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SERGEANT-AT-ARMS STATEMENT Mr. HARDING. I will ask Chief Powell and Mr. Raiden to accompany me at the table, if you will, please. If it is all right with you, Mr. Chairman, I will talk about my immediate office for the moment, and refer all questions pertaining to the police to the detailed report that the Chief has as part of his report to the subcommittee.

I am pleased to report, Mr. Chairman, that the amount requested by the Office of the Sergeant at Arms is the same as we requested last year, adjusted only to reflect the cost of living, the longevity or other statutory increases. All changes that have been made have been approved by the Committee on House Administration.

I am especially proud to report, Mr. Chairman, that even with the many additional duties required of the immediate Office of the Sergeant at Arms during the past year-and what I am referring to are the many special detailed reports involved in the preparation of materials for the various investigations that were going on concerning the Congress and had been requested by the courts and special committees. The workload for that was very, very heavybut by the willing support of the individual members of our staff, we did not request any additional employees for work, and we were able to absorb all that additional time without additional cost to the taxpayer.

Now that doesn't mean that the employees didn't work overtime, but we had no overtime provisions, and we try to make it up as best we can on a compensatory time basis.

No small amount of that accomplishment has to go to the credit of Mr. Elwyn Raiden, my Deputy Assistant. He is the Deputy Sergeant at Arms and bank operations, and I think all of us owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Raiden.

I would also like to make a part of the record if I may, Mr. Chairman, my personal thanks and appreciation to the other officers of the House for their fine cooperation that they have given to our office not only for them individually but for all the members of their staff. In my quite a few years around the Hill I have never seen a better spirit of cooperation among the officers of the House, all working together in the interests of the House of Representatives.

NO NEW EMPLOYEES IN IMMEDIATE OFFICE As I mentioned, we are making no request for any additional employees or any basic changes in my office staff. The office staff has remained constant in the immediate office for over 10 years, and we have had a lot of new duties assigned to us. We have been able to take care of them. We foresee no changes in the future in this regard, with the possible exception that sooner or later we are going to have to better provide for absences and unexpected additional work loads. We are just too thin in our backup reserve.

Mr. BENJAMIN. I hope it is later.
Mr. HARDING. I hope so too, sir.

With that, as I say in my statement, the only changes we have made have been those which have been referred to concerning the salaries and the time. I know that you will have questions referring to the overtime and everything which the Chief and I have gone over carefully, and I might add, from the standpoint as a member of the Capitol Police Board and also as Sergeant at Arms of the House, that this overtime subject has been reviewed, reviewed, and reviewed, and if anyone has any further suggestions as to how we might draw it down, we certainly would like to hear it, but we think we have good and sufficient reason for what has been done. I will let the Chief report in detail as to the number of hours required for special events. This is where your real overtime comes from.

Mr. BENJAMIN. Before we get into that, Mr. Harding, let me thank you and Mr. Raiden for your excellent presentation and for not asking for any new employees and for maintaining the same level for 10 years. I think most of the members of this committee will agree that your office provides very excellent service and we are happy with it.

Mr. HARDING. Thank you.

OPENING STATEMENT OF CHIEF POWELL Mr. BENJAMIN. I wonder if there are any questions on the two accounts before we get to the police, the compensation and my handling of members in the Sergeant at Arms Office, before we get to Chief Powell?

Chief Powell, before we get into the overtime question, which is obviously a question of the subcommittee, you have submitted a statement to us. I am going to include that in the record. It is a statement of James M. Powell, Chief, U.S. Capitol Police, to the Subcommittee on Legislative Appropriations for the appropriations hearing for fiscal year 1980.

Would you please summarize that statement or give any additional comments you want and then we will get into the questions.

[The information follows:

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Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the opportunity to appear before your committee regarding the budget recommendations for the United States Capitol Police for both the remainder of Fiscal Year 1979 and Fiscal Year 1980.

The amount requested for the Capitol Police operational expenditures for fiscal 1980 is $809,500.00 as compared with $750,100.00 for fiscal 1979.

This proposed budget for fiscal 1980 reflects an increase of approximately 7.33% due to the prevalent increases in costs of items purchased and services rendered. No major changes or new programs have been included in this


In brief summation, the proposed operational budget for fiscal 1980 is as follows: $35,500.00 OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES

Basically, the additional funds

allocated to this item are to

provide for increased daily

operational expenses. Increases
for rental equipment and supplies
are attributable to this additional


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equipment. This allocation also
includes funds to provide necessary
electronic test equipment for the
radio shop.
The allocation for this item will be
utilized for rising fuel and
maintenance costs. Also, additional
expenditures are anticipated involving
the purchase of replacement vehicles.
There is no change in this item.

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This allocation represents the cost
of operating our training center and
range; also, related expenses
associated with training personnel
at the Federal Law Enforcement
Training Center at Glynco, Georgia.
It is projected that the expenses
related to this item will be increased
$4,980.00 over that projected in FY'79.
This is related directly to the increased
traval expenses associated with training

'$ 50,000.00

programs and seminars.

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