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1) Off-premise A'IMS

are "electronic"
branches & may be
established w/out
w/branching laws

1) A CN, ME, NH, RI or VT

financ institution

may use MU terminals.
2) Any financial institu-

tions w/their main
office outside of Mu may
share or use an MU
terminal for certain
functions, provided that
the terminal was
established by an MU

3) Any out-of-state

financial institution
which had established a
terminal prior to
12/31/81, may continue
to operate it for cash
dispensing and travelers
cheques and its use is
restricted to the
customers of the



Sharing within State


Mandatory sharing of offpremise EFT terminals by all state and federal financial institutions, banks, S&Ls, credit unions, consumer finance cos., or a corporation wholly owned by an institution or its holding company parent


Mandatory sharing between state and federal (w/main office in MN) banks, S&Ls and credit unions


Sharing Between States


1) An off-premise

device is not a branch if it is available to be shared by 2 or more financial

institutions 2) EFT devices may

be established on a statewide basis

EFT terminals may be
established anywhere
in MN

EFT terminals may be used
by customers of out of
state financial institu-
tions, w/the consent of the
establisher for the
w/drawal of funds & balance

Deployment of ter-
minals is subject to
restrictions which
differ from those
imposed on branches


1) Off-premise CBCTS

are branches 2) A bank may

establish 2
branches, but
only w/in city or
county in which
it is located


1) Mandatory sharing

between all state and
federal institutions
located w/in geographic
area where terminal use

is permitted
2) Mandatory sharing

between institutions
and their customers
anywhere in MT of any
ATM regardless of
ownership (as of

1) Customer of an out

of-state institution may
debit his out-of-state
account at an in-state
terminal to pay for
goods and services
provided that the
merchant credits an
account to an
institution w/in MT;

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Sharing within State

Sharing Between States

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

Out-of-state financial institutions are prohibited from establishing EFT facilities in NC

North Dakota

The state-owned Bank of ND is authorized to provide an EFT system to its customers and to those of state and federal banks located w/in ND & other financial institutions authorized to utilize this service


Prohibits out-of-state banks (no principal office in OH) from establishing or maintaining branches

Branching Off-premise ATMs are branches subject to geographic restrictions

1) Permissive sharing bet

ween financial institu

tions unless 2) Financial institution

has its main or manned branch office in the county where the terminal is located then it may only share by agreement w/a like institution

Permissive sharing between state banks, savings banks & S & Ls

ATMs are not branches unless they are deployed in areas protected by hane of fice laws

Off-premise EFT facilities are not branches

1) Mandatory sharing is

required for those devices estab'd at a distance greater than 50 mi. fram a bank's main office or closest branch, w/the local

bank w/in that area. 2) Permissive sharing bet

ween S & Ls

Mandatory sharing between banks

Off-premise facilities are not branches

1) Electronic bank

ing facilities are

branches 2) Statewide banking

begins in 1989

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