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“There is a superstition among the Arabians, that a Bird, called Manoh, issues from the brain of every dead person, and haunts his sepulchre, uttering lamentable screams, and divulging to the ears of the initiated all the secrets and crimes of the deceased.”

Bird of the hollow tomb !
Born of the brain, where once rich dreams could play

Of luxury and bloom
Where passed the spirit thence from Death away
When on the unconscious breast the pall funeral lay?

Speak, thou in darkness born!
Thou nursed of silence, midst the faded dead,

From friends lamenting torn!
Thou on whose fabled wing no ray is shed-
Prattler of sins long past, of deeds remembered!

There is a mournful voice-
Thou trumpeter of bye-gone acts of shame!

It bids no heart rejoice:-
It breathes of pride with its unhallowed flame-
Of lust and power that ruled, till the Destroyer came!

Dark Bird !—It is not thine
In the blue chambers of the sky to soar

On waves of pure sunshine!
Midst Araby's aroma-gales, to pour
Sweet songs that melt in air, the Groves of Spices o'er.

But by the wasting form
Of erring sinner, tis thy lot to be,

Thou compeer of the worm!
Telling the startled ear that bends to thee,
Of crimes in secret done, when that still heart was free!

Yet, in the wakeful breast
Of living man, a Mightier than Thou,

Hath a stern voice impressed:
Tis conscience—whispering, till the o'ershadowed brow
Grows thoughtful in regret that shone in pride but now!

He is not lost whose soul
Leans to the lessons of that hidden Guide,

And bends to its control :-
It checks the purpose wrong—the uprising pride-
Soothing the heart with peace to heavenly scenes allied !

And he is doubly blest
Who woos that calmness in his breast to dwell :-

Night hath for him, sweet rest:-
Day uttereth speech to-day—and visions tell
His self-approving heart, that all within is well!

PHILADELPHIA, April, 1830.


Such as you find the above you are welcome to it. It would gratify me much to know your public opinion of such poetry of mine as may have met your eye.

I should take pleasure in sending you an American Magazine and paper occasionally, if you think it worth your while. Please let me know if you answer this letter.

Your Obt Servt


I send this to the care of my correspondent and friend A. A. Watts, Esq.Who will direct it to you. I am ignorant of your address. I may enclose it to Mr. T. C. Hall of the Amulet.

Yrs &c.




This list includes only titles of works relating wholly to this specific subject; it does not attempt analysis of those portions of general works on the larger subjects of transportation, railroads, etc., that relate thereto. A selection of magazine articles and periodical references is here noted, but for exhaustive research the indexes to this literature, and to the various official journals and public documents, must be consulted.

The file of American federal documents at the Astor branch is practically complete for the last half century; the Poore Index (1881), Comprehensive Index (1881-1895), the Congressional Indexes, Sessional Catalogues, and Monthly Catalogues (1895-date) provide a guide to their contents. The Library has a file of federal bills beginning with 1901. The Congressional Record should be consulted for Congressional speeches and for references to bills, etc.; texts of enactments and amendments are, of course, in the Revised Statutes.


Allemagne et Royaume-Uni). (Annales d. ponts Griffin (A. P. C.) A list of books (with refer

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1904.) relation to the government and the public. With Conférence internationale de Paris pour la appendix, list of references on the Northern Securi- revision de la convention du 14 Octobre, 1900, ties case.

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ton: Dutton & Wentworth, 1840. 39 pp. 8°. GENERAL WORKS.

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Fassung des Zusatz-Uebereinkommens vom 16. dent on the railway goods tariffs of Germany, Bel

Juni, 1898, und in Verbindung mit dem neuen gium and Holland compared to this country. By Betriebs-Reglement des Vereins Deutscher Eisen. Sir B. Samuelson. Birmingham (1886). 41 pp. 8o.

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