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and service medals; the “badge for service”, authorized to be worn in the form of a lapel button, as evidence of military service; clasps and bronze stars pertinent to the Victory medal; service ribbons or extra ribbons pertaining to the medal of honor, distinguished-service cross, and distinguished-service medal; service ribbons or extra ribbons per taining to the service medals; badges and bars awarded by the War Department for excellence in marksmanship, gunnery, aviation, and swordsmanship; and Fourragere.** [Par. 4]

7.4 Application required. Individuals, firms, or corporations desiring authority to enter into the manufacture and sale of the articles listed in $ 7.3 must make application to The Adjutant General, who is authorized to approve such applications in the name of the Secretary of War.** [Par. 5]

7.5 Government contracts and agreements not affected. None of the foregoing provisions will be construed so as to prohibit private individuals, firms, and corporations, with whom contracts have been or may be made for the purpose, from manufacturing for and selling to the Government any of the decorations, service medals, badges, buttons, etc., awarded by the War Department.*+ [Par. 6]

7.6 Uniformity of design. In order to secure uniformity of design any individual, firm, or corporation authorized under these regulations to manufacture and sell any of the articles listed in $ 7.3 must obtain from the United States Mint at Philadelphia, Pa., the proper working dies for service medals, Victory buttons, and other articles for which dies have been prepared by the mint. Articles for which dies are not obtainable from the mint must conform to specifications issued by the War Department.** [Par. 7]

7.7 Sales; to whom authorized—(a) Individuals. Sales of miniature replicas (also called miniatures), lapel buttons, clasps, bronze stars, and ribbons, listed in $ 7.3 will be made only to persons able to prove their right to purchase by exhibiting the decoration or service medal awarded by the War Department or the certificate of award or official copy of citation order.

Sales of service medals will be made only to a person able to prove that he is entitled to the service medal desired by exhibiting some official paper or document, such as discharge certificate or true copy thereof, a letter from an officer of the War Department, or other official document, containing definite proof of service.

Should the intending purchaser be unable to furnish the evidence required, he should be directed to make application to The Adjutant General for the required proof.

(b) Dealers. Individuals, firms, or corporations authorized under the provisions of these regulations to sell to individuals may sell to dealers upon production of proper authority for the dealer to make sales in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in this part.*+ [Par. 8]

7.8 Revocation of authority. Authority granted to private individuals, firms, or corporations to manufacture and sell, under the provisions of $ 7.3 may be revoked at any time by the Secretary of War.** [Par. 9]

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**For statutory and source citations, see note to s 7.1.


Section 8.1 Competition with civilian bands. Hereafter no enlisted man in the active service of the United States in the Army, whether a noncommissioned officer, musician, or private, shall be detailed, ordered, or permitted to leave his post to engage in any pursuit, business, or performance in civil life for emolument, hire, or otherwise, when the same shall interfere with the customary employment and regular engagement of local civilians in the respective arts, trades, or professions. (Sec. 35, Act of June 3, 1916 39 Stat. 188; 10 U.S.C. 609). Insuring compliance with the spirit of this prohibition, insofar as it applies to Army bands, neither the mere assertion that it is not intended to employ other musicians, nor the fact that the Army bands are to furnish music without emolument, should be accepted. (Sec. 35, 39 Stat. 188; 10 U.S.C. 609) [Par. 4, AR 250-5, Dec. 31, 1924]

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21 Use of Army aircraft

22 Assistance to civil aircraft


Bureau of Air Commerce, Department of Commerce: See Civil Aviation, 14

CFR Chapter I.
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics : See National Defense, 32 CFR

Chapter I.
EDITORIAL NOTE: For list of abbreviations used in this chapter, see note to § 1.1.



Sec. 21.1 Authorization for the use of Army 21.3 Passengers in Army aircraft. aircraft.

21.4 Release from claim for injury or 21.2 Exhibition flights.


Section 21.1 Authorization for the use of Army aircraft. Corps area commanders, the Chief of the Air Corps, and commanding officers of Air Corps stations may order or authorize flights with respect to aircraft under their control, under such regulations as they may prescribe not in conflict with War Department regulations, for such exhibition and demonstration as are desirable for the promotion of interests in commercial aeronautics or the development of airports, landing fields, and airways. (R.S. 161; 5 U.S.C. 22) [Par. 6, AR 95–15, Apr. 21, 1930]

21.2 Exhibition flights. (a) Exhibition flights subject to restrictions of (c) and (f) may be authorized by corps area commanders or the Chief of the Air Corps provided such flights are made at Government-owned or leased fields and provided such flights do not interfere with military missions.

(b) Exhibition flights on other than Government-owned or leased fields will not be authorized without the approval of the War Department and until a bond of indemnity for damages to persons or property, approved by the Secretary of War and in such sum as he may require, shall be furnished the Government at least 10 days before the flights by the parties desiring the exhibition.

(c) Army aircraft will not be authorized to participate in any local celebration unless such celebration is connected with the dedication of an airport or landing field or has features of military significance. Requests for such flights received from civilian sources will be forwarded to the War Department through military channels, and the local commanding officer will inform the writer that authority of the War Department is necessary. It is particularly important that nothing be said or done that will obligate the War Department in regard to exhibition flights.

(d) When requests for such exhibition flights are approved by the War Department, the amount of bond required, together with details

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as to its execution and other pertinent instructions, will be furnished the commanding officer concerned. The flight will not be undertaken until the bond of indemnity has been properly executed and all other instructions fully complied with.

(e) The word "circus” will not be used in referring to aerial demonstrations and exhibitions,

(f) Exhibition flights will not be made on Sundays or national holidays. (46 Stat. 445; 10 U.S.C. 307) [Par. 7, AR 95–15, Apr. 21, 1930]

21.3 Passengers in Army aircraft-(a) Local flights. Commanding officers of Air Corps stations, or higher authority, may authorize the following persons to ride as passengers in Army aircraft under their control when such flights come within the classification of local flights, and provided equipment is available: Military, naval, and diplomatic representatives of foreign countries when making official visits to Air Corps Stations. Scientists, engineers, or other civilians who are vitally interested in aviation, provided such flights will not be in competition with commercial aviation. Male representatives of the press or of pictorial services. Such other persons as may be granted special authority by the War Department, by the Chief of the Air Corps, or by department (but not corps area) commanders.

(b) Cross-country flights. The following civil personnel may be permitted to ride as passengers in Army aircraft on cross-country flights. In each and every individual case there must be specific authority from the Secretary of War, commanding general of a corps area (for flights with aircraft under his control and within the limits of his command), or the Chief of the Air Corps for exempted stations only: Male representatives of the press or of the pictorial services under the conditions prescribed in § 4.5. Prominent scientists, engineers, inspectors, when engaged on aircraft development work in conjunction with the Air Corps of a nature which requires a crosscountry flight. (R.S. 161; 5 U.S.C. 22) [Pars. 17, 55, AR 95-15, Apr. 21, 1930] 21.4 Release from claim for injury or death.

injury or death. (a) All persons enumerated in $ 21.3 will be required to sign the release specified in (b) below, prior to each and every flight as passengers in Army aircraft.

(b) The release required by paragraph: (a) will be prepared locally in the following form:



(Date) KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that, whereas I,

(Full name) am about to take flight or flights on the above-mentioned date in certain Army aircraft; and, whereas, I am doing so entirely at my own initiative, risk, and responsibility and am not acting upon the orders or suggestions of the United States Government or of any of its officers or agents; now, there fore, in consideration of the permission extended to me by the United States through its officers and agents to take said flight or flights, I do hereby for

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