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Sec. 1.112 Federal procurement regulations 1.303

and General Services Adminis- 1.304 tration regulations relating to procurement of supplies and 1.304-1 servies.

1.304-2 1.113 Standards of conduct.

1.304-3 1.113-1 Government personnel. 1.113-2 Organizational conflicts of inter- 1.305 est.

1.305-1 1.114 Reporting of identical bids.

1.305-2 1.115 Noncollusive bids and proposals. 1.305-3

1.305-4 Subpart B-Definitions of Terms

1.305-5 1.201 Definitions. 1.201-1 Change order.

1.306 1.201-2 Contract modification.

1.307 1.201-3 Contracting officer. 1.201-4 Contracts.

1.307-1 1.201-5 Department and Military Depart- 1.307-2

ment. 1.201-6 Department of Defense.

1.307–3 1.201-7 Head of a procuring activity. 1.201-8 Includes.

1.308 1.201-9 Labor surplus area concern. 1.201-10 May. 1.201-11 Negotiate and negotiation.

1.309 1.201-12 Possessions. 1.201-13 Procurement.

1.310 1.201–14 Procuring activity.

1.311 1.201-15 Secretary.

1.312 1.201-16 Shall.

1.313 1.201-17 Small business concerns.

1.314 1.201--18 Supplemental agreement.

1.315 1.201-19 Supplies.

1.316 1.201-20 United States. 1.201-21 Construction. 1.201-22 Classified procurement. 1.201-23 Designee.

1.317 1.201–24 Purchasing office.

1.318 1.201-25 Contract administration office. 1.201-26 Assignment of contract adminis

1.319 tration.

1.320 1.201-27 Transfer of a contract.

1.321 1.201-28 Local purchase. 1.201-29 Automatic data processing equipment (ADPE).

1.322 1.201-30 Paying office.

1.322-1 1.201-31 Supporting contract administration.

1.322-2 1.201-32 Standard dating technique.


1.322-4 Subpart C-General Policies

1.322-5 1.300 Methods of procurement.

1.322-6 1.300-1 Competition.

1.322-7 1.300–2 Formal advertising.

1.324 1.300-3 Negotiation.

1.324-1 1.301 Interdepartmental and coordinated

1.324-2 procurement.

1.3243 1.302 Sources of supplies and services. 1.302-1 Existing Government assets.

1.324-4 1.302-2 Sources outside the Government.

1.324–5 1.302-3 Production and research and de

velopment pools. 1.302-4 Foreign purchases.

1.324-6 1.302-5 Planned emergency producer. 1.302-6 Contracts between the Govern.

ment and its employees or busi- 1.324-7
ness organizations substantially
owned or controlled by Govern- 1.324-8
ment employees.

Exchange of purchase information. Procurement of privately devel

oped items. General. Specific procurement methods. Purchase of patented items when

Government is a licensee. Time of delivery or performance. Scope. General. Terms. Time of delivery clauses. Research, exploratory development

and advanced development. Approval signatures. Priorities, allocations and allot

ments. General. Required use of priorities, alloca

tions and allotment clause. Inadequate response to solicita

tions. Documentation of procurement ac

tions; maintenance and disposi

tion of contract files. Solicitations for informational or

planning purposes. Liquidated damages. "Buying in." Voluntary refunds. Procurement of parts. Disputes and appeals. Procurement of jewel bearings. Disclosure of contractor perform

ance data to other Government agencies and foreign gov

ernments. Rental in lieu of purchase. Contracts conditioned upon the

availability of funds. Renegotiation performance reports. Industrial security. Procurements involving work to be

performed in foreign countries

by U.S. contractors. Multi-year procurement. General. Procedure. Evaluation. Award. Clauses. Multiyear procurement of services. Procedures for service contracts. Warranties. General. Policy. Use of a warranty. Commercial warranties. Scope of warranty clause (other

than commercial warranty

clause). Pricing aspects of fixed-price in

centive contract warranty pro

visions. Example of warranty clause for

fixed-price supply contracts. Example of warranty clause for

fixed-price services contracts.

Sec. 1.324-9 Another example of warranty

clause for fixed-price supply or services or research and development contracts (correction of

deficiencies clause). 1.324–10 Example of warranty clause for

fixed-price construction con

tracts. 1.324-11 Technical data warranty and ex

tended liability provisions. 1.325 Variation in quantity. 1.325-1 General 1.325-2 Subsistence. 1.326 Component breakout. 1.326-1 Scope. 1.326-2 Policy. 1.326-3 Responsibility for component

breakout selection, review and

decision. 1.32 Bre ut guidelines. 1.326-5 Records and review procedure. 1.327 Use of excess aluminum in Na

tional Stockpile. 1.327-1 Government Use Program. 1.327-2 Contract clause. 1.327-3 Modification of contract clause in

§ 1.327-2 in contracts for con

struction, 1.328 Price adjustment of milk contracts. 1.328–1 Scope of $ $ 1.328-1.328–6. 1.328-2 Delegation of authority. 1.328-3 Standards for deciding cases. 1.328-4 Submission of requests by con

tractor. 1.328-5 Forms of request by contractor. 1.328-6 Processing cases. 1.329 Release of procurement informa

tion. 1.329-1 Purpose and scope. 1.329-2 Release of records—General con

siderations. 1.329-3 Exemptions. 1.329-4 Requests for procurement records. 1.330 Total Package Procurement. 1.330-1 General. 1.330-2 Application. 1.330-3 Policy. 1.330-4 Implementation. 1.330-5 Special Provisions. 1.330-6 Other guidance. 1.331 Management control systems. Subpart D-Procurement Responsibility and

Authority 1.400 Scope of subpart. 1.401 Responsibility of each procuring ac

tivity. 1.402 Authority of contracting officers. 1.403 Requirements to be met before

entering into contracts. 1.404 Special requirements to be met be

fore entering into negotiated con

tracts. 1.405 Selection, appointment, and termi

nation of appointment of con

tracting officers. 1.405–1 Selection. 1.405-2 Appointment. 1.405-3 Termination of appointment.

Sec. 1.405-4 Modification. 1.405–5 Assignment of duties to contracting

officers. 1.406 Contract administration functions.

Subpart E-Contingent or Other Fees 1.500 Scope of subpart. 1.502 Applicability. 1.503 Covenant against contingent fees

clause. 1.504 Improper influence. 1.505 General principles and standards

applicable to the covenant. 1.505-1 Contingent character of the fee. 1.505-2 Exceptions to the prohibition of

the covenant. 1.505-3 Bona fide employee. 1.505–4 Bona fide established commercial

or selling agency maintained by the Contractor for the purpose

of securing business. 1.505-5 Fees for information. 1.506 Representation and agreement re

quired from prospective contrac

tors. 1.506-1 General. 1.506-2 Interpretation of the representa

tion. 1.507 Use of Contractor's Statement of

Contingent or Other Fees

(Standard Form 119). 1.507-1 General. 1.507-2 Statement in lieu of form. 1.507–3 Exceptions. 1.508 Enforcement. 1.508-1 General. 1.508-2 Failure or refusal to furnish

Standard Form 119. 1.508-3 Misrepresentation or violations of

the covenant against contingent

fees. 1.508-4 Reports. 1.509 Preservation of records. Subpart F-Debarred, Ineligible, and Suspended

Bidders 1.600 Scope of subpart. 1.601 Establishment and maintenance of

records and lists of firms or individuals debarred, ineligible or

suspended. 1.601-1 General. 1.601-2 Information contained in Depart

mental records. 1.601-3 Joint Consolidated List. 1.601-4 Protection of records. 1.601-5 Limitation. 1.601-6 Inquiries from debarred, ineligible,

or suspended individuals and

firms. 1.603 Grounds for listing and treatment

to be accorded listed concerns. 1.604 Administrative debarment of firms

or individuals (Type A). 1.604-1 Causes for debarment. 1.604-2 Period and scope of debarment. 1.604-3 Notice of debarment. 1.605 Suspension of firm or individual. merce Procurement Synopsis. 1.706-5 Total set-asides. 1.706-6 Partial set-asides. 1.706-7 Automatic dissolution of set-asides. 1.707 Subcontracting with small busi

Sec. 1.605-1 1.605–2 1.605-3 1.606 1.607

1.608 1.608-1

1.608-2 1.608-3 1.609 1.609-1 1.609-2 1.609-3

Causes for suspension.
Period and scope of suspension.
Notice of suspension.
Limited debarment or suspension.
Interchange of debarment infor-

mation. Reporting. Situations where reports are re

quired. Contents of reports. Addresses and copies of reports. Procurement outside United States. General. Responsibilities and area coverage. Information contained on oversea

lists. Protection of oversea lists and

records. Maintenance and distribution of

lists. Basis of addition of firmas and indi

viduals to lists. Treatment to be accorded firms or

individuals in debarred or in

eligible status. Causes and conditions for which

unified commanders may place

names on the consolidated list. Liaison with United States diplo

matic missions. Use of lists.






1 609-9

1 610

Subpart G-Small Business Concerns 1 700 Scope of subpart. 1.701 Definitions. 1.701-1 Small business concern. 1.701-2 Established supplier. 1.701-3 Potential supplier. 1.701-4 Manufacturing industry employ

ment size standards. 1.702 General policy. 1.703 Determination of status as small

business concern. 1.704 Small business oficials. 1.704-1 Director for small business. 1.704-2 Departmental small business ad

visors. 1.704-3 Small business specialists. 1.705 Coperation with the Small Busi

ness Administration. 1.705-1 General. 1.705-2 SBA representatives. 1.705-3 Access to procurement information. 1.705-4 Certificates of competency. 1.705-5 Performance of contract by SBA. 1.706 Set-asides. 1.706-1 General. 1.706-2 Contract authority. 1.706-3 Review, withdrawal, or modifica

tion of set-asides or set-aside

proposals. 1.706-4 Reporting for Department of Com

ness concerns. 1.707-1 General.

Sec. 1.707-2 Small business subcontracting

program. 1.707-3 Required clauses. 1.707-4 Responsibility for reviewing the

subcontracting program. 1.707-5 Reports on DD Form 1140-1. 1.707-6 Subcontracting studies and sur

veys. 1.707-7 SBA review of agency records. 1.708 Mobilization planning.

Subpart H-Labor Surplus Area Concerns 1.800 Scope of subpart. 1.801 Definitions. 1.801-1 Labor surplus area concern. 1.801-2 Labor surplus area. 1.801-3 Small business concern. 1.802 General policy. 1.803 Application of policy. 1.804 Partial set-asides for labor surplus

area concerns. 1.804-1 General. 1.804-2 Set-aside procedures. 1.8043 Withdrawal of set-asides. 1.804-4 Contract authority. 1.805 Subcontracting with labor surplus

area concerns. 1.805-1 General policy. 1.805-2 Labor surplus area subcontracting

program 1.805-3 Required clauses. 1.805-4 Responsibility for reviewing sub

contracting program. 1.806 Depressed industries. 1.806-1 General. 1.806-2 Petroleum and petroleum products

industry (notification No. 58). Subpart 1-Responsible Prospective Contractors 1.900 Scope of subpart. 1.901 Applicability. 1.902 General policy. 1.903 Minimum standards for responsible

prospective contractors. 1.903-1 General standards. 1.903–2 Additional standards. 1.903–3 Special standards. 1.903–4 Ability to meet certain minimum

standards. 1.904 Determinations of responsibility and

nonresponsibility. 1.904-1 Requirement. 1.904–2 Exceptions. 1.904-3 Amliated concerns. 1.904-4 Procurements from Canadian

sources of supply. 1.905 Procedures for determining respon

sibility of prospective contractors. 1.905-1 General, 1.905-2 When information will be obtained. 1.905-3 Sources of Information. 1.905-4 Pre-award surveys. 1.906 Subcontractor responsibility. 1.907 Disclosure of pre-award data. 1.908 Contractor performance evaluation, 1.908-1 General. 1.908–2 Development and certain specified

production contracts.

Title 32-Chapter 1

1.908-3 Contractor performance record

(supply contracts).
1.908–4 Architect-engineer contractor per-

formance data. 1.908-5 Performance evaluation of construc

tion contractors. 1.908–6 Disclosure of contractor performance evaluation


reports records. Subpart - Publicizing Procurement Actions 1.1001 General policy. 1.1002 Dissemination of information re

lating to invitations for bids and

requests for proposals. 1.1002-1 Availability of invitations for bids

and requests for proposals at the

contracting office. 1.1002–2 Limited availability of certain

specifications, plans, and draw

ings. 1.1002–4 Displaying in public place. 1.1002-5 Information releases to newspapers

and trade journals. 1.1002–6 Paid advertisements in newspapers

and trade journals. 1.1003 Synopses of proposed procure

ments. 1.1003-1 General. 1.1003—2 Time of publicizing. 1.1003-3 Preinvitation notices. 1.10034 Advance notice for research and

development. 1.1003–5 Publication of procurements of

less than $10,000. 1.1003–6 Synopses of subcontract oppor

tunities. 1.1003–7 Avallabuity of specifications,

plans, and drawings. 1.1003–8 Responsibility of small business

specialists. 1.1003–9 Preparation and transmittal. 1.1004 Disclosure of information prior to

award. 1.1005 Publicizing award information, 1.1006–1 Synopsis of contract awards. 1.1005—2 Other publication of award intor

mation. 1.1006

Release of procurement informe

tion. 1.1006–1 Members of Congress. 1.1006-2 General public. 1.1007 Public release of long-range pro

curement estimates. 1.1007–2 Application. 1.1007–3 Conditions. 1.1007-4 Commerce Business Daily an


Subpart K-Qualified Products
1.1101 General.
1.1102 Responsibility for qualification.
1.1103 Justification for inclusion of quale

ification requirements.
1.1104 Avallability of Ilsts.

Opportunity for qualification.
1.1108 Clarification of qualifcation ro-


Procurement of quallfied products.

1.1107-1 General.
1.1107-2. Contract provisions.
1.1107–8 Effect of debarment or suspension.
1.1108 Walver of qualification require-

1.1109 Inadequate competition.
1.1110 Reporting nonconformance with

specification requirements. 1.1111 Misuse of qualified products list

information. Subpart La-Specifications, Plans, and Drawings 1.1201 General 1.1202 Mandatory specifications. 1.1203 Avallability of specifications,

standards, plans, and drawings. 1.1203-1 General. 1.1203-2 Specifications and standards listed

in the Department of Defense Index of Speciications

and Standards (DODISS). 1.1203-3 Specifications and standards not

Ilsted in DODISS, and plans, drawings, and other pertinent

documents. 1.1204 Preservation, packaging, packing

and marking policies. 1.1205 Offshore procurement. 1.1206 Purchase descriptions. 1.1206-1 General. 1.1206-2 Brand name or equal purchase de

scription. 1.1206-3 Invitation for bids "Brand Name

or Equal" Purchase Descriptions. 1.1206-4 Bid evaluation and award-"brand

name or equal" purchase descrip

tions. 1.1206-5 Procedure for negotiated procure

ments. 1.1207 Alternate articles or qualities. 1.1208 Procurement of used and recon

ditioned material and former

Government surplus property.

Subpart M-[Reserved)
Subpar: N-Preference for United States-Flag

Privately owned Ocean Carriors
1.1401 Definitions.
1.1402 General.
1.1403 Applicability.
1.1404 Procedures.
1.1405 Responsibilities of the contracting

oficer. 1.1406 [Reserved] 1.1407 [Reserved] 1.1408 [Reserved) 1.1409 Construction contracts. 1.1410 Non-use of foreign-flag vessels en

gaged in Cuban trade.

Subpart O Options
1.1501 Scope of subpart.
1.1502 Definition.
1.1503 Applicability.
1.1504 Procedures.
1.1505 Exercise of options.
1.1506 Examples of option clauses.

Subpart P-TReserved)

Subpart Q_Value Engineering Sec. 1.1701 Policy. 1.1702 Types of value engineering provi

sions. 1.1702-1 Incentives. 1.1702–2 Program requirement. 1.1702-3 Use of incentive and program

clauses. 1.1703 Types of savings to be shared with

the contractor. 1.1703-1 General. 1.1703-2 Instant contract savings. 1.1703-3 Future acquisition savings, 1.1703-4 Collateral savings. 1.1704 Percentages of contractor sharing. 1.1704-1 General. 1.1704–2 Value engineering incentive per

centages. 1.1704-3 Value engineering program re

quirement percentages. 1.1705 Other considerations. 1.1705-1 Submission of identical value En

gineering change proposals under

more than one contract. 1.1705–2 Revision of performance Incentive

provisions. 1.1705–3 Cost allowability. 1.1705-4 Effect of value engineering pay

ments. 1.1706 Evaluation and acceptance. 1.1707 Value engineering clauses. 1.1707-1 The basic clause. 1.1707-2 Instant contract sharing provi

sions (clause paragraph (d)). 1.1707-3 Future acquisition sharing provi

sions (clause paragraph (1)). 1.1708 Instant contract only sharing pro

vision, 1.1709 Exclusion of collateral savings pro

vision. 1.1710 Royalty payment notice for future

acquisition contract documents. Subpart R--Post-Award Orientation of Contractors 1.1801

Scope of subpart. 1.1802 Policy. 1.1803 Post-award orientation confer

ences. 1.1803-1 Factors. 1.1803-2 Initial action. 1.1803-3 Agenda. 1.18034 Participants. 1.1803-5 Conference procedure. 1.1804 Subcontract conferences 1.1805 Forms and reports. 1.1806 Post-award letters.

Subpart 5—First Article Approval 1.1900 Scope of subpart. 1.1901 Definitions. 1.1902 General. 1.1903 Fixed-price type contracts. 1.1904 Cost reimbursement type contracts. 1.1905 Government administration proce

dures. 1.1906 Contract clauses.

Subpart T-Limitation of Cost or Funds Under

Cost-Reimbursement Type Contracts Sec. 1.2000 Scope of subpart. 1.2001 Limitation of cost or funds.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 1 Issued under R.S. 161, secs. 2202, 2301-2314, 70A Stat. 120, 127-133; 5 U.S.C. 301, 10 U.S. 2202, 2301-2314.

Subpart A Introduction $ 1.100 Scope of subpart.

This subpart sets forth (a) introductory information pertaining to the subchapter (its purpose, applicability, content, and arrangement), and (b) in. structions for amending, implementing, disseminating, and deviating from the subchapter. 125 F.R. 14079, Dec. 31, 1960) $ 1.101 Purpose of subchapter.

This subchapter, issued by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installations and Logistics) by direction of the Secretary of Defense and in coordination with the Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force and the Director of the Defense Supply Agency, establishes for the Department of Defense, uniform policies and procedures relating to the procurement of supplies and services under the authority of Chapter 137, Title 10 of the United States Code, or under other statutory authority. 127 F.R. 11643, Nov. 27, 1962) § 1.102 Applicability of subchapter.

This subchapter shall apply to all purchases and contracts made by the Department of Defense, within or outside the United States (but see $ 1.109-4), for the procurement of supplies or services which obligate appropriated funds (including available contract authorizations), unless otherwise specified herein, except transportation services procured by transportation requests, transportation warrants, bills of lading, and similar transportation forms. (Procurement of these excepted transportation services shall be in accordance with specific regulations and instructions issued by the Military Traffic Management and Terminal Service, Military Sea Transportation Service, Military Airlift Command, and the Departments. (33 F.R. 15380, Oct. 17, 1968)

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