Labor-Health, Education, and Welfare Appropriations for 1960, Hearings Before the Subcommittee of ... , 86-1 on H.R. 6769

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Page 809 - ... such as those relating to the prevention and reduction of dependency, or which will aid in effecting coordination of planning between private and public welfare agencies or which will help improve the administration and effectiveness of programs carried on or assisted under the Social Security Act and programs related thereto...
Page 799 - Conference with studying and understanding "the values and ideals of our society" in its efforts "to promote opportunities for children and youth to realize their full potential for a creative life in freedom and dignity.
Page 466 - Indians that were being provided with health services by the Bureau of Indian Affairs of the Department of the Interior at the time the program was transferred to us.
Page 767 - Bureau is charged with investigating and reporting "upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of children and child life among all classes of our people.
Page 791 - States are required to provide matching funds for half of the amount appropriated; the remainder is not matched and is distributed to the States on the basis of financial need of each State for assistance in carrying out its plan.
Page 731 - Grants to States, next succeeding fiscal year : For making, after May 31 of the current fiscal year, grants to States under sections 2 and 3 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, as amended, for the first quarter of the next succeeding fiscal year such sums as may be necessary, the obligations incurred and the expenditures made thereunder...
Page 805 - Government and who are competent to evaluate the proposals as to the soundness of their design, the possibilities of securing productive results, the adequacy of resources to conduct the proposed research, surveys, or demonstrations, and their relationship to other similar educational research or dissemination programs already completed or in progress.
Page 114 - Direct inflow refers to goods or services furnished directly to the employer from, outside the State in which the employer is located. Indirect inflow refers to the purchase of goods or services which originated outside the employer's State but which he purchased from a seller within the State.
Page 805 - Secretary, hold promise of making a substantial contribution to the solution of vocational rehabilitation problems common to all or several States.
Page 777 - Under title V of the Social Security Act, the Bureau administers grants to States for three programs: (1) maternal and child health services, (2) crippled children's services, and (3) child welfare services.

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