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Material Approved for Incorporation by Reference

(Revised as of January 1, 2002)

The Director of the Federal Register has approved under 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR Part 51 the incorporation by reference of the following publications. This list contains only those incorporations by reference effective as of the revision date of this volume. Incorporations by reference found within a regulation are effective upon the effective date of that regulation. For more information on incorporation by reference, see the preliminary pages of this volume.

10 CFR (PARTS 500-End)
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc.

1791 Tullie Circle, NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30329
ANSI/ASHRAE 55–1992 including addenda 55a–1995, Thermal Envi- 519.1.1

ronmental Conditions for Human Occupancy.
ASHRAE Standard 62–1989, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air 519.3

ASHRAE, Handbook, HVAC Applications (I–P Edition, 1995) ............ 518.2

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters

(Revised as of January 1, 2002)

Title 1-General Provisions


Administrative Committee of the Federal Register (Parts 1–49)
Office of the Federal Register (Parts 50—299)
Miscellaneous Agencies (Parts 400—500)

[blocks in formation]





Office of Personnel Management (Parts 1–1199)
Merit Systems Protection Board (Parts 1200/1299)
Office of Management and Budget (Parts 1300—1399)
The International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board

(Parts 1500-1599)
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (Parts 1600—1699)
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (Parts

Office of Special Counsel (Parts 1800—1899)
Appalachian Regional Commission (Parts 1900-1999)
Armed Forces Retirement Home (Part 2100)
Federal Labor Relations Authority, General Counsel of the Fed-

eral Labor Relations Authority and Federal Service Impasses

Panel (Parts 2400—2499)
Office of Administration, Executive Office of the President

(Parts 2500—2599)
Office of Government Ethics (Parts 2600—2699)
Department of the Treasury (Parts 3100—3199)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Part 3201)



XXIII Department of Energy (Part 3301)
XXIV Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Part 3401)

XXV Department of the Interior (Part 3501)
XXVI Department of Defense (Part 3601)
XXVIII Department of Justice (Part 3801)
XXIX Federal Communications Commission (Parts 3900—3999)
XXX Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (Parts 4000—4099)
XXXI Farm Credit Administration (Parts 4100—4199)
XXXIII Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Part 4301)
XXXV Office of Personnel Management (Part 4501)

XL Interstate Commerce Commission (Part 5001)
XLI Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Part 5101)
XLII Department of Labor (Part 5201)
XLIII National Science Foundation (Part 5301)
XLV Department of Health and Human Services (Part 5501)
XLVI Postal Rate Commission (Part 5601)
XLVII Federal Trade Commission (Part 5701)
XLVIII Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Part 5801)

L Department of Transportation (Part 6001)

Export-Import Bank of the United States (Part 6201) LIII Department of Education (Parts 6300—6399) LIV Environmental Protection Agency (Part 6401) LVII General Services Administration (Part 6701) LVIII Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Part 6801) LIX National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Part 6901)

LX United States Postal Service (Part 7001) LXI National Labor Relations Board (Part 7101) LXII Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Part 7201) LXIII Inter-American Foundation (Part 7301) LXV Department of Housing and Urban Development (Part 7501) LXVI National Archives and Records Administration (Part 7601) LXIX Tennessee Valley Authority (Part 7901) LXXI Consumer Product Safety Commission (Part 8101) LXXIII Department of Agriculture (Part 8301) LXXIV Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (Part 8401) LXXVI Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (Part 8601) LXXVII Office of Management and Budget (Part 8701)

Title 6-[Reserved]

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