Second Supplemental National Defense Appropriation Bill for 1942, Hearings Before the Subcommittee of ..., 77-1 on H.R. 5788...

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Page 81 - Congress, or both, any defense article for the government of any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States.
Page 44 - The details of this estimate, the necessity therefor, and the reason for its transmission at this time are set forth in the letter of the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, transmitted herewith, in whose comments and observations thereon I concur. Respectfully, FRANKLIN D.
Page 146 - July 1, 1946, any of such powers may be exercised to the extent necessary to carry out a contract or agreement with such a foreign government made before July 1, 1943, or before the passage of such concurrent resolution, whichever is the earlier.
Page 49 - Government as he may designate, further to carry out the provisions of an Act to promote the defense of the United States...
Page 22 - ... until 2 pm) AFTERNOON SESSION The committee met, pursuant to the taking of the recess, at 2 : 30 pm Senator ADAMS.
Page 45 - In the purchase, transport.-i lion, or distribution of any such materials and supplies may expend any sums allocated to it for such designated purposes without regard to the provisions of any other act.
Page 19 - KNOWN As THE WOMEN'S BUREAU Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there shall be established in the Department of Labor a bureau to be known as the Women's Bureau.
Page 45 - The foregoing estimate of appropriation is required to meet a contingency which has arisen since the transmission of the Budget for the fiscal year 1939, and approval is recommended.
Page 10 - The Chief of Staff of the Army and the Chief of Naval Operations...
Page 163 - That the following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the national defense for the fiscal years ending June 30, 1942, and June 30, 1943; and for other purposes...

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