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General Index to his Handbook and Bibliographical Collections, 304°

Hand-book to the Popular Poetical and Dramatic Literature of Great Britain, 3048

Heinsius. Allgemeines Bücher-Lexikon, 326o-28* Herringshaw. Encyclopedia of American Biography, 2482 Hickcox. United States Government Publications, 2925

Hidalgo. Diccionario general de bibliografía española, 3948 Hildeburn. Century of Printing, 250* List of the Issues of the Press in New York, 1693-1752, 2502 Hinrichs. Halbjahrs-Katalog der im deutschen Buchhandel erschienenen Bücher, 3301 Hinrichsen. Das literarische Deutschland, 3261

Hirsch. Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte aller Zeiten und Völker, 3523

Histoire litteraire de la France, 3146 History of the Bench and Bar of New York, 3441

Hodge. Publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 2941

Hof- und Staats-handbuch der österMonarchie,



Hofberg. Svenskt biografiskt handlexikon, 3965

Höfer. Nouvelle biographie générale, 2404 Holgate. Account of the Chief Libraries of Australia and Tasmania, 3465

Account of the Chief Libraries of New Zealand, 3465

Holland, see Netherlands

Holzmann & Bohatta. Adressbuch der Bibliotheken der österreich-ungarischen Monarchie, 3461

Hopkins. Canada, 2682

Horn. History of the Literature of the
Scandinavian North, 376°
Hough. American Biographical Notes,

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International Year Book, 2405
Iowa, documents, 2983

Iowa State Library. Laws, Journals,
etc., published by Iowa, 2983
Ireland, biography, 3388-402
Irving. Book of Scotsmen, 3802
Italy, anonyms, 2587; bibliography,

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Jahres-Verzeichniss der an den deut-
schen Schulanstalten erschienenen
Abhandlungen, 2762
Jahres-Verzeichniss der an den deut-
schen Universitäten erschienenen
Schriften, 2763

James. Painters and their Works,

Jewish Encyclopedia, 3427
Jews, 3425

Jöcher. Allgemeines Gelehrten-Lexi-
con, 2405

John Crerar Library. List of Bibliog-
raphies of Special Subjects, 2661
John Rylands Library, Manchester
(Eng.). Catalogue of the Printed
Books and Manuscripts, 306
Johnson's Universal Cyclopaedia, 240°
Joliet. Les pseudonymes du jour, 258
Jong. Alphabetische naamlijst van
boeken, 3622

Josephson. Avhandlingar ock pro-
gram, 2823

Journal général de l'imprimerie et de la librairie, 3181

Julian. Dictionary of Hymnology, 3741


340-422; biography, 3402; official classes, 370; pseudonyms, 2587; serials, 392 Italy-Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze. Bollettino delle pubblicazioni italiane, 3421

Elenco delle pubblicazioni periodiche italiane ricevute dalla biblioteca nel 1891, 392° Italy-Interno, Ministero dell'. Calen


dario generale del regno d'Italia, Kelly. American Catalogue of Books, 370*


Kansas,"documents, 298*
Kansas Historical Society
Constitutions, Kansas
Kansas State, 298*

Kayser. Sachregister zum Bücher-
Lexicon, 328'

Vollständiges Bücher-Lexicon,

Catalog; Territory,


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Lefèvre-fontalis. Bibliographie des sociétés savantes de la France, 390* & Lasteyrie. Bibliographie générale des travaux historiques et archéologiques publiés par les sociétés savantes de la France, 3902 Leslie's History of the Greater New York, 2487

Le Soudier. Bibliographie française, 3186

Levy. American Art Annual, 3122
Lewis & Willsey. Harper's Book of
Facts, 2862

Leyden University, 2821
Libraries, 3448-486

Library Association of the United
Kingdom. Year Book, 3468

Library catalogues, 348-50"

Library of the World's Best Literature, 244

Lidén. Ad catalogum disputationum in academiis, 2825

Catalogus disputationum in academiis Scandinaviae et Finlandiae, 2826 Linnström. Svenskt boklexikon, 3982 Lippe. Bibliographisches Lexicon der gesammten jüdischen Literatur der Gegenwart, 3428

Bibliographisches Lexicon der gesammten jüdischen und theologisch-rabbinischen Literatur der Gegenwart, 3429

Lippincott's Gazetteer of the World,320° Lippincott's Pronouncing Biographical Dictionary, 2442 Literary Year-book, 2409 Little. Cyclopedia of Classified Dates, 2848

Livermore & Willard. A Woman of the Century, 3988 London-Guildhall

Library. Catalogue of Hebraica and Judaica in the Library of the Corporation of the City of London, 3441 Longman's Gazetteer of the World, 3207 Lorenz. Catalogue général de la li

brairie française, 3183 Lowndes. Bibliographer's Manual of English literature, 3361

Lundstedt. Sveriges periodiska litteratur, 3941

McClintock & Strong. Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature, 3742

Macedo. Brazilian Biographical Annual, 2667 MacFarlane. New Brunswick Bibliography, 2702 Magdalen College, Oxford. Register, 2807


Maire. Catalogue des thèses sciences soutenues en France, 378* Maittaire. Annales typographici, 306* Manuel de bibliographie biographique et d'iconographie des femmes célèbres, 3986

Marindin, Smith & Wayte. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, 3385

Mas-Latrie. Trésor de chronologie
d'histoire et de géographie, 284°
Massachusetts, documents, 2985
Mass.-State Library. Catalogue, 3503
Report, 3503

Medicine, 3507-542

Meijer. Svenskt literatur-lexikon, 3966 Melsted. Living Authors of Iceland, 3387 Melzi. Dizionario di opere anonime e

pseudonime di scrittori italiani, 2587 Men and Women of the Time, 2843 Men of New York, 248*

Mennell. Dictionary of Australasian Biography, 2603

Meusel. Das gelehrte Teutschland, 3263

Meyer. Konversations-Lexikon, 242 Michaelis. Vergleichendes Wörterbuch der gebräuchlichsten Taufnamen 2422

Michaud's Biographie, 2395

Middle Ages, 3542

Military and naval classes, 3548-581
Minerva, 2727

Möbius. Catalogus librorum Islandicorum et Norvegicorum aetatis mediae, 3387

Moniteur des dates, 242°
Morang's Annual Register of Canadian
Affairs, 2681

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New South Wales-Government Print-
ing Office. Printed Public Docu-
ments on Sale, 3023
New South Wales-Public Library,
Sydney. Supplementary Catalogue,

New York, documents, 2989
N. Y. (State)-Legislature. General
Index to the Legislative Documents,

N.Y. (State)-Library. Constitutional
Conventions, Journals, Debates etc.

N. Y. (State)-World's Columbian Exposition, Board of Women Managers. List of Books by Women of New York, 398'

New York Academy of Medicine-
Library. Periodicals, Transactions,
and Reports in the Library, 3827
New York Library Club. Union List
of Periodicals, 3828

New York Public Library. Bulletin,

Nobility, see Official classes; also
names of countries, subdivisions Biog-
raphy and Nobility and gentry
Nordisk Conversations-lexikon, 2423
Norsk Bogfortegnelse, 3647
North. History and Present Condi-
tion of the Newspaper and Periodi-
cal Press of the United States, 3869
Norway, bibliography, 3643; biogra-
phy, 3642

Nouveau Larousse illustré, 2408

O'Donoghue. Poets of Ireland, 3389
Official classes, 3661-705
Ohio, documents, 3001

Orient, bibliography, 3708; biography,


Österreichische Bibliographie, 2623
Österreichischer Katalog, 2622
Öttinger. Bibliographie biographique
universelle, 242*

Moniteur des dates, 242°

Ottino & Fumagalli. Bibliotheca bib-
liograph ica Italica, 3481

Owen. Bibliography of Alabama, 296
Oxford University, 2802
Register, 2802

Paine, Thomas, & Klauser. Famous
Composers and their Works, 3603
Paleontology, 322o–245

Panzer. Annales typographici, 306° Pataky. Lexikon deutscher Frauen der Feder, 3987

Checklist of Government Documents, 2888 Nicolas. Historic Peerage of England, Pennsylvania University-Library. 3345

Catalogue of British Parliamentary
Papers in the Library, 300°
Pérennès. Dictionnaire de bibliog-
raphie catholique, 3762

Perkins & Champlin. Cyclopedia of
Painters and Paintings, 310°
Perry. Bishops of the American
Church, 288

Pettersen. Anonymer og Pseudonymer
i den norske Literatur, 2601
Norsk Boglexikon, 364*
Petzholdt. Bibliotheca bibliographica,

Phillips. Great Index of Biographical
Reference, 2427

Peabody Institute of the City of Balti

more. Catalogue of the Library, 350* Peacock. Index to English speaking

Students who have Graduated at Leyden University, 2821 Pedagogy, see Education Pellechet. Catalogue général des incunables des bibliothèques publiques de France, 3067

Pennsylvania, documents, 3002 Pennsylvania-State Library. Check List of the Laws, Minutes, Journals, and Documents of Pennsylvania, 3002

Philology, 370°

Pinto de Mattos. Manual bibliographico portuguez de livros raros, classicos e curiosos, 3722 Poggendorff. Biographisch-literarisches Handwörterbuch zur schichte der exacten Wissenschaften, 378'


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