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OF THE AMERICAN LEGION For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to maintain law and order; to foster and perpetuate a one hundred percent Americanism; to preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the Great Wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, State, and Nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses; to make right the master of might; to promote peace and good will on earth; to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy; to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.

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NOTE.-In the following list it should be noted that the terms of each group of officers

expire with that particular convention under which they are listed HONORARY COMMANDERS


Cleveland, Ohio, September 27 to 29, 1920 *Marshal Ferdinand Foch

Commander: *Franklin D'Olier, PennsylPARIS CAUCUS


Vice Commanders : *James O'Brien, CallParis, France, March 15 to 17, 1919

fornia : * Allen Tukey, Nebraska : Joyce

L. Lewis, Minnesota; Alden B. ChamTemporary Chairman: *Eric Fisher Wood, bers, Massachusetts ; ' *William Follett, Pennsylvania. (Voted title of Past Na

Oregon. tional Commander at the 1955 National Adjutant: *Lemuel Bolles, Washington. Convention.)

Treasurer : *Robert H. Tyndall, Indiana. Permanent Chairman : *Bennett C. Clark, Historian : *Eben F'utnam, Massachusetts.

Missouri. (Voted title of Past National Chaplain: •Rev. Francis A. Kelly, New Commander at 1926 National Conven

York. tion.) Chairman Pro Tempore : Thomas W. Miller,

THIRD NATIONAL CONVENTION Delaware. Secretary: *Eric Fisher Wood, Pennsyl- Kansas City, Mo., October 31 to November 2, vania. At the Paris Caucus an Execu

1921 tive Committee was elected to complete arrangements, the chairman and secre- Commander : *Frederick W. Galbraith, Jr., tary of which were :

Ohio (killed June 9), succeeded by *John Chairman: •Milton J. Foreman, Illinois,

G. Emery, Michigan. (Voted title of Past National Com Vice Commanders: John G. Emery, Michimander at 1921 National Convention.)

gan; * Thomas Goldingay, New Jersey ; Secretary : *George A. White, Oregon.

Claudius G. Pendill, Wisconsin ; *James

G. Schrugham, Nevada ; Jackson ST. LOUIS CAUCUS

Winslett, Alabama.

Adjutant: *Lemuel Bolles, Washington. St. Louis, Mo., May 8 to 10, 1919

Treasurer: *Robert H. Tyndall, Indiana.

Chaplain : *Rev. John W. Inzer, Tennessee. Temporary Chairman : *Theodore Roose- Historian : *Eben Putnam, Massachusetts.

velt, Jr., New York. (Voted title of Judge Advocate: *Robert A. Adams, Past National Commander at 31st An

Indiana. nual National Convention.) Permanent Chairman: *Henry D. Linds- FOURTH NATIONAL CONVENTION

ley, Texas. Vice Chairman: *John J. Sullivan, Wash

New Orleans, La., October 16 to 20, 1922 ington ; Fred Humphrey, New Mexico; P. C. Calhoun, Connecticut. (Voted

Commander: Hanford MacNider, Iowa.

Vice Commanders ; *H. Nelson Jackson, titles of Past National Vice Commanders

Vermont; *George L. Berry, Tennessee at 1933 National Convention.)

*Raymond 0. Brackett, Massachusetts ; Secretary: *Eric Fisher Wood, Pennsyl- Charles H. Kendrick, California ; John vania.

A. McCormick Colorado. Chaplain : *Thomas H. Wiles, Colorado. Adjutant: *Lemuel Bolles, Washington. (Voted title of Past National Chaplain

Treasurer: *Pobert H. Tyndall, Indiana. at 1921 National Convention.)

Chaplain : Rev. Earl A. Blackman, Kansas.
Historian : *Eben Putnam, Massachusetts.

Judge Advocate: * Robert

A. Adams,

Indiana. Minneapolis, Minn., November 10 to 12, 1919

FIFTH NATIONAL CONVENTION Chairman: *Henry D. Lindsley, Texas.

San Francisco, Calif., October 16 to 19, 1923 (Voted title of Past National Commander at 1919 National Convention.)

Commander : Alvin Owsley, Texas. Vice Chairman: *Bennett C. Clark, Mis- Vice Commanders: *Edward J. Barrett, souri.

Wisconsin; Watson B. Miller, District Secretary : *Eric Fisher Wood, Pennsylv

of Columbia ; E. Erle Cocke, Sr., vania.

Georgia ; Robert O. Blood, New HampTreasurer: *Gasper G. Bacon, Massachu

shire ; Chile's P. Plummer, Wyoming.

Adjutant: *Lemuel Bolles, Washington. setts,

Treasurer: *Robert H. Tyndall, Indiana. Chaplain : Thomas H. Wues, Colorado.

Chaplain : *Rev. Wm. F. O'Conner, Ohio.
Historian : * Eben Putnam, Massachusetts.

Judge Advocate : *Robert A. Adams, *Deceased.


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11TH NATIONAL CONVENTION Louisville, Ky., September 30 to October 3,


St. Paul, Minn., September 15 to 19, 1924 Commander : John R. Quinn, California. Vice Commanders : •Lester Albert, Idaho;

Celora M. Stoddard, Arizona ; William B. Healey, Pennsylvania ; F. Ryan Duffy, Wisconsin; •Dr. I. Thurman Mann,

North Carolina. Historian : *Eben Putnam, Massachusetts. Adjutant: *Lemual Bolles, Washington. Treasurer: *Robert H. Tyndall, Indiana. Chaplain : *Rev. Ezra Clemens, Minnesota. Judge Advocate: *Robert A. Adams,



Omaha, Nebr., October 5 to 9, 1925 Commander : *James A Drain, Washington. Vice Commanders : Frank H. McFarland,

Kansas; Eugene P. Armstrong, Connecticut'; A. L. Perry, Panama ; Peyton H. Hoge, Jr., Kentucky ; William Stern,

North Dakota. Adjutant: Russell G. Creviston, Indiana

(resigned), succeeded by *James F. Bar

ton, Iowa. Treasurer : *Robert H. Tyndall, Indiana. Chaplain : Rev. Joseph M. Lonergan, Illi

nois. Historian : •Eben Putnam, Massachusetts. Judge Advocate : *Robert A. Adams,


EIGHTH NATIONAL CONVENTION Philadelphia, Pa., October 11 to 15, 1926 Commander : John R. McQuigg, Ohio. Vice Commanders : Joseph Y. Cheney, Flor

ida ; *Hughes B. Davis, Oklahoma ; Vincent A. Carroll, Pennsylvania ; mond B. Littlefield, Rhode Island;

*James A. Howell, Utah. Adjutant: *James F. Barton, Iowa. Treasurer: *Robert H. Tyndall, Indiana. Chaplain : Rev. Wm. E. Patrick, California. Historian : *Eben Putnam, Massachusetts. Judge Advocate : *Robert A. Adams,


Commander: *Paul V. McNutt, Indiana. Vice Commanders : Lawrence E. McGann,

Jr., Illinois ; George W. Malone, Nevada ; * Edward L. White, Connecticut; Miller C. Foster, South Carolina ; *Walton D. Hood, Texas. Adjutant: *James F. Barton, Iowa. Chaplain : Rabbi Lee J. Levinger, Ohio. • Treasurer : *Bowman Elder, Indiana. Historian : *Eben Putnam, Massachusetts. Judge Advocate : Scott W. Lucas, Illinois.


Boston, Mass., October 6 to 9, 1930 Commander : *0. L. Bodenhammer, Arkan

sas. Vice Commanders: •Milt D. Campbell,

Ohio ; John J. Dugan, Delaware ; *Morton M. David, Colorado ; *Frank Schoble, Jr., Pennsylvania ; Willis M. Brewer,

Michigan. Adjutant: *James F. Barton, Iowa. Chaplain : *Rev. George K. Kettell, D.D.,

New York. Treasurer: *Bowman Elder, Indiana. Historian : •Eben Putnam, Massachusetts. Judge Advocatee : Scott W. Lucas, Illinois.

13TH NATIONAL CONVENTION Detroit, Mich., September 21 to 24, 1931 Commander: *Ralph T. O'Neil, Kansas. Vice Commanders: •Bert S. Hyland, Ver

mont; Roland B. Howell, Louisiana ; Harry B. Henderson, Jr., Wyoming; *Dr. James A. Duff, West Virginia ; *Dr.

Neal D, Williams, Mişsouri. Adjutant: *James F. Barton, Iowa. Chaplain : Rev. Jos. N. Barnett, Wisconsin. Treasurer : *Bowman Elder, Indiana. Historian : *Eben Putnam, Massachusetts. Judge Advocate : Scott W. Lucas, Illinois.

14TH NATIONAL CONVENTION Portland, Oreg., September 12 to 15, 1932 Commander : Henry L. Stevens, Jr., North

Carolina. Vice Commanders : *Richard F. Paul, Mas

sachusetts; Forest G. Cooper, Mississippi ; Roy L. Cook, New Mexico ; *Frank N. Brooks, Wachinlgton; Harold L.

Plummer, Wisconsin. Adjutant : *James F. Barton, Iowa. Chaplain : *Rev. H. A. Darche, Illinois. Treasurer: *Bowman Elder, Indiana. Historian : * Eden Putnam, Massachusetts. Judge Advocate : Remster A. Bingham,



NINTH NATIONAL CONVENTION Paris, France, September 19 to 22, 1927

New York City, N.Y., October 18, 1927 Commander : *Howard P. Savage, Illinois. Vice Commanders: *C. Thomas Busha, Jr.,

Montana; Stafford King, Minnesota ; John G. Sims, Tennessee ; John E. Cur

tiss, Nebraska ; *John G. Towne, Maine, Adjutant: *James F. Barton, Iowa. Treasurer: *Robert H. Tyndall, Indiana. Chaplain : *Rev. Joseph L. N. Wolfe, Penn

sylvania. Historian : •Eben Putnam, Massachusetts. Judge Advocate: *Robert A

Adams, Indiana.

10TH NATIONAL CONVENTION San Antonio, Tex., October 8 to 11, 1928 Commander: Edward E. Spafford, New

York. Vice Commanders : John T. Raftis, Wash

ington ; *Ralph T. O'Neil, Kansas ; Paul R. Younts, North Carolina ; Dan Spurlock, Louisiana ; *John M. Henry, Min

nesota. Adjutant: *James F. Barton, Iowa. Chaplain: Rev. Gill Robb Wilson, New

Jersey. Historian : * Eben Putnam, Massachusetts. Treasurer: *Bowman Elder, Indiana. Judge Advocate: Scott W. Lucas, Illinois.


Chicago, Ill., October 2 to 5, 1933 Commander: Louis Johnson, West Vir

ginia. Vice Commanders : Russell Meadows, Ari

zona ; Robert D. Flory, Nebraska ; *Wm. Easterwood, Texas ; *John J. Maloney,

Maine ; *Chas. A. Mills, Florida. Adjutant : *Frank E. Samuel, Kansas. Chaplain : Rev. Irving Q. Wood, Idaho. Treasurer : *Bowman Elder, Indiana. Historian: *Eben Putnam, Massachusetts

(died January 22, 1933), suceeded by

*Thomas M. Owen, Jr., Alabama. Judge Advocate: Remster A. Bingham,



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