Hearings, Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency

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Page 48 - The policy to be followed in attaining the national housing objective hereby established shall be: (1) private enterprise shall be encouraged to serve as large a part of the total need...
Page 596 - WHEREAS, single non-elderly persons are currently ineligible for most federal housing assistance programs, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the US Conference of Mayors urges that...
Page 463 - Act, as amended, is amended by striking out the period at the end thereof and inserting in lieu thereof a colon and the following: “Provided further, That...
Page 235 - Every contract for annual contributions shall provide that whenever in any year the receipts of a public housing agency in connection with a low-rent housing project exceed its expenditures (including debt service, administration, maintenance, establishment of reserves, and other costs and charges), an amount equal to such excess shall be applied, or set aside for application, to purposes which, in the determination of the Authority, will effect a reduction in the amount of subsequent annual contributions...
Page 98 - Designed so that an adequate capacity will be available to serve the reasonably foreseeable growth needs of the area; (2) Consistent with a program for a unified or officially coordinated areawide water or sewer facilities system as part of the comprehensively planned development of the area; and (3) Necessary to orderly community development.
Page 585 - NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the US Conference of Mayors urges enactment of federal legislation to: (1) Establish criteria for levels of aircraft noise acceptable to persons on the ground.
Page 100 - Administrator is authorized to undertake research, development, and demonstration projects in all phases of urban mass transportation (including the development, testing, and demonstration of new facilities, equipment, techniques, and methods) which he determines will assist in the reduction of urban transportation needs, the improvement of mass transportation service, or the contribution of such service toward meeting total urban transportation needs at minimum cost.
Page 482 - Commissioner finds that the property with respect to which the mortgage is executed is an acceptable risk, giving consideration to the need for providing adequate housing for families of low and moderate income particularly in suburban and outlying areas...
Page 674 - As they develop their own plans, the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare and the Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity should also determine the most effective means of coordinating all our domestic family planning programs and should include in their deliberations representatives of the other agencies that share in this important work.
Page 444 - Recently, other powerful ingredients have begun to catalyze the mixture: Frustrated hopes are the residue of the unfulfilled expectations aroused by the great judicial and legislative victories of the civil rights movement and the dramatic struggle for equal rights in the South.

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