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Progress payments.

Scope of part.

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Preference for U.S.-flag vessels.

Labor surplus area subcontracting program.

Competition in subcontracting.

Contractor and subcontractor certified cost or pricing data. Audit by National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Data requirements. Approval of contract. NASA financial managment reporting.

Financial reporting of Government-owned/contractorheld property other than space hardware.

Cost accounting standards.
Order of precedence.

Liability for Government property furnished for repair or other services. Safety and health.

Nonuse of foreign-flag vessels engaged in Cuban or North Vietnam trade.

Report on NASA subcontracts. Rights in data for potentially hazardous items.

Potentially hazardous items. Required source for jewel bearings.

Additional clauses.

Alterations in contract.

Liquidated damages.




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Bill of materials.


18-7.105-8 18-7.106


Supply warranty.
Stop work orders.

Price escalation clauses (established prices).

Escalation clause for basic steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, or copper mill products.

Escalation clause for non

standard steel items.

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