Law 92-607, approved October 31, 1972, "Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1973", which Act also provided an appropriation of $47,925,000 for the project. The 1973 Authorization Act was amended by Public Law 93-245, approved January 3, 1974, "Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1974", which Act broadened the scope of the project; increased the authorized limit of cost of the project by $20,900,000, from $47,925,000 to $68,825,000, and provided an additional appropriation of $20,900,000 for the project. The 1973 Authorization Act, as amended, was further amended by Public Law 93-554, approved December 27, 1974, "Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1975", which Act provided for further project modifications and cost escalations; increased the limit of cost of the project by $16,322,000, from $68,825,000 to $85,147,000, and provided an additional appropriation of $16,322,000 for the project. In summary, the total authorized and appropriated for the project to date, amounts to $85,147,000.

The following statements show the status of work, phasing of work, and projected time
schedule under the project.

Status of Work under Project
Work under this project is progressing satisfactorily. The work, as the Committee has been
previously advised, has been planned to be performed in 6 phases. Work under Phase I,
contracted May 20, 1975, for construction of temporary vehicular and service access to
Dirksen Building, at a cost of $211,032, is completed. Work under Phase II, contracted
December 11, 1975, for excavations and foundations, is now completed, at a contract cost
of $5,745,554.
Competitive bids for Phase III were invited for the exterior stone for the Dirksen Building
Extension. Bids were opened January 13, 1977. Only one bid was received and that was from
the Vermont Marble Company, in the amount of $5,808,494. On February 9, 1977, contract in
that amount was awarded with approval of the Chairman of the Senate Office Building Commission.
The contract provides for completion of the work by December 31, 1978. Work under Phase III
is now 99% complete.


Estimate 1980 #14 - General Statement

Status of Work under Project (continued)

Competitive bids were received and opened August 30, 1977 (6 bids received in all) for construction of the superstructure, including structural steel framing, (Phase IV of the project), and a contract in the amount of $34,180,000 was awarded, after postponement due to bid protests received and necessary investigation required for the Architect's determination with respect to the validity of such protests, to Baltimore Contractors, Inc., October 25, 1977, with the approval of the Chairman of the Senate Office Building Commission. The contract, under its terms which allows 900 calendar days for performance after date of notice to proceed, is due for completion April 14, 1980.

Phase V(A), will accomplish the installation of the "roughing-in" of the electrical and
mechanical work and equipment. The contract for phase V(A) will be awarded in December 1978
and be completed in December 1981.

Funding for phase V(B), designed to complete the interior work at a cost of $37,500,000 is
being requested as a 1979 supplemental in order to issue documents for bid and award the
the contract as soon as possible, for completion by mid 1982.

Working drawings for Phase vi, alterations and/or additions to the Dirksen and Russell Buildings, which are not directly related to construction of the Extension, were delayed by a prohibition against proceeding with such planning contained in the 1976 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act but since repealed in the Second Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1976; this plan has been postponed indefinitely pending a decision regarding general alterations to the existing buildings.

The current projected occupancy date is mid 1982.

In connection with this project, it is to be noted that there has been included in the 1980 Budget, as transmitted, request for a Supplemental Appropriation of $49,500,000 for fiscal year 1979 to carry this project to completion and final settlement, including $37,500,000 to complete construction and $12,000,000 for furniture and furnishings. The basis of this submittal is explained in a separate part of the justifications covering 1979 requested Supplementals.


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This project was authorized and funded with an appropriation of $350,000 in the Legislative
Branch Appropriation Act, 1976, approved July 25, 1975. An additional amount of $100,000
was authorized and appropriated in the "Second Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1978", Public
Law 95-355, approved September 8, 1978, thereby making the total amount authorized and appro-
priated to date $450,000. The text of the initial act, with respect to this project, follows:


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, to enable the Archi-
tect of the Capitol to prepare studies and develop a Master Plan for
future developinents within the United States Capitol Grounds, for
the future enlargement of such grounds through the acquisition and
development of areas in the vicinity thereof, and for the future acqui-
sition and development of other areas deemed appropriate by him
to include in and incorporate as a part of such Plan, in order to pro-
vide within such areas for future expansion, growth, and require.
ments of the legislative branch and such parts of the judiciary branch
as deemed appropriate to include in such Plan, after consultation with
the leaders of the House and the Senate, and the Legislative Branch
Appropriations Subcommittees of the Ilouse and Senate, and the
Chief Justice of the United States, and in order to project other
anticipated growth in and adjacent to such areas. $350,000, to be
expended without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes of
the United States, as amended, and to remain available until expender:
Provided. That the Architect of the Capitol is authorized to enter into
personal service and other contracts, employ personnel, confer with
and accept services and assistance from the National Capital Planning
Commission and other Government agencies and other interesteil
parties to insure coordinated planning, and incur obligations and make
expenditures for these and other items deemeil necessary to carry out
the purposes of this paragraph: l'ruridest further. That npon con-
pletion of such Plan, the Arehitect of the Capitol all transtuit to
the Congress a report describing such Plan. With illustrated drawings
and other pertinent material.


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