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TITLE 26-Internal Revenue

I Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of the Treasury
JI United States Processing Tax Board of Review, Department of the

III United States Board of Tax Appeals

TITLE 27—Intoxicating Liquors
I Federal Alcohol Administration, Department of the Treasury

TITLE 28/Judicial Administration
I Department of Justice

TITLE 29 Labor
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Labor

SUBTITLE B-Labor Regulations
I United States Employment Service, Department of Labor
II National Labor Relations Board
III National Railroad Adjustment Board

TITLE 30Mineral Resources
I Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior
II Geological Survey, Department of the Interior
III National Bituminous Coal Commission, Department of the Interior
IV Petroleum Conservation Division, Department of the Interior

TITLE 31-Money and Finance: Treasury
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Treasury

SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Money and Finance
I Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury
II Office of the Commissioner of Accounts and Deposits, Department of the

III Public Debt Service, Department of the Treasury
IV Secret Service, Department of the Treasury

TITLE 32-National Defense
I National Munitions Control Board, Department of State
II National Guard, War Department
III Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior
IV National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
V American Battle Monuments Commission

TITLE 33—Navigation and Navigable Waters
I Coast Guard, Department of the Treasury
II Corps of Engineers, War Department
III Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, Department of Commerce
IV Bureau of Lighthouses, Department of Commerce
V Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce

TITLE 34— Navy I Department of the Navy

TITLE 35 Panama Canal
I Canal Zone Regulations

TITLE 36-Parks and Forests
I National Park Service, Department of the Interior
II Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

TITLE 37— Patents and Copyrights
I Patent Office, Department of Commerce
II Copyright Office, Library of Congress

TITLE 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief Chap.

I Veterans' Administration

TITLE 39 Postal Service

I Post Office Department

TITLE 40Prisons

I Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

TITLE 41- Public Contracts

I Procurement Division, Department of the Treasury
II Division of Public Contracts, Department of Labor

TITLE 42-Public Health

I United States Public Health Service, Department of the Treasury
II United States Children's Bureau, Department of Labor
III St. Elizabeths Hospital, Department of the Interior
IV Freedmen's Hospital, Department of the Interior

TITLE 43Public Lands: Interior

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Interior
SUBTITLE B-Public Land Regulations

I General Land Office, Department of the Interior
II Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior
III Division of Grazing, Department of the Interior

TITLE 44—Public Property and Works
I The National Archives
II Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

TITLE 45 Public Welfare

I Office of Education, Department of the Interior
II Civilian Conservation Corps
III Works Progress Administration
IV National Youth Administration

TITLE 46—Shipping I Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, Department of Commerce II United States Maritime Commission

TITLE 47-Telecommunication

I Federal Communications Commission

TITLE 48—Territories and Insular Possessions

I Division of Territories and Island Possessions, Department of the Interior II Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, Department of the Interior

TITLE 49_Transportation and Railroads I Interstate Commerce Commission

TITLE 50 Wildlife

I Bureau of Biological Survey, Department of Agriculture (including Alaska

Game Commission)
II Bureau of Fisheries, Department of Commerce
III International Fisheries Commission



THUS: 49 CFR 1.1


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SUBOHAPTER A-General Rules and Parts 41-42: Certificates of public


convenience and necessity

Parts 1–9: General provisions and 41 Construction, extension, acquisi-

rules of practice

tion, or joint operation of rail-

1 Rules of practice

road lines


2 Approved forms

Abandonment of railroad lines

5 Special rules of practice, Motor Parts 51-58: Consolidation, finance

Carrier Act, 1935

and reorganization

6 Joint board procedure, Motor Car- 51 Railroad consolidation plan

rier Act, 1935

52 Railroad consolidation procedure

7 List of forms, Motor Carrier Act, 53 Interlocking officers


56 Issuance of securities by carriers

8 Competitive bids

57 Loans to railroads

9 Medals of honor

58 Reorganization of railroads.

Parts 10-23: Accounts

Parts 60–61: Employees

10 Steam roads: uniform system of 60 Classification of employees and


subordinate officials

11 Steam roads : condensed classifi- 61 Hours of service of railroad em
cation of operating expenses for


small carriers

Parts 71–85: Explosives and other

13 Steam roads : depreciation charges dangerous articles

14 Electric railways: uniform system 71 Modification of explosives regula-

of accounts

tions : procedure

16 Sleeping car companies: uniform 72 Shipping container specifications

system of accounts

73 Prohibited loading, storage, and

17 Sleeping car companies: deprecia. stowage chart

tion charges

74 Vapor pressure of natural gaso-

18 Express companies: uniform sys-

line: testing procedure

tem of accounts

80 Freight: explosives and other dan-

19 Express companies: depreciation gerous articles


81 Express : explosives and other

20 Pipe line companies: uniform sys- 82 Baggage service: explosives and

dangerous articles

tem of accounts

21 Pipe line companies: depreciation

other dangerous articles


83 Water transportation: explosives

22 Carriers by water: uniform sys- 85 Motor truck

and other dangerous articles

other vehicle:

tem of accounts

23 Carriers by water: depreciation

transportation of explosives and


other dangerous articles

Part 91: Inspection

Parts 31-32: Bills of lading

91 Locomotive inspection

31 Uniform bills of lading and live-
stock contracts

Parts 101-103: Passes and free
32 Points of origin for issuance of transportation

through export bills of lading 101 Rail and water carrier passes

Page 1

157 Inventory of records


159 Field inventories of property of

121 Separation of operating expenses

between freight and passenger

pipe line companies


SUBCHAPTER B-Carriers by Motor

122 Monthly operating reports


123 Freight commodity statistics

Parts 170-174: General provisions

125 Railroad accidents: reports and 170 Commercial zones


172 Information required on receipts

126 Classes of carriers

and bills

127 Classification of steam railway em-

ployees: reports of service and 173 Contracts for transportation of



128 Number of steam railway em. 174 Surety bonds and policies of in-



129 Classification of express company

Parts 181–182: Accounts

employees for reports of em- 181 Common and contract carriers of

Parts 131–134: Safety regulations 182 Common and contract carriers of

131 United States safety-appliance property

standards (railroad)

Parts 186-189: Schedules

132 Power brakes and draw bars (rail- 186 Passenger and express tariffs and



133 Signal, interlocking, train-control, 187 Freight rate tariffs, schedules,

and train-order statistics

and classifications

134 Signal failure reports

188 Extension of credit to shippers

Part 139: Standard time

189 Adoption notices and supplement:

139 Standard time zone boundaries

filing and posting

Parts 141-148: Tariffs and sched. Parts 191–195: Safety regulations


191 Hours of service

141 Freight schedules

192 Qualifications of drivers

142 Extension of credit to shippers 193 Driving of vehicles

143 Long-and-short-haul and aggregate 194 Necessary parts and accessories

of-intermediates rates

195 Accident reports

144 Export and import shipments

Part 201: Passes and free trans-

145 Passenger service schedules


146 Interchangeable mileage tickets

201 Carriers

147 Express company schedules and


Part 203: Preservation of records

148 Posting tariffs at stations

203 Carriers and brokers


Bills of lading for transportation of government property: See Accounts,

4 CFR Part 8.

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