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As the season for making Presents advances, those who prefer Bibles and Standard Biblical Works for presentation, are invited to procure the DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE of SAMUEL Bagster and Sons, furnished without charge, and sent by post free. It contains a detailed account of choice Bibles in different languages, single and in combination, of English reference Bibles of every size and style of binding, of Concordances, Scripture Indexes, Books of Common Prayer in many languages, Lexicons, Grammars, Analytical helps, and other works bearing upon the Sacred Scriptures. The Bindings are, without exception, not only elegant and highly finished, but thoroughly durable, being constructed on the FLEXIBLE PRINCIPLE peculiar to Bagster's Bibles. The ornamental mountings, also, are of the best quality and workmanship only, and are of almost endless variety. LONDON : SAMUEL BAGSTER AND Sons, 15, PATERNOSTER Row.


Πολλαι μεν θνητοις Γλωτται, μια δ'Αθανατοισιν.



1 Kitto, from the Patriarchal Age to the present

time, with Introductory chapters on the Geography GIFT BOOK.

and Natural History of the Country, and on the THE NEW CASKET : a Gift Book for | Customs and Institutions of the Hebrews. With a I all Seasons. Fcp. 8vo, with beautifully coloured | Map and upwards of 200 Engravings on Wood and Engravings and Fine Woodcuts, 3s. 6d. extra boards, | Steel, small 8vo. 6s., handsomely bound in cloth, or, gilt edges.

6s. 6d, with gilt leaves. THE CITY of ROME; its Edifices and Edinburgh : Adam and Charles Black. London : | People. By the Author of “ Athens : its Longman and Co.

(1038) Grandeur and Decay." Fcp. 8vo. with superior Engravings on Wood, 3s. extra cloth boards. FOR CHRISTMAS, THE NEW YEAR, VARGARET BROWNING; or, Trust in

AND ALL SEASONS, u God. 18mo. with Engravings, Is. 60. cloth! AL WASHBOURNE'S, New Bridge STREET. boards ; 2s. extra cloth boards, gilt edges. THE LIVES of the POPES. Part II. 63. Martin's Illustrated Milton's | fancy cover ; 10d. cloth, gilt edges. (To be

Paradise Lost. completed in Four Parts.)

Imp. 8vo. half-bound morocco, £1. lls. 60.; or in ALMANACKS.

morocco, elegantly gilt, £2. 2s.

ANOTHER Copy, large paper, imp. 4to. THE SCRIPTURE POCKET-BOOK for

Proofs, half-bound morocco, £2. 8s. 1 1852. Containing an Almanack; also a Passage

- ANOTHER Copy, with the largest Plates, of Scripture for every Day, with an Arrangement by

published at £21., £3. 13s. 60. which the Bible may be read in the course of the year; and a variety of Useful Information usually

Sir Walter Scott's Works and Life. found in Pocket Books. Illustrated with an En. The Abbotsford, Cabinet, and all Editions, graving of Torquay, in Baxter's Oil Colours, ls. 4d. at greatly reduced prices, in cloth, or any style of near cover ; 23. roan tuck.

binding. THE CHRISTIAN ALMANACK for 1852.

Percy's Reliques of Ancient English

* Poetry. | Containing much Astronomical and other Infor. |

3 vols. small 8vo. with richly illuminated Titles, mation of popular Interest. With an engraved

15s. cloth ; 18s. half-morocco. Prontispiece of Exeter Hall. 60. sewed in a neat cover ; 8d. superior cover, gilt edges; ls. 4d, half FOR WINTER PASTIME. THE SECOND THOUSAND. bound and interleaved.

Oracles from the British Poets. THE TRACT SOCIETY PENNY

A Drawing-Room Table Book, I ALMANACK. Royal 32mo. in a small book,

and Intellectual Companion for a Round Party. with cover, 1d.


18mo. 2s. 6d. cloth ; or 3s. elegantly gilt. Interleaved with ruled Paper, gilt edges, 2d. Adapted for Pocket-books.

The Gift for all Seasons: THE SHEET ALMANACK for 1852. ld.

Elegantly illustrated and bound, 58.

Rural Records. Depositories : 56, Paternoster Row; & 164, Piccadilly. By James Smith. 2d Edition, small 8vo. 3s. 6d. (1037)




1 With Forty Illustrations by Richard Doyle, BOOK is now ready, in One Volume, 8vo. price 103. engraved by G. and E. Dalziel. Small 4to. 2s.6d. *** This work will be found equally indispensable ornamentell wrapper; 3s. 6d. cloth; coloured, gilt and valuable to young men preparing for the Army edges, 6s.

(Vide SUPPLEMENT, p. 430.) as to those who have just entered it. Addey and Co. (late Cundall and Addey), 21, / W. Thacker and Co. 87, Newgate Street. (1041) Old Bond Street.



USEFUL TO ALL RETAIL BOOKSELLERS, A NEW PUBLICATION BOARD, for exhibiting the Current Number of The Publishers'


U These Portfolios are recommended for the convenience with which works published periodically may be preserved and referred to, affording all the advantages of a bound volume, with the facility of adding each part or number as published.

Sampson Low, 169, Fleet Street.


MR. GEORGE MEASOM, well as several of the principal l'oems themselves, being all Copyright. Printers and Publishers are hereby

$| DESIGNER AND ENGRAVER ON WOOD, cautioned against violating the said Copyright, and

Continues to execute all orders the Public are warned that no work published under

entrusted to his care in the first style of the Art, the title of “The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott"

at exceedingly moderate charges. is complete, unless it be published by Robert Ca- !

An In.door Pupil required. Premium, 150 Guineas, DELL, or by Adam and CHARLES BLACK, Edinburgh.

two-thirds of which can remain unpaid for twelve

months; or, Out-door 50 Guineas, the whole to be DARNES on the REVELATIONS-COB paid at once.

D BIN'S EDITION.-Knight and Son beg to 74, Charrington Street, Oakley Square, London. acquaint the Trade that they have purchased the

MO DRAWING MASTERS.- The Adrer“ Copyright in Great Britain" of the above work, which will shortly be published by them. Knight

1 tiser, who has been for a considerable period and Son bereby caution all persons against purchasing

accustomed to teaching both large classes and private or vending any other Edition, as the most prompt

pupils, is desirous of meeting with a gentleman who measures will be adopted to suppress piracy.

may wish to withdraw from his present Connexion, of Clerkenwell Close, Nov. 28, 1851.

resign an Appointment to which he could introduce &

Successor.- Communications, with particulars, ad. no COUNTRY BOOKSELLERS. - W.

dressed to M. Z., Publishers' Circular Office, 169, 1 Kent and Co. beg respectfully to announce Fleet Street. that they have takea extensive premises for the purpose of extending their Country Trade, and offer THE EXHIBITORS' ALMANAC.their assurance that all orders for Miscellaneous Books I NOTICE to the TRADE.- In consequence of and Montbly and Weekly Periodicals will be punc the great extent to which the Alpbabetical List of tually and correctly executed.

the Prizeholders of the Great Exhibition runs, the 21, 51, and 52, Paternoster Row.

EXHIBITORS' ALMANACK will not be published till November, 1851.

the 10th of December, on which day it will be ready W OODCUTS. - To be Sold cheap !-Several

for delivery, and all orders promptly executed.

Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., Stationers' Hall Court. n Hundred New Woodcuts, amongst which are a superior get of 200 Quadrupeds, for a Natural His. I TO STATIONERS. BOOKSELLERS, i tory, and others. Illustrations for Histories of 1 PRINTERS, &c.-R. S. MEGGY, Engraver and

England, Robinson Crusoe, Watts's Hymns, Fables, Printer to the Trade, begs to announce that his New Vignettes, Shipping, Racing, and many others.--- Book (containing a variety of Specimens of Engraving Apply to Mr. J. Nicholson, Accountant and Estate for Commercial and general purposes) is now ready, Agent, 17, Kingsland Crescent, Kingsland Road. and may be had gratis on application at 38, Great

Tower Street, London. Country orders for every WANTED to PURCHASE, a good and

description of Engraving, Copperplate and Litho V long-established BOOK and STATIONERY

graphic Printing, promptly attended to. BUSINESS. Any one wishing to retire will find this an excellent opportunity of doing so.-Address to

IO BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS. P. P., 13, Percy Place, Clapham Road, Londou.

IT -A Bookselling and Stationery BUSINESS.

situate in one of the most fashionable Watering Places TO STATIONERS' aud PRINTERS' AS in the centre of England, to be disposed of in conse.

SISTANTS about commencing Business.—The quence of the death of the late proprietor. The Stock Advertiser, who is about taking to a well-established (which is to be taken at a valuation.) consists of Stationery and Printing Business in the most popu. | Books, Stationery, &c., calculated for such a place, lous district of the Midland Counties, is desirous of and all of recent purchase. The above offers many | meeting with an experienced and active Young Man advantages to any gentleman wishing to commence as PARTNER. The Advertiser being a Publisher of business. The connexion is already good, with great County Directories, and necessarily frequently absent facilities for improvement. The Premises are ex from bome, is his reason for desiring a partner. The tensive and well adapted for business, and situated in amount, required to participate equally in the profits the most fashionable part of the town. The Stock of the business will be £250 : being about one-third is valued at about £800. During the season the of the amount the Advertiser is about paying for the rooms have been let at good prices to visitors, and business.-Address E. C. L., care of Messrs. Wild | the furniture may also be taken at a valuation.liams, Coopers, and Co., 85, West Smithfield, London. 'Apply to Mr. J. Brook, Stamp Office, Huddersfield.

TO PRINTERS, STATIONERS, &c.- To BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, and I To be disposed of, in one of the largest manu. 1 PRINTERS.—To be Sold, in one of the most facturing towns of Yorkshire, a first-class PRINT- | important and improving towns in the West of EngING OFFICE, containing an immense variety of land, a first-rate and old-established BUSINESS. Book and Ornamental Types, selected from the first The Premises are situated in the best part of the town, Foundries in the kingdom; with Presses, Rolling | are well adapted for business, and the upper part of Machines, Frames, and every requisite for executing | the house is fit for the immediate occupation of a re. in the best style all descriptions of work. It pos. spectable family. The estimated value of the Stock is sesses a wide reputation, and the business connexion about £1600; which might be reduced if necessary, is both good and respectable.-For references and and ample time for payment would be given to a terms apply to Mr. Smith, Messrs. Stephenson, Blake, responsible party.-Address S. G., Publishers' Circu. and Co.'s Letter Foundry, Sheffield; or to Williams, lar Office, 169, Fleet Steeet. Cooper, and Co., 85, West Smithfield, London,

mo be SOLD, immediately, a PRINTING, To BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, and

T BOOKSELLING, and STATIONERY BUSI. 1 STATIONERS.-To be disposed of, and pos

NESS,--the only one in a Market Town. Coming session had on Jan. 1st, 1852, a snug BUSINESS | in less than £200, and the yearly income consideas above, doing a respectable trade at full prices, in a rably more than that sum.-Apply to B. B., 169, small country town, and no opposition. £50 per Fleet Street, London. annum commission made by agencies. About £400 TO STATIONERS and PRINTERS.-T. to £450 for Goodwill and Stock, which will be by T be disposed of, worthy the attention of working valuation as agreed. Satisfactory reasons for selling parties, with moderate capital, or a young working given, and every introduction to customers by present Printer and Bookbinder could be treated with alone, occupier.-Apply to T. P., at Publishers' Circular a BUSINESS in the above branches. Terms easy Office, 169, Fleet Street.

to respectable parties, and none others need apply. To BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, STA

Address A. Y., care of Mr. Sampson Low, Pub. ITIONERS, and BOOKBINDERS. –To be

lisher's Circular Office, Fleet Street, London. disposed of, an old-established BUSINESS in the

TO BOOKBINDERS and STATIONERS. above lines, having also a Fire Insurance Agency, 11 -To be disposed of, in consequence of the Proand a good Newspaper connection. The Stock to be prietor wishing to retire, a BUSINESS in the above taken at a valuation; no premium required : situated | line, which has been established 17 years. The stock in the centre of one of the principal Market Towns I of Stationery is very small, the Bool

of Stationery is very small; the Bookbinding may be in Essex.- Particulars may be obtained by letter only had separate. The stock of Stationery and Binding addressed to R. C. H., Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., | Tools will not exceed £300. Situate in a Market Stationers' Hall Court, London.

Town in Wilts.--- Apply to T. A. Saunders, Salisbury. TO BOOKSELLERS.- The Advertiser, who I TO BOOKSELLERS.-To be disposed of, a I is leaving his present Situation at Christmas, is 1 BOOKSELLING BUSINESS. snccessfulis desirous of obtaining another ENGAGEMENT either carried on for some years in one of the best positions in Town or Country. Most satisfactory references at the West End. Any young man with a knowledge can be given to present and former employers.--Ad

of French, and possessed of a limited capital, would dress B. R., 65, Paternoster Row.

find this an excellent opportunity.- For particulars, TO BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, STA

address, with real name, to S. S., Publisher's CircuI TIONERS, &c.—The Advertiser, (a person of

lar Office, 169, Fleet Street. gentlemanly address, and intimately acquainted with WANTED, a YOUNG MAN as Shopman the business in all its branches,) is desirous of taking my and Clerk, by a Bookseller, Stationer, and the superintendence of a Concern in the Country ; | General Agent, residing 10 miles from London.the management of a Branch business; or to travel Apply, by letter, prepaid, to H. W., Publishers' either regularly or occasionally.-Address, post paid, Circular Office, 169, Fleet Street. C. D., care of Mr. Page, 28, Moorgate Street, London.


m. genteel address and thorough business habits, 1 -A Young Man, of good address and educa- / to a Bookseller, Stationer, and Printer.-Apply, with tion, and of seven years' experience in responsible full particulars, to W.J. Taylor, East Street, Brighton. situations, desires an ENGAGEMENT in London

IMMO PRINTERS.-Wanted, a respectable and for a large Provincial Town, on which he would enter l'I immediately. References, recommendations, and

1 well-educated Man as OVERSEER in a geneconnections, will be given of great respectability, and

ral Printing and Newspaper Office. One who has surety if desired.-Apply to Editor of the Publishers'

held a similar situation would be preferred. RefeCircular, or to A. B., Post Office, Oxford.

rences will be required as to ability, &c.-Address,

stating salary, and other particulars, to Mr. Burbidge, WANTED, by a Young Man of respectable Bookseller and Printer, Regent Place, Clifton. W connections, a SITUATION in a Shop or

| W ANTED, in an old-established Bookselling Warehouse in the Book trade, or Bookseller's and W

and Stationery Business, a respectable YOUNG Stationer's business, in which he has been engaged

MAN, who has some knowledge of the Bookbinding, eight years. Unexceptionable references will be

and who has been used to a Retail Shop, as above, given, and a good character from his last and all

a Turnover, or one who would deem his board and bis employers.-Address, prepaid, J. H., care of

lodging equivalent for his services for the first year Mr. Street, Bookseller, King William Street, Charing

or so. He would be treated as one of the family.

None need apply but those whose character will bear TO BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, &c. the strictest investigation. * 1. -Wanted, by a Young Man, a Situation as Wanted, also, a steady, active YOUTH, from 14 MANAGING ASSISTANT. Has had 12 years' | to 18 years of age, as in-door Apprentice to the experience ; can give good references, and security if Bookselling and Stationery Business. A moderate required.--Address B. B., care of Hamilton, Adams, | premium.-Apply to Mr. Hatt, Bookseller, &c., and Co., 33, Paternoster Row.

| Pear Hill, Cambridge.


MHE BOOKSELLER'S PERIODICAL G. COLLINS begs to state that he still

| BOOK; for facilitating the keeping of Periodi. II. continues to supply, as usual ---
cal Accounts, and diminishing the Labour consequent CRAIG’S UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY,
on the great increase of Periodical Literature. Post

in Parts or Vols. folio, half-bound, cloth sides, interleaved with blotting BRITISH GAZETTEER ....................Ditto. paper, 5s. (No allowance.)

MODERN ATLAS ..................Ditto. London : George Bell, 186, Fleet Street. Rich. FAMILY ATLAS. mond: John Bell.



NEWSPAPERS, &c. &c., for general cir-

GOSPEL MAGAZINE. culation, is now ready, and will be supplied to the

22, Paternoster Row, Dec. 1, 1851. Trade, with their Addresses printed on the Title, at the following prices :

ITARGRAUE BROTHERS, Wholesale and 100, 6s. ; 200, 9s. 6d. ; 300, 13s. ; 400, 16s. 6d.;

II Export Envelope Makers and Manufacturing 600, 21s.

Stationers, Dye Sinkers, &c., 77, Newgate Street, All orders must be accompanied with a Post-office

London. order.---Orders sent carriage free to London for en.

** Pattern books and prices, &c. sent free upon closure.

application. Dodd and Co. will feel obliged to Publishers if To BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, STAthey will send the Title and Price of any new 1 TIONERS, BOOKBINDERS, &c. Magazine, &c.'intended to be published in 1852, so

D. CUSSONS. that they may place it in their List, previous to

Printer, Stationer, Bookseller, and Bookbinder, December 20th, 1851.

Dealer in Musical Instruments, Paper Hangings, and
Dodd and Co., Woburn, Beds.

Patent Medicines,

VALUER AND APPRAISER, T BARRETT and Co. having had con- | Market Place, Horncastle, respectfully informs the d. tinued proofs of the success of their Letterpress Trade, that baving had considerable experience as a Printing Ink, have every confidence in further recom- / Valuer, in Lincolnshire and other Counties, and pos. mending it to the notice of the Trade.

sessing a practical knowledge of every branch of the The manufacture of this lok is conducted on sound | trade, he begs to offer his services as Appraiser to Chemical Principles, under the personal supervision those who are about to enter upon or relinquish a of an eminent Chemist, a Fellow of the Royal So. Business. To persons disposing of their Business, or ciety, who, for many years, has given his attention wishing to purchase, every assistance will be rendered, and research to the perfecting of Letterpress Ink. free of charge. References are permitted to gentle.

This Ink possesses the property of keeping the men by whom he has been engaged ; also to the follor. Roller in good working order, so as never to loose ing London Houses :--Messrs. Whittaker anů Co. i the grip. It distributes freely-works sharp and Ave-Maria Lang; Messrs. Williams, Cooper, an: clean--wasbes easily off the types-dries readily on Co., West Smithfield ; Messrs. Hunt, Fordrinier, paper, and sets off but little. Colour deep and per. and Co., King William Street ; Messrs. Hodgkinsoa manent, never changing to the brown.

and Burnside, Upper Thames Street; Messrs. Castle It does not skin in the barrel or dry on the roller, and Lamb, Newgate Street; Messrs. Jeffrey, Allen, and is entirely divested of that unpleasant effluvium and Horne, Whitechapel; Messrs. Broadwood and so injurious to the health of the workmen.

Sons, Great Pulteney Street; Messrs. Barclay and Lists of prices and terms will be forwarded on Sons, Farringdon Street; also to Mr. Newcom), application to

Mercury Office, Stamford ; and Messrs J. and C. Jeremiah Barrett and Co., Varnish and Colour Mozley, Derby. Manufacturers, Nos. 130, 218, and 219, Bradford To be disposed of, THREE old-established BUSI. Street, Birmingham.

| NESSES. Capital required from £600 to £1500.

BOOKS WANTED TO PURCHASE. *** Letters to be addressed to Mr. Sampson Low, Office of the Publishers' Circular, stating lowest price, carriage for Adams' Index Villaris.

Jamieson's Winter Studies and Summer Rambles, 3 vols. Asiatic Rescarches, 4to. Vols. 1-5.

Kemble's Be'owulf. Text and Translation. Bailey's Astronomical Tables and Formulæ.

Keightley's History of England, 2 v. 1837. V. 2 (2 copies. Banker's Magazine. Sept. 1841.

Key to Tutor's Assistant. (Vyse.)
Bateman's Turnpike Acts.

Laud's Devotions, by Faber.
Buchanan on Taxation and the Commercial Policy of Law's (W.) Way to Divine Knowledge.
Great Britain, 1841.

Lawrence's Farriery. irke's Heraldic Illustrations, 3 vols. royal 8vo.

Lightfoot's Works, by Pitman, 13 vols. 8vo. Vol. 2. 'wer's Last of the Barons, 3 vols.

Lindley's Ladies' Botany, plain. Hatchard, 1837. Te's History of the Poor Laws, 1764.

Lloyd (James) On the Management of Circulation, 1810. fless's Hymns of the Primitive Church.

Louth's English Grammar.
d's Measuring Companion.

M'Gregor on the Taxation of Foreign countries.
Works, & vols. 12mo. Vol. 5.

Malthus's Observations on Effects of the Corn Laws, 1814 Crit. Dissertation on the Nature, Measure, and Causes

Grounds of an Opinion on the Policy of Restra Daniell's Chemical Philosophy, 2 vols.

[of Value. ing the Importation of Foreign Corn. 1815. Meteorology, 2 vols.

Maurice's Kingdom of Christ. (Darton, 1838.) Vol. 1. De la Beche's Theoretical Observer.

Merivale's Lectures on the Principles of a Legislative Pro Dibdin's Edition of Quarles.

[kind. 1817. vision for the Poor in Ireland. 1838. Dissertation on the Poor Laws, by a Well-wisher to Man

---Colonization. Vol. 1. Edinburzh Medical and Surgical Journal, 1805 to 1819. Nautical Almanack previous to 1797. Forster's Mahomedanism Unveiled.

Okin's Physio-Philosophy. (Ray Society.) Friends in Council. lst edit. Vol. 2.

Pearson's Practical Astronomy. Glas' (John) Works, 5 vols. Perth, 1782.

Pictorial Shakspeare, original issue. Parts 1 to 30. Hainilton on the National Debt, 1818.

Rogers's Italy, 8vo. sewed. Hemans' Poetical Works, 7 vols. fcp. Vol. 6.

Simons's Three Lectures on the Cost of Obtaining Money Hone's Apocryphal New Testament, 1820.

Southey's Cowper. Vol. 8 to Hume's Political Essays, 8vo. 1752.

Spelman's History and Fall of Sacrilege.
Huskisson's Navigation Laws.

Stephen's Central America, 2 vols. 8vo.
Shipping Interest.

Sterne's Works, 12mo. (Dodsley.) Vol. 11, being Vol. 1 - Speech on Colonial Policy.


Printed at 57. Skinner Street, Snowhill, in the City of London, by ELIEZER CHATER WILSON, of 6, Palmer Te

the Parish of St. Mary, islington; and published by SAMPSON Low, of 14, Great James Street, in the far St. Andrew, Holborn, at the Office, 169, Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West.-Thursday, Dec.

sday, Dec. 4,137


OF DECEMBER 4, 1851.


To be published this Christmas.

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A New Version, from the Original Greek. Adapted for Schools and Young Persons.

With 100 Original Designs, by Tenniel.
Published by John MURRAY, Albemarle Street. (Vide Adr. 1014.)

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