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Mr. Scott. There are persons present, Senator McNary, who can answer you accurately on that.

Senator Johnson. I think the difficulty on subjects of this sort is this gentleman is an attorney and I do not presume he is familiar with those details.

Mr. Scott. No, I am not, Senator Johnson.

The CHAIRMAN. We are trying to discover the facts; if there is anyone present who can answer that question we will have it answered by a witness who knows.

Mr. Scott. Yes, we can have it answered; I assure the committee that.

The CHAIRMAN. Senator Phipps, do you want to ask a question?

Senator PHIPPS. I want to ask, how did you arrive at the figure of $40 per acre estimated additional cost on the lands now irrigated, assuming the All-American Canal is constructed?

Mr. Scott. Some engineers have fixed that as the figure.

Senator PHIPPS. They were given a rather low figure, but does that $40 include any amount whatever for a proportionate cost of the dam itself?

Mr. Scott. No.

Senator PHIPPS. That is merely, then, the figure that the irrigated lands in the valley would now have to burden themselves with in order to secure the All-American Canal from the intake at the river?

Mr. Scott. Yes, sir.
Senator PHIPPS. Is that correct?
Mr. SCOTT. Yes, sir.

Senator PHIPPS. Now, you are more or less familiar with the reclamation laws of the United States, are you not?

Mr. SCOTT. Slightly; I would not claim to be an expert on those laws.

Senator PHIPPS. Do you know of any reclamation that has been financed by the Government where the lands to be served with water were merely charged with the cost of the canal and not with the cost of erecting the dam, the retaining dam?

Mr. Scott. No; I am not familiar with any projects-reclamation projects of that nature.

Senator JOHNSON. So far as your estimate is concerned of $40 an acre, you know nothing of that; that is something that has been given you?

Mr. Scott. No; that has been given by an engineer.

The CHAIRMAN. Pardon me, Senator Johnson, I think that was the testimony given us at the hearings in Los Angeles, those figures.

Senator JOHNSON. Yes.

Mr. Scott. May I file with the committee the statements which I have here?

The CHAIRMAN. Just give the record to the secretary you desire to insert. Senator Kendrick desires to ask you a question, Mr. Scott.

Senator KENDRICK. Mr. Scott, under the terms of the agreement through which the waters of the present canal are diverted on Mexican territory and carried across that territory, as I understand it, one-half of all the water so conveyed must be delivered to the landowners of Mexico?


Mr. Scott. That is my understanding:

Senator KENDRICK. Then, in considering this question of the AllAmerican Canal, has your organization given thought to the fact that the greatest problem that confronts the seven States of the United States now who are interested in this river, is the scarcity of water for the lands in those States?

Mr. Scott. No; we have not considered outside of our local use, on the reclamation subject.

Senator KENDRICK. Then, you have not informed yourself as to the importance of preserving to the States of the United States as much of the water of this Colorado River as possible?

Mr. Scott. We simply did not take that into our consideration, Senator Kendrick, believing that the seven States will voluntarily agree among themselves.

Senator KENDRICK. Have you as an attorney considered the possibility under the terms of this contract, of being compelled to divide with Mexican land owners the additional amount of water which your organization suggests will accrue from the building of the dam?

Mr. Scott. No; we have not considered the Mexican question; we have realized that the delay would give more water to Mexico, and for that reason we wanted the dam constructed.

Senator KENDRICK. Under the terms of your contract would it not also follow that the more water impounded in these proposed reservoirs, at whatever cost, the more deeply involved the United States or private corporations or companies would become and the Mexican landowners would share in that benefit without the necessity of returning anything in the way of value for value for such ncreased supply of water?

Mr. SCOTT. Well, Senator Kendrick, I don't believe that Mexico would be in a position to reject any demand that might be made upon them by the United States. I think that Mexico would be compelled to yield to United States demands in that respect and pay their share.

Senator KENDRICK. Well, that is only a contingency as to whether or not they would elect to do so; they would not, under the terms of your contract as I understand it, be compelled to do so.

Mr. Scott. That is correct; that is my understanding; they would not be compelled to.

The CHAIRMAN. That is all, Mr. Scott.
Mr. Scott. Thank you.

(The membership list of the Colorado River Control Club, submitted by Mr. Scott, is in the words and figures following, to wit:


J. T. Gate.
C. T. Gibson (city property).
E. T. Henderson.
Lutz & Meyer.

C. A. Purdy.
M. R. Williams.
N. A. Ross.

A list of the members of the Colorado River Control Club, showing the land owned by

each member and valuation of same as shown by the last assessment roll of Imperial irrigation district for the year 1924

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$6, 200.00 1,600.00

400.00 6,800.00 32, 250.00

960.00 7,800.00 16, 480.00 2,475.00 2,500.00 32, 200.00 21, 600.00

260.00 15, 525.00 1, 320.00

990.00 19, 130.00 12,000.00 7,000.00 2,000.00 78,000.00 32, 000.00


702.00 8,000.00

480.00 512.00

480.00 1,500.00 26, 920.00 2, 850.00 1, 750.00 2, 550.00

880.00 8, 480.00 13,000.00

395.00 11, 350.00


780.00 2, 635.00 2, 715.00 1, 505.00

385.00 1, 900.00 6,000.00 1, 600.00 4,675.00 2,000.00

160.00 11, 710.00

416.00 6,000.00 620.00


640.00 15, 400.00 35,000.00 7,500.00

700.00 4,000.00 8,000.00 4,000.00


250.00 4, 980.00 $3,700.00

416.00 13, 580.00

800.00 1,600.00 80,000.00 42, 800.00

325.00 3,900.00 7,700.00 29, 860.00 32,000.00

Do.. Bandel, L. C. Bangs, D. M Barclay, H. A Bardin, O.P.

City lot.


800 4, 280

City lot.

628. 03

A list of the members of the Colorado River Control Club, showing the land owned by

each member and valuation of same as shown by the last assessment roll of Imperial irrigation district for the year 1924-Continued

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A list of the members of the Colorado River Control Club, showing the land owned by

each member and valuation of same as shown by the last assessment roll of Imperial irrigation district for the year 1924Continued




200.00 3,700.00 9, 040.00 7,400.00


360.00 6,160.00 4,000,00 1,000.00 4,000.00 20,000.00

840.00 11,300.00

1,880.00 29, 830.00 4,800.00 6,850.00 1,800.00 12,900.00

180.00 2,500.00 58,000.00 1,200.00 7,650.00 10,000.00 11, 050.00 2,000. CO 4,000.00 38, 150.00

3, 085.00 31, 609.00 192, 400.00

1, 110.00 16,000. CO 50,000.00

[ocr errors]

3, 650.00 15, 400.00 3, 490.00 3,700.00 4,000.00 8,000.00 4,000.00 3,000.00 28, 100.00

60.00 46, 875.00 15,000.00 22, 750.00

3, 850.00 4, 165.00

700.00 1, 750.00 7,000.00 8,000.00 1, 750.00

50.00 600.00 7,500.00 6,040.00 2,830.00

Brodnax, Mrs. N. E.
Brooks, J.S.
Brown, A. H.
Brown, B.
Brown, Floyd K
Brown, Mary Dates.
Brown, Geo. B.
Brownell, D.D.

Brownell, G. A.
Brownell, G. C.
Brown, Jas.
Brown, A. H.
Brown, James T.
Brown, H.L.
Brownless, C.C.
Bruce, W. R.
Bruce, Jeannie L.
Buchanan, J. Robt. (M. D.).
Bucksken, F. W
Buel, M. P.
Buelow, F. A
Buente, E. H.

Buerkle, John G
Burger, Albert
Burger, C. R.
Buffum, Bess P
Buffum, G. M.
Buffum, Roy L.
Buller, Chas. O
Bullock, Faith C.
Bump. Mrs. H. W
Burch, Geo. E
Burden, J. A

Burge, R. T.
Burgess, Lott L.
Burleigh, Jennie J
Burnham, Harold


159. 96

City lot.
City lot.
City lot


City lot.

540 160 246

City lot.


17. 50

City lot





6,200.00 6,000.00 16, 000.00

6,000.00 16,000.00 7, 700.00 8,000.00 19, 400.00 7, 200.00

916.00 17,615.00 64,000.00

200.00 500.00

City lot.


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