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Offer guarantees will be returned at the option of the Government by either check or electronic funds transfer through the Treasury Fedline Payment System (FEDLINE). Offerors shall designate a financial institution for receipt of electronic funds transfer payments and provide the following information:

(1) Name and address of the financial institution receiving payment.

(2) The American Bankers Association 9-digit identifying number for wire transfers of

the financing institution receiving payment if the institution has access to FEDLINE.

(3) Payee's account number at the financial institution where funds are to be transferred.

(4) If the financial institution does not have access to FEDLINE, name and address of

the correspondent financial institution through which the financial institution receiving payment obtains wire transfer activity. Provide the American Bankers Association identifying number for the correspondent institution.

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Using a separate worksheet for each MLI oftered against, from the SPR Salos Offer Form, enter the MLI maximum quantity offered on (expressed in thousands of barrels) in Column (A). Row 1.

2 Starting with the highest Du unit price offered on the MU from the SPR Sales Offer Form (and the highest proference if the unit prices of two or more DLls are the same)

enter the unit price in Row 1, Column (B), the DUI lotter in Row 1. Column (C); the DUI desired quantity is Row 1, Column (D) (in thousands of barrels) and the minimum party in Row 1. Column (E). (The minimum quantity is either the Governments minimum contract quantity, if the offer indicates the offeror will accept as little as that amount or the desired quantity, if the ofteror indicates he will accept no less then that amount. See instructions for the SPR Sales Offer Form)

3 other the desired quantity in Column (D), or the minimum quantity in Column (E) exceeds the maximum quantity in Column (A). you have made an error either on this form

or the offer form and should recheck your figures

4 Multiply the price in Row 1, Column (B) times the desired quantity in Column (D) (as expressed in thousands) and enter the total Dul price in Column (F).

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Multiply the total DUI price in Column (F) times the factor in Column (G) and enter the product in Column (H) The factor is 5% of 1000

Subtract the Du desired quantity in Row 1, Column (D) from the maximum quantity in Row 1, Column (A) Enter the result in Row 2 Column (A). If the rosult is zero, go to Step 11

7. Enter the next highest unit price for the MU from the offer form in Row 2 Column (B). Enter the DU letter, desired quantity, and minimum quantity in their respective columns

If there is a mucimum quantity remaining in Row 2 Column (A), but no more ou offers, or the minimum quantity in Row 2 Column (E) exceeds the maximum quantity, you

may have made an error and should recheck your figuros. & Metapy the lesser of the remaining maximum quantity in Column (A) (even if this quantity is less than MINQ), or the desired quantity in Column (D) times the unit price and

enter the resulting total DUI price in Column (F).

Q. Multiply Column (F) times the factor in Colum (G) and enter the product in Column (ho. 10. Repeat stops Boter the next higher in price until the maximum quantity remaining lo zero, then go to step 11. 11. Sum the mountain Courm (H) and enter the total in Row 3 Column (M). Sum this amount for the worlamento I the sum odit worksheets in the $10,000,000

ter the wm in marted offer bond on the SPR Selo Olor Form. W the um excede $10,000,000, hen enter $10,000,000 on the other form Send to other or wire concurrently to the U.S. Trosaury (rotor bo intructions in the Notice of Solo) on oflor querentes in the amount indicated on the offer form. The worth need not bo womited with the other and should be retained for your files.

[63 FR 54198, Oct. 8, 1998]



Part 706

257 259 269 280

707 708 709 710


711 715 719 725 745 760 765

288 318 332 332 342 352 363



Security policies and practices relating to labor

management relations
Workplace substance abuse programs at DOE sites
DOE contractor employee protection program
Polygraph examination regulations
Criteria and procedures for determining eligibility

for access to classified matter or special nuclear

material ....
Personnel Assurance Program (PAP)
Definition of nonrecourse project-financed
Contractor legal management requirements
Permits for access to restricted data
Protection of human subjects ....
Domestic Uranium Program
Reimbursement for costs of remedial action at ac-

tive uranium and thorium processing sites
Uranium enrichment decontamination and decom-

missioning fund; procedures for special assess

ment of domestic utilities .....
Transfer of real property at defense nuclear facili-

ties for economic development
Patent Compensation Board regulations
DOE patent licensing regulations
Claims for patent and copyright infringement
Waiver of patent rights
Patent waiver regulation
Loans for bid or proposal preparation by minority

business enterprises seeking DOE contracts and

Assistance to foreign atomic energy activities
Procedural rules for DOE nuclear activities
Nuclear safety management ......
Occupational radiation protection
Extraordinary nuclear occurrences
Chronic beryllium disease prevention program
Trespassing on Department of Energy property
Control of traffic at Nevada Test Site



780 781 782 783 784 800

378 381 389 399 401 402

810 820 830 835 840 850 860 861

413 421 428 455 470 505 509 524 525



Part 862

871 903 904

527 529 530

Restrictions on aircraft landing and air delivery at

Department of Energy nuclear sites
Air transportation of plutonium
Power and transmission rates
General regulations for the charges for the sale of

power from the Boulder Canyon Project
Energy Planning and Management Program
General guidelines for the preliminary screening of

potential sites for nuclear waste repositories
Standard contract for disposal of spent nuclear

fuel and/or high-level radioactive waste
Byproduct material ......
YUCCA mountain site suitability guidelines

535 542

905 960



962 963

586 606 607




Sec. 706.1 Purpose. 706.2 Basis and scope.

disciplinary authority over bargaining units, and (2) that determination of unit, jurisdiction, and similar questions will not breach security;

(c) Continuity of production at vital DOE installations;

(d) Consistent with DOE's responsibility under the law, the least possible governmental interference with the efficient management expected from DOE contractors;

(e) Minimum interference with the traditional rights and privileges of American labor.


CEEDINGS 706.10 Policy. 706.11 Consent elections. 706.12 Administrative Law Judges. 706.13 Clearance of counsel. 706.14 DOE's role in proceedings.




CONTRACT NEGOTIATION AND ADMINISTRATION 706.30 Clearance of certain local union rep

resentatives. 706.31 Clearance of conciliators and arbitra

tors. 706.32 Security indoctrination of non-em

ployee representatives. 706.40 Final responsibility of DOE in secu

rity matters. AUTHORITY: Sec. 161, 68 Stat. 948, as amended; 42 U.S.C. 2201.

SOURCE: 41 FR 56776, Dec. 30, 1976, unless otherwise noted.

8706.10 Policy.

It is policy of DOE that NLRB cases falling within the scope of the Labor Management Relations Act at the various DOE installations should be conducted in normal fashion whereever possible, on the basis of open hearings, unclassified records and published decisions. This policy does not preclude adoption of special arrangements which may be required for reasons of program security at any stage of the proceedings in particular areas. $ 706.11 Consent elections.

In accordance with the recommendation of the President's Commission on Labor Relations in the Atomic Energy Installations, it is the policy of DOE to encourage every effort by management and labor at DOE installations to determine bargaining units and representatives by agreement and consent elections in preference to contested proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board.


$706.1 Purpose.

The purpose of this part is to set forth Department of Energy, hereinafter “DOE," security policies and practices in the area of labor-management relations. $706.2 Basis and scope.

The specific policies contained in this part are worked out within the framework of DOE's general objectives for labor-management relations in the DOE program, namely:

(a) Wholehearted acceptance by contractors and by labor and its representatives of the moral responsibility inherent in participation in the DOE program;

(b) Development of procedures to assure (1) that all participants in the program are loyal to the United States including those whose participation involves the exercise of negotiating and

8706.12 Administrative Law Judges.

By agreement with the National Labor Relations Board, a panel of cleared NLRB administrative law judges is maintained to facilitate resolution of questions as to the materiality of classified information in NLRB hearings and to facilitate preparation of an unclassified record. The assignment of individual administrative law judges to DOE cases remains a matter within the discretion of the National Labor Relations Board.

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