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ing such time repairs are being accomplished. This figure should be arrived at independently of charter hire and in no case should exceed the sum equal to the charter hire for the period which the board estimates necessary to accomplish such repairs.

(p) Forwarding report of board. The report of the board of survey will be forwarded to the Quartermaster General through the officer in charge of the port. The latter will forward with the report any recommendation he may wish to make thereon. If the report is considered complete by the Quartermaster General it may be referred to the Judge Advocate General for review and legal opinion, in case there are any unusual features or any legal points involved which the latter has not already passed upon. In the event that the report is not complete or in proper shape, the Quartermaster General will take such action as he may deem necessary to have the report completed. Final action will be taken on all reports by the Quartermaster General acting for the Secretary of War. The Quartermaster General will also take the necessary steps to cause any payments to be made to the owners which he may approve on these reports.** [Pars. 8-23] ARREST AND CONFINEMENT OF PERSONS NOT SUBJECT TO MILITARY

LAW: See Army: War Department, 10 CFR Part 3. ARREST AND DEPORTATION: See Aliens and Citizenship, 8 CFR Part 19. AVIATION : See Civil Aviation, 14 CFR Chapter I. AVIATION RADIO SERVICES: See Telecommunication, 47 CFR Part 9. AWARDS, PAYMENTS: See Money and Finance: Treasury, 31 CFR Parts

245, 247,249, 251, 252. BANKING: See Banks and Banking, 12 CFR Chapters I, II, III.

*For statutory citation, see note to $ 92.1.

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EDITORIAL NOTE: This title, corresponding to "Title 11–Bankruptcy" in the United States Code, is reserved in contemplation of the possibility that, in a more comprehensive edition of this codification, it may be desirable to include the bankruptcy rules in this title. Under the Federal Register Act, as amended (50 Stat. 304; 44 U.S.C., Sup., 311), these rules are not included, since they are issued by agencies of the judicial branch of the Government.

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Chapter I–Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of

the Treasury... Chapter II-Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.. Chapter III—Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation..

1 201 301


Advance loans by the United States Housing Authority: See Housing Credit,

24 CFR Chapter VI. Canal Zone regulations relating to finance: See Panama Canal, 35 CFR Part 11. Commodity Credit Corporation: See Agricultural Credit, 6 CFR Chapter II. Credit to Indians : See Indians, 25 CFR Parts 21–28. Farm Credit Administration: See Agricultural Credit, 6 CFR Chapter I. Farm Security Administration, Department of Agriculture: See Agricultural

Credit, 6 CFR Chapter III. Federal Home Loan Bank Board: See Housing Credit, 24 CFR Chapter I. Federal Housing Administration: See Housing Credit, 24 CFR Chapter IV. Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation: See Housing Credit, 24 CFR

Chapter III. Federal Savings and Loan System : See Housing Credit, 24 CFR Chapter II. Home Owners' Loan Corporation : See Housing Credit, 24 CFR Chapter IV. Loans made by Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, Department of the

Interior: See Territories and Insular Possessions, 48 CFR Part 202. Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury: See Money and Finance: Treasury,

31 CFR Chapter I. Office of the Commissioner of Accounts and Deposits, Department of the Treasury:

See Money and Finance: Treasury, 31 CFR Chapter II. Public Debt Service, Department of the Treasury: See Money and Finance:

Treasury, 31 CFR Chapter III. Reconstruction Finance Corporation: See Business Credit, 13 CFR Chapter I.




1 Investment securities regulation

2 National banks acting as insurance

agents and as brokers or agents in
making or procuring loans on real


Digest of decisions relating to national banks, Comptroller of the Currency.

Vol. 14, 1864-1912
Vol. 2 1913-1926
Vol. 3 1927–1931
Vol. 4 1932–1934
Vol. 5,

1933–1936 Federal laws affecting national banks as of January 1, 1936, and supplement

hereto as of January 1, 1939, compiled by Comptroller of the Currency. For list of abbreviations used in this chapter, see note to $ 1.1.

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