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Index to Subject Matter of
Works contained in the Catalogue,

Saalfeld. Deutsch-lateinisches Hand-
büchlein der Eigennamen aus der
alten, mittleren und neuen Geog-
raphie, 3222

Sabin. Dictionary of Books relating to
America, 2561

St John's College, Cambridge Uni-
versity. Admissions to the College,

Salmonsens store illustrerede Konver-
sationsleksikon, 2428

Salvá y Mallen. Catálogo de la biblio-

teca de Salvá, 3949

Sanders. Celebrities of the Century,

Scandinavia, 3765; anonyms,
college men, 2823; pseudonyms,


Schädler. Biographisch-litterarisches
Handwörterbuch der wissenschaft-
lich bedeutenden Chemiker, 2708
Schaff. Religious Encyclopaedia, 3743
Schem & Kiddle. Cyclopaedia of Edu-
cation, 3087

Schweiger. Handbuch der classischen
Bibliographie, 3382

Schwenke. Adressbuch der deutschen
Bibliotheken, 3483
Science, 3768-788

Scotland, biography, 3788-804
Scudder. Catalogue of Scientific Se-
rials of all Countries, 3843
Serials, 380-942

Sharp. Dictionary of English Authors,

Silva. Diccionario bibliographico
portuguez, 3723

Simpson. Cyclopaedia of Methodism,


Smith, Sir William. Classical Diction-
ary of Greek and Roman Biogra-
phy, Mythology, and Geography,

Sladen. Australian Poets, 2605
Smith, B. E. Century Cyclopedia of
Names, 2441

Smith, Joseph. Bibliotheca anti-
quakeriana, 3203

Descriptive Catalogue of Friends'
Books, 3201

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Soule Art Co. Complete Art Reference
Catalogue, 312'

South Kensington Museum. Universal
Catalogue of Books on Art, 3125
Souza Farinha. Summario da biblio-
theca luzitana, 3722

Spain, bibliography, 3943-962
Sprague. Annals of the American Pul-
pit, 3747

State publications, 2965-3003
Statesman's Yearbook, 3663
Stedman. American Anthology, 2485
Victorian Anthology, 3323

& Hutchinson. Library of Amer-
ican Literature, 2486
Stein. Manuel de bibliographie génér-
ale, 2663

Stephen. Dictionary of National Biog-
raphy, 3321

Stevens, A. C. Cyclopaedia of Fra-
ternities, 3881

Stevens, Henry. Bibliotheca Ameri-
cana, 2562

Stone. Biography of Eminent Ameri-
can Physicians and Surgeons, 3528
Stratton & Brown. British Musical

Biography, 358°

Strong & McClintock. Cyclopaedia of
Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiasti-
cal Literature, 3742

Sturgis. Dictionary of Architecture
and Building, 3126

Sweden, bibliography, 3967-983; biog-
raphy, 3963; serials, 3941
Switzerland, 398*

Tanguay. Dictionnaire généalogique
des familles canadiennes, 2687

Réportoire général du clergé
canadien, 3761

Thelert. Supplement zu Heinsius',
Hinrichs' u. Kaysers Bücher-Lexi-
kon, 3302

Thomas, Isaiah. Catalogue of Publica-
tions in what is now the United
States, prior to the Revolution of
1775-6, 250

Thomas, Joseph. Universal Pronounc-
ing Dictionary of Biography and
Mythology, 2442

Thomas, Ralph. Handbook for Fic-
titious Names, 258°

Thomas, Theodore, Paine, & Klauser.
Famous Composers and their Works,

Thompson. Index to Authors, with
Titles of the Publications appearing
in the Documents of the U. S. De-
partment of Agriculture, 292°

Index to Literature relating to
Animal Industry in the Publications
of the Department of Agriculture,
Ticknor. Catalogue of the Spanish
Library bequeathed by George Tick-
nor to the Boston Public Library,

History of Spanish Literature,


Tiraboschi. Storia della letteratura
italiana, 3403

Todd. Catalogue of Graduates in the
University of Dublin, 2788


Townsend. Manual of Dates, 2862
Transliteration, see Alphabets
Trinity College, Cambridge-Library.
Catalogue of the English Books
printed before 1601, 3081

Catalogue of the 15th Century
Printed Books, 3082

United States, documents, 2902–3003
United States Catalog, 252*

U. S.-Coast and Geodetic Survey.
List and Catalogue of Publications,

U. S.-Congress. Congressional Direc-
tory, 3665


U. S.-Congress-Library.
of American Newspapers in the Li-
brary of Congress, 3885

Printed Card Catalogue, 350°

Union List of Periodicals, Trans-
actions and Allied Publications cur-
rently received in the Principal Li-
braries of the District of Columbia,

U. S.-Copyrights, Office of the Regis-
ter of. Catalogue of Title Entries,

U. S.-Documents, Sup't of. Check-
list of Public Documents, 2908

Public Documents of Congress
1893-1899, 2923

Tables of and Annotated Index
to the Congressional Series of United
States Public Documents, 290°

United States Public Documents,


United States Public Documents
and Reports relating to the Con-
struction of the New Navy, 292*
U. S.-Education, Bureau of. Public,
Society and School Libraries, 348*
Publications, 2943

Statistics of Public Libraries in
the United States and Canada,

U. S.-Experiment Stations, Office of.
Organization Lists of the Agricul-
tural Colleges and Experiment Sta-
tions, 2946

Publications, 2945


U. S.-Geographic Names, Board on. Report, 3221

U. S.-Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. Catalogue of Publications, 3241

U. S.-Interior, Dep't of the. Official Register of the United States, 3666 U. S.-Labor, Dep't of. Index of All Reports issued by Bureaus of Labor Statistics in the United States prior to Mar. 1902, 2949 U. S.-Military Academy, West Point Cadets admitted into the Academy from its Origin till 1886, 3581

Official Register of the Officers and Cadets, 3582

U. S.-Navy, Dep't of the. Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Navy, 3582

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Victoria (colony)-Public Library, Melbourne. Catalogue, 260° Vigfússon & Powell. Corpus poeticum boreale, 3767

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Wilson. Poets and Poetry of Scotland, 3803

& Fiske. Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, 2488 Wisconsin Historical Society-Library. Annotated Catalogue of Newspaper Files, 3886 Women, 3985

Wood. Athenae Oxonienses, 2801



isches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Österreich, 260

Yearbook of the Scientific and I.earned Societies of Great Britain and Ireland, 3928

Year's Art, 3128

Zenker. Bibliotheca orientalis, 3078

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