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port. 8o.


Low (Charles Porter). Some recollections by

Captain Charles P. Low, commanding the clipper Johnston (Richard Holland). A contribution

ships“ Houqua, Jacob Bell"...and “ N. B. to a bibliography of Thomas Jefferson. Compiled Palmer" in the China trade, 1847-1873. Boston : by R. H. Johnston. iv, 73 p. (In: Jefferson (T.) G, H. Ellis Co., 1905. 2 p.l., 179 p., 4 pl., 1 port. The writings of Thomas Jefferson. Monticello 8o. edition. Washington, 1904-05. 8°. v. 20.)

Lyon memorial. With an introduction treating Lang (Georg). Die Technik der Feder, der

of the English ancestry of the American families. Weg der Schreiblehrkunst, sachlich begründet und Editors: A. B. Lyon, G. W. A. Lyon. Associate methodisch erläutert. Ein Vortrag mit ergänzenden editor, E. F. McPike. v. 1 (Massachusetts famiAbhandlungen zur Federtechnik, Schriftästhetik lies]. Detroit: Wm. Graham Ptg. Co., 1905. pl., und Schreibmethodik. München : R. Oldenbourg, 1905. xiv, 1 l., 277 p., il., 9 pl. 8°.

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Lang. Illustrated. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, pratico. Cenni storici. Archivi antichi pubblici e 1906. xii, il., 216 p., 4 pl., 5 port. 12°. (Literprivati. Ecclesiastici-Notarili. Milano: U. Hoepli,

ary lives.) 1906. viii, 486 p., il., 12 tab. 16°. (Manuali

VESPUCIUS (Americus). The life and voyages of Hoepli.)

Americus Vespucius. With illustrations concerning Thomson (John). Hither and thither. A col

the navigator and the discovery of the new world. lection of comments on books and bookish matters

By C. Edwards Lester and Andrew Foster. New Philadelphia : G. W. Jacobs & Co. (1905.] York : New Amsterdam Bk. Co., 1903. I p.l., 5 p. l., 3–388 p. 12°.

xviii, 1 l., 21-368 p., I port. 8o.


Washington to Tobias Lear, with an appendix conBLACKHALLS (The) of that Ilk and Barra, heredi.

taining miscellaneous Washington letters and docutary coroners and foresters of the Garioch. By ments. Reprinted from the originals in the collecAlexander Morison. Aberdeen : New Spalding

tion of Mr. William K. Bixby, of St. Louis, Mo. Club, 1905. xiv, 1 l., 180, 17 p., 4 pl., 1 port.

With introduction and notes. (By W. H. Samson.] sq. 4°. (New Spalding Club. [Publications. ])

Rochester: (printed for private distribution at The Cartier (Jacques).

Genesee Press,] 1905. xi, 102 p., 3 facsim., 2 pl., A memoir of Jacques Car

2 port. 4°. tier, Sieur de Limoilou, bis voyages to the St.

Gift of W. H. Bixby. Lawrence, A bibliography and a facsimile of the manuscript of 1534; with annotations, etc., by J. P.

AMERICA. Baxter. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1906. ix, 464 p., i facsim., i map, 6 pl., I port., I tab. Audubon (John Woodhouse). Audubon's West89.

ern journal: 1849-1850. Being the MS. record of CUshing family. The genealogy of the Cushing

a trip from New York to Texas, and an overland family; an account of the ancestors and descend journey through Mexico and Arizona to... California ants of Matthew Cushing, who came to America in

With biographical memoir by his daughter,

Maria R. Audubon. Introduction, notes, and in1638. By James S. Cushing. Montreal: The Perrault Pig. Co., 1905. 598, Ixx p., 2 pl., 13 port.

dex by F. H. Hodder. Cleveland: A. H. Clark Co., 12'.

1906. 4 p.1., II-249 p. 8°. Gift of the Author.

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land by Edward Ward, and A letter from NewGILMAN (Daniel Coit). The launching of a uni- England by J. W. Reprinted, with an introducversity, and other papers.

A sheaf of remem

tion and notes, by George Parker Winship. Provi. brances. New York : Dodd, Mead & Co., 1906. dence, R. I. : [Club for Colonial Reprints,] 1905. 5 p.l., 386 p., 1 port. 8o.

xxviii, 2 l., 33-70, 2 I., 9, 1 l., 87-95 p. sq. 8o. GRANGER (Rev. James). Letters between the (Club for Colonial Reprints of Providence, R. I., Rev. James Granger... Rector of Shiplake, and Pub. no. 2.) many... literary men of his time; composing a no. 39 of 100 copies printed. copious history and illustration of his Biographical Bouvé (Pauline Carrington). American heroes history of England... Edited by J. P. Malcolm. and heroines. Illustrated. Boston : Lothrop Pub. London: Nichols & Son, 1805. i p.l., 120, 114 P., Co. (1905.] 2 pol., vii-viii, il., 299 p., 8 port. 2 facsim., 2 pl. 8°.


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309 p. 16o.

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Hamilton, A, i Syevero-Amerikanskaya konstitutziya. St. Petersburg : 0. N. Popova, 1905.

47 p. 8°.

162 P.

V, 2.)

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Kruszka (X. Waclaw). Historya Polska w Ameryce. Poczatek, wzrost i rozwój dziejowy osad polskich w Pólnocnej Ameryce (w Stanach Zjednoczonych i Kanadzie.) Tom 7. Milwaukee, Wis. : Drukiem Spólki Wydawnicczey K’uryera, 1906. illus. 12°.

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Saint Nicholas Society, New York City. Genealogical record... Containing the lines of descent of members of the Society, so far as ascer. tained by the committee on genealogy, to July 1, 1905. [Edited by Mrs. Florence E. Youngs.] [New York:] the Society, 1905. 335 p. 4°.

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sq. 4°.

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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper.

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port. 8o.


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Schiff Collection.

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Bd. 2. Gotha: F. A. Perthes, 1906. 8°. (Allegemeine Staatsgeschichte. Abt. 3. Deutsche Landesgeschichte. Werk 5.)

2 V.

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p. 12°

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Abt. 3,

Bd. 4.

262 p.

sq. 4°.

sq. fo.

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2 v.

tel, 1905.

339 p. 8o.

Pyesni Revolyutzii.

St. Petersburg, 1905


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V. I.

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