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The Editor of the Art-Journal is actively arranging to report very fully the Great Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations; with this view he is in communication with the leading Manufacturers of Great Britain and Ireland, the Colonies, the United States, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Prussia, Saxony, and the other States of Europe,—most of which he has personally visited for the purpose of procuring Drawings and obtaining information.

He proposes to issue Double Numbers of the Art-journal, Monthly, during Four Months; each Double Number to contain (in addition to the ordinary Letter-press, Engravings, &c.) Futt-six Pages, comprising about 300 Woodcuts, of the best, the most beautiful, and the most suggestive, of the Works contributed from all parts of the world, accompanied by brief descriptive and critical remarks.

In the Art-journal, the pages to contain the Illustrated Catalogue will be paged apart from the ordinary Number—so as to make a separate and distinct Book; it will, however, be bound up and issued with the usual Monthly Parts; and, for these parts, double price will be, necessarily, charged.

For those who are not subscribers to the Art.journal, the Four Parts will be subsequently issued as a Volume, beautifully bound, and at the advanced price of One Guinea; the cost to Subscribers to the ArtJournal (exclusive of binding) being but Ten Shillings. Covers for binding will be issued to Subscribers at a moderate price.

This Catalogue will be printed by hand, and nol by machinery; the Drawings have been made by accomplished Artists, in all instances under the scrutiny of the Manufacturers, and are Engraving by Messrs. Dalziel, Nicholls, Bastin, Whimper, Jackson, Cooper, Sec.

They will be as perfect examples of the Art as can be produced by the combined industry and skill of eminent Artists.

The Fourth Part will contain an Engraved Title Page, an Illustrated History of the Building, a Copious Index, and the "Prize Essay," for which One Hundred Guineas have been offered, on the best " mode of rendering the Exhibition practically useful to the British manufacturer."

The work, when completed, will form a permanent record of the Exhibition, and a Key To The Host Meritorious Manufactures Of All Parts Of The World.

Part The First Will Be Issued On The 1st Of Mat. Office Of The Art-journal, Marlborough Chambers, 49, Pall Mall.

#* Manufacturers will perceive by the above announcement, that although it will be desirable for the Editor to receive Drawings early, there will be ample time for them to furnish him with such drawings at any period before the articles are forwarded to the Exhibition; or, indeed, during the first month of their exposition there.

No cost whatever will be incurred by the Manufucturer. The Editor may be communicated with either personally or by letter.


TO ADVERTISERS.—No better medium exists than these publications for making fully known the various Business Establishments of the Metropolis, or for conveying to public notice the claims of skill and excellence exercised in British Manufactures.

The "Art-journal" is principally devoted to the elaborate illustration of every subject connected with Art, thus becoming, in the highest degree, attractive to the student, as well as to the intelligent of every class; the Work, however, is an ornament pertaining to the drawing-room or library table, and the eircolstion is rapidly extending, being guaranteed to Advertisers during the Exhibition Months at not leas thin 25,000 Monthly, when Advertisements will be arranged as follows :—

1. Public and Charitable Institutions.

2. Places of Public Instruction and Amusement.

3. Offices for Insurance.

4. Literary Publications.

5. Works connected with Art and Invention.

6. Business Establishments, of character and high

standing, home and foreign.

7. Hotels and Lodging-houses for Visitors of every


8. Arrangements for Public Railway, Steamboat, and

Carriage Conveyance.

9. Miscellaneous Advertisements, carefully and judi

ciously arranged.

Advertisements for the May Number should be addressed to Mr. Clark, "Art-journal" Office, Marlborough Chambers, 49, Pall Mall, on or before the 16th of April, or to the Publishers, Messrs. A. Hall, Virtue, and Co. 25, Paternoster Row. ('*')

Printed at 57, Skinner Street, Snowhill, in the City of London, by Eliezbr Chatkr Wilson, of 6, Palmer Terrace, hi the PariBh of St. Mary, Islington; and published bv Samfson Low, of 14, Great James Street, in the Parum or St. Andrew, Hoiborn, at the(JUice,169, Fleet Street, in the Parish of SLDunstan in the West.—Tuesday, April 15, issi.

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Central <Re rorft of BritissJ) anfc jfoirigu literature;





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Tbi following Guide-books Foe London And Its Environs aro here inserted for the benefit of the amy Country and Foreign Visitors now in London :—

Murray's Modern London, or Hand-Book of London as it is: with full Descriptions of all Places and Objects of Interest in the Metropolis.—Vide Adv. 32G.

London, Past and Present. By Peter Cunningham. 2d edition.—Vide Adv. 326.

London. By J. R. M'Culloeh. Forming a Part of " The Traveller's Library. Low's Guide To Tiie Places Of Pudlic Worship In London. A New Edition, with tho Names of the Clergymen, the Hours of Servico on Sunday and other days, Special Sen-ices with reference to the present period, and much other useful information. Low's Guide To The Charities Of London: comprehending the Benevolent, Educational, and

Religious Institutions, thou- Origin, Design, Progress, and Present Position. New Edition of Mubiuy's Hand-boo K To Westminster Abbey, Windsor, and Eton J also the

British Museum, and the Galleries of Pictures in and near London.—Vide Adv. 326. The British Metropolis In 1851 ; a Classified Guide to London. Also a Compendium of the

British Metropolis.—Vide Adv. 329. The Official Catalogue Of The Great Exhibition Of The Works Of Industry Of All Nations—1851: "The Earth is the Lord's, and all that therein is:

The compass of the world, and all that dwell therein." The same work, Illustrated Edition—Part I., Introductory, and Sect.L, Raw Materials, Classes 1 to 4. *,* This work is really a wonderful production, when the following extract from the contractors' notice, which is bound with the volume, is taken into consideration :—" The Contractors beg to notify tliat in consequenco of their having only received the numerical arrangement of the Exhibitors twelve hours before going to press, they are only able to publish the present portion of the work": and yet wo have befor6 us a most beautiful volume, containing 200 pages of letterpress and upwards of 20 pages of illustrations. Taken altogether, this Catalogue exemplifies what art and science may accomplish when judiciously directed.

The Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue Of The Great Exhibition will be comprised in a moiety of four double numbers of the "Art Journal." The first number, highly illustrated, is this day published.—Vide Adv. 341.

NEW MAP of LONDON; also, a full Description and the
authorised Arrangements of the Crystal Palace, its Ori-
gin, Construction, Dimensions, &c.
THE PALACE of INDUSTRY: a brief History of its Ori-
gin and Progress; with a Descriptive Account of the
most interesting portions ot the Machinery employed in
its Construction.
THE PALACE or INDUSTRY: a Comprehensive and Po-
pular Account of the Construction, Machinery, and Sta-
tistics of Hie Gnat Exhibition Building. By W. J. 1).
THE GREAT EXHIBITION: its Palaces and principal
Contents j with Notices of the Public Buildings of the
Metropolis, Places of Amusement, &c. By Robert Ste-

SIT to the GREAT EXHIBITION, descriptive of all its
principal Attractions. With S5 Pictures.

TRIAL EXHIBITION, 1851. By Peter Berlyn.

TAL PALACE. Translated into English by a Belgian.
Revised and corrected by an American.'

■(Ml. By J. C. H. Kreunrl.

'be coropletest Information furTravellers and Foreigners.


"i LONDON dnrin2 1851.

LONDON EXHIBITED in 1851; including a ncwly-con-
Hructed Map. Edited by John Weale.

LONDON in all its GLORY; or, How to Enjoy London
.iiirir.t the Great Exhibition.

MAP OF LONDON with Descriptive Guides in English
German, French, Spanish, or Italian.

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BIDDI de Adr. 113nd enlarged.'s in Prose 2ook: Selecti950


PUBLISHED FROM THE 14TH TO THE 29TH OF APRIL. AFRICA REDEEMED: or, the Means of ber Relief illus. / CHILD'S (The) Treasury : Reading without Spelling effec.

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(Library for the Times, Vol. 1, Part 1.) Lexicon, founded on the larger Latin-German of Dr. W . CHURCH (The) and the Kingdom; or, Is Baptism the Freund: with Additions and Corrections from the Lexi Entrance into the Church? 8vo. pp. 100, sd. ls. 60. (1999 cons of Gesner, Facciolati, Scheller, Georges, &c. B CLARKE(M.C.)-The Girlhood of Shakspeare's Heroines, E. A. Andrews, LL.D. 8vo. pp. 1664, cloth, 21s. ..[1971 in a Series of Fifteen Tales. By Mary Cowden Clarke. (Vide Adv. 340.)

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........ 12000 ANNUAL (The) of Scientific Discovery ; or, Year-Book of COBBIN (I.)-The Bible Remembrancer : intended to

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Bailey. 8vo. pp. 208, cloth, 78. 6d......... .......(1976 | 1 and 2, post 8vo. cloth, reduced, each 5s........... 2004 BANKÉR'S (The) Almanac for 1851. 8vo. (Boston, U.S.). CONFORMITY with the Rules of the Book of Common pp. 458, cloth, 4s. 6d.

Prayer the Safeguard of the English Church : a Series of (Vide Adv. 354.)

Lecture Sermons. By a Country Clergyman. No. 1, BEARD (J. R.) People's Biographical Dictionary of the

8vo, sewed, 4d......

..............................1 2005 Bible. 4 vols. in 1, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 10d. ..........(1978 COOK (ELIZA) Journal. Vol. 4, royal 48.6d... 2006 BENNETT (J. H.)--Observations on the Treatment of COOK (J.)-Remarks on Lord Melgund's Bill, and the Phthisis Pulmonalis. By John Hughes Bennett. Svo. Means of Education in Scotland

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......(1979 Svo. pp. 56, sewed, Is............................. (2007 - The Mesmeric Mania of 1851, with a Physiological COOKESLEY (W.G.)-Explanatory Index to the of

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............ (2010 the Hon. Society of the Middle Temple. Royal 8vo. (Vide Adv. 359.) cloth, 8s. ..

...........[1983 CUNYNGHAME (A.)-A Glimpse at the Great Western BOYLE'S Court Guide, corrected to April 1851. Bound, Republic. By Lieut. Col. Arthur Cunynghame. 8vo. 5s. ....... ........... [1984 pp. 340, cloth, 12s.........

.......2011 BRITTON (T. H.)-Horæ Sacramentales : the Sacramental CỦRLING (T. B.)- A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of

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DEAKIN (R.)-Florigraphia Britannica. Re-issue, it. I. BROGDEN (J.)- Records of the Supremacy of the Crown, 8vo. 58.; coloured, 10s. .......

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the South of Spain, and Algiers, illustrative of the State BURKE (P.)-Abrégé en Français de la loi Provisoire sur of Religion in those Countries. By the Rev. Thomas

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I ELLIOTT (C.) - Delineations of Roman Catholicism. By | CHILD'S UN FIRST HOUR; with Suggestions for some | Charles Elliott. 3d edit. imp. 8vo. 10s............. 2026 101

Thagement of Newly born Infants : EMERTON (J. A.)-The Great Exhibition : & Moral and Kur addressed. 10 Young Mothers. By a Physician. Fcp. Religious Guide thereto. By the Rev. J. A. Emerton. 4 8vo. PP Tu, cloth/37 ........... (1996 1 8vo. pp. 54, sewed, 1s. ...

.................... [2027

.. 2013








. half-bound, 88. in its Natural Ord William

20. red.00

[blocks in formation]

the Genders of 16,000 French Nouns in a Few Hours. By of Spirits, and Hell described. By One who had heard

J. Rowbotham. New edit, fcp. 8vo. pp. 22, su. 6d. (2149 and seen what he Relates. From the Latin of Emmanuel ROYAL (The) Blue Book, corrected to April 1851. Bd. 5s.

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THINGS that have WINGS: designed for the youngest SCHILLER.–The Poems of Schiller complete, including

Readers. Royal 16mo. large type, with Engravings, in all his Early Suppressed Pieces; attempted in English

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........ [2181

(Vide Adv, 371.) (Vide Adv. 369.)

THOM (J. H.)-St. Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians : an SCHOOL BOOKS.-On the Publication of School Books

Attempt to Convey their Spirit and Significance. By by Government at the Public Expense: a Correspon

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2d Year of the Reign of King Edward the 6th: with ReBy Rev. Fletcher Fleming. 8vo. pp. 16, sd. 6d... [2161 marks upon Conformity. By the Rev. Thos. S. L. Vol. - The Lord's Supper: its Nature, Requirements, and

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................................... (2169 (Vide Adv. 360.) (Vide Adv. 370.)

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the Rev. Isaac Williams. 8vo. pp. 300, cloth, 138.. [2196

(Vide Adv, 360.) with Glossary, Notes, Life, &c. By William Hazlitt. New edition, 12mo. pp. 540, cloth, 2s. 6d...........[2170

| WILLMOTT (R. A.)- Pleasures, Objects, and Advantages SHAKSPERE (W.)-The Comedies, Histories, Tragedies,

of Literature: a Discourse. By the Rev. Robert Aris and Poems of William Shakspere. Edited by Charles

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| WILSON (T.)-Catholicity, Spiritual and Intellectual: an Pp. 523, cloth, 7s. 6d. ............. ............. (2171 Attempt at Vindicating the Harmony of Faith and KnowSHORT POEMS and Hymis for Children to commit to

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By Christopher Wordsworth. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 1060, SILVER (E. D.)-Observations on Diseases of the Rectum

cloth, 30s......................................... 12199 and Anus: with numerous Cases. By E. D. Silver. 9tb WORTLEY (E, S.)-Travels in the United States. &c. dur. edit. Svo. pp. 150, cloth, 58. ....................... [2173

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| WRIGHT (J.)--Britain's Last Struggle: being a Series of

Lectures illustrative of the Character, Death, ResurrecSMITH (J. T. Local Self-Government and Centraliza

tion, and Ascension of the Two Witnesses. By the Rev. tion; the Characteristics of each, and its Practical Tendencies as affecting Social, Moral, and Political Welfare

James Wright. 12mo. pp. 374, cloth, 45, 6d. .. ... (3001 and Progress, including comprehensive Outlines of the

WRIGHT (Thos.) and EVANS (R. H.)-Gillray and his British Constitution. By J. Toulmin Smith. Post Svo.

Caricatures: an Historical and Descriptive Account of pp. 409, cloth, 8s. 60.............................. 12175

the Works of James Gi'lray ; comprising a Political and (Vide Adv. 331.)

Humorous History of the latter part of the Reign of STEPHENSON (R)-The Great Exhibition : its Palace George III. 8vo. pp. 503, cl. 15$. ; half mor, £1. 1s.(3002 and its principal Contents; with Notices of the Public Buildings of the Metropolis, Places of Amusement, &c. By Robert Stephenson. 12mo. with Illustrations, pp.

Law Reports. 224, boards, 18. .................................. 12176 STERNBERG (T.)-The Dialect and Folk-Lore of Nor

CHANCERY (Simons). New Series, Vol. 1, Part 2, 93. [3003 thamptonshire. By Thomas Sternberg. Fcp. 8vo. pp. COMMON PLEAS (Manning, Grainger, and Scott).

216, cloth, 5s..................................... [2177 | Vol. 8, Part 2. 9s. 6d. ............................ {30 STUART (M.)-A Commentary on Ecclesiastes. By Moses QUEEN'S BENCH, Practice Court (Lowndes and Co.) Stuart. Post 8vo. (New York), pp. 300, cloth, 6s...(2178 ! Vol. 2, Part 1, 11s. 6d. ......

............ (3005

(The Railway Librarij........ (2194

......... (2195

MARTIN (LIEUT.)—Guide to the Military Examination; containing every thing relating to the Interior Economy of a Company, and how to keep its Account*, according to the Horse Guards Circular; the Constitution, Form, and Power of Courts Martial: also Treatises on Castrametation. Escalading, Vouban's First System of Fortification, Gunnery, &c. By Lieut. Martin, 18th

Best. Irish. Svo. pp. 80, cloth, 48. 6d [2093

MEDEA, literally translated by the Kev. A. It. Faussett.

12mo. (Dublin), cloth. Is. 6d [2094

M EERES (N.)-School Cyclopaedia in Verse; with Prayers and Graces in various Languages. By the Rev. N. Meeres.

)2mo. pp. 672, cloth, 7s [2095

MEIGS (C. D.)—Woman, her Diseases and Remedies. A Series of Letters to his Class. Ily Charles D. Meig6.

2d edit, royal 8vo. pp. 68S, cloth, 18s [2036

(Vide Adv. 319.)

MEMOIRS Illustrative of the History and Antiquities of

the County and City of Lincoln, communicated to the

Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of Great

Britain and Ireland, heldat Lincoln, July 1848. Svo. pp.

398, cloth, 31s. 6d [2097

MEMOIRS Illustrative of the History and Antiquities of Norfolk and the City of Norwich, commui.icated to the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, held at Norwich, July 1847; with a General Report of the Proceedings of the Meeting, and a Catalogue of the Museum formed on that occasion. Svo.

pp. 250, cloth 21s ^ [2098

MINES and MINING. Pp. 196, sewed, 6d.; cl. KM. [20119 (Religious Tract Society's Monthly Volume, Vol. 6G.) (Vide Adv. 371.) MITCHELL (O—The Newspaper Press Directory, containing full Particulars relative to each Journal published in the United Kingdom and the British Isles: together with a complete Guide to the Newspaper Press of each County. 3d edition, entirelv revised, by Charles

Mitrhell. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 556, cloth, 6s. 6d T2100

(Vide Adv. 330.) MONOO (A.)—Lncile; on, la Lecture de la Bible. Par Adolphe Monod. (Lucilla; or, the Reading of the Bible.)

18mo- pp. 326. neat cover, Is. 4d.; cloth, is. 8d [2101

(Vide Adv. 371.) MONRO (E.)—Parochial Work. By the Rev. E. Monro.

2d edit. 8vo. pp. 296, cloth, 10s. 6d [2102

MULLER (C. O.)—Ancient Art and its Remains; or a Manual of the Archaeology of Art. I(y C O. Mfiller. New edition, with numerous additions, by F.G.Welcker. Translated from the German by John Leitcb. 8vo.pp.G48,

cloth, 18s [2103

M URRAY (J.)—Original Views of Passages in the Life and Writings of the Poet Philosopher of Vennusia; with which is combined an Illustration of the Suitability of the Ancient Epic and Lyric*Styles to Modern Subjects of National and General Interest. By John Murray, M.A.

8vo. (Dublin), pp. 252, cloth, Us [2104

NATIONAL CYCLOPEDIA of Useful Knowledge. 12

vols. 8vo. cloth, j£3.; half-bound calf, J£3. 12s [2105

NEALE (J. M.)—Mediaeval Hymns and Sequences. Trans-
lated by the Rcv.J.M.Nealc. 32mo. pp.164, cl.2s.6d.[2106
(Vide Adv. 373.)
NEALE (J. M.)—The Followers of the Lord: Stories for
Children from Church History. By the Rev. J. M.
Neale. 18mo. pp. 204, cloth, 2s. (Vide Adv. 373.) .. [2107
NEANDER'S First Planting of Christianity. Translated

by Ryland. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d [2108

(Vide Adv. 363.) (Bonn's Standard Librarv.) OFFICIAL CATALOGUE of the Gieat Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations, 1851. Small 4to. pp.

320, sewed, Is [2109

OFFICIAL Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Works of 1 ndustry of all Nations, 1851. Parti, Introductory; and Section 1, Raw Materials, Classes 1 to 4, royal Svo. pp. 200, plates, cl. 10s[2110 OVERMAN (F.)—Practical Mineralogy, Mining, and Assaying: instructions for Mining and Assaying, Description of Useful Minerals, &c. By F. Overman. ]2mo.

cloth, 6s. 6d. (Vide Adv. 319.) [2111


CORRESPONDENCE between W. Sharman Crawford,

M.P. and the Rev. Dr. Molesworth. 8vo. sd. Id. T2112

DARWALL (L.)-The Catholic Church: together "with

the True Bible and Apostolical Tradition, &c.; or the

Romish Catechism, with an Interpolated Canon, Men's

Tradition, &c. Which? By the Rev. Leicester

Darwall, M.A. 8vo. pp. 58, sewed, Is [2113

EARNEST and Affectionate Address to the Members of his Flock on our Present Position in Church and State iu consequence of the Recent Papal Aggression. By a Villare (urate. Svo. (Kendal), pp. 16, sewed, 6d.[2114 HISTORICAL and Practical Remarks on the Papal Aggression. 12mo. pp. 38, sewed, Is [2115

LETTER to Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen upon the Papal Question: with an Address to the Electors of the United Kingdom. By One of the People. Svo.

(Edinburgh), sewed, 9d [2116

MANN (J. H.)-Thc Word of God the only Standard of Truth and Test of Real Religion, and the Church of Rome examined thereby. By J. II. Munn. Fcp. 8vo.

pp. 72, sewed, Is [2117

'M'CAUL (A.)—Is the Presence of a Cardinal in England Necessary or Expedient? A Question for the Queen, the People, and the Legislature. By the Rev. A. M'Caul. Svo. sewed,6d [2118

PAPAL QUESTION (continued) :—

M'CORRY (J. ».)—Was St. Peter ever at Rome? The

Substance of Two Lectures delivered in St. John's

Catholic Church, Perth, on Sunday 2d and 9th of Teh.

1851. By J. S. M'Corry, M.A. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 3«,

sewed, 4d [2119

MEREWETHERfJ.)—A Letter to Benjamin D'hraeli.

Esq. M.P. on the Papal Aggression. 8vo.pp.326,ls.[2120

MILNE (R.G.)—Romanism and Congregationalism con.

tra6ted. 12mo. pp. 82, sd. Is.; cloth, Is. 6d [2121

RICH (A. Jun.)-Tlie Legend of St. Peter's Chair. Hy

Anthony Rich, Jun. B.A. 8vo. pp. 32, sd. Is. ..[21J2

ROSS (J.) —On Penance and the Confessional, as Unscriu

tural and Immoral. By the Rev. J. Boss, Curate of

Pett. 18mn. stiff cover, 4d [2121

'Vide Adv. 371.) SERMONS:— HALTON (T.)—Papal Supremacy. A Sermon. By

the Rev. T. Ilalton. M.A. 8vo. sewed. Is [3121

PARENT'S (The) Great Commission; or, Essays on iub. jects connected with the Higher Part of Education. 2d

edition, 12mo. pp. 200. cloth, 4s [2123

PARISH (THE) CHOIR, or Church Music Book, Vol.3

Royal 8vo. cloth, 9s [21M

(Vide Adv. 3S2.) PARRY-(E.)-Roval Visits and Progresses to Wiles and the Border Counties of Cheshire, Salop, Hereford, and Monmouth, from the First Invasion to Her Most Gracious Majesty's Visit. By Edward Parry. Id edit. 4to.

pp. 48t">, cloth. 21s [2117

PASTORAL ADDRESSES to the British Parliament. By a Christian Bishop. Nos. 1, 2, and 3, 12mo. (Batbi,

pp. 12, each 2d [2128

PATERSON (N.)—The Manse Garden, or Pleasant Culture of Fruits, Flowers, and Vegetables, for the Beauty and Profit of tlie Villa or Farm. By Nathaniel Paterson.

7th thousand. 12mo. pp. 300, cloth, 3». 6d [2129

PAXTON'S Flower Garden. By John Lindley, andJoi.

Faxton. Vol. l,4to. pp. 194, plates, cl. 33s [2130

PEEL (Sir R.) Life and Times of. Vols. 1 to 3, by \v. C Taylor. Vol. 4, by Charles Mackay. 8vo. complete,

^*2.2s.; Vol. 4, separately, 13s .[2111

(Vide Adv. 353.) PETER LITTLE and the Lucky Sixpence, the Frot's Lecture and other Stories: a Verso Book for my Children and their Playmates. 2d edition, 12mo. pp. 240, sc*ed,


PHILLIPS (Sir R.)—A Million of Facts of Correct Data, &c By Sir Edward Phillips. New edit. 12ino.pp. 10SD,

cloih, 12s. (Vide Adv. 323.) [JUJ

P1NDARI Cannula ad fidein Textus Bockhiaai. By Gulielmus Gilford Cookesley. 2 vols. Svo. pp. 890. a

28s [sm

P1TCAIRN (II.)—Zion's King: the Second Psalm Es pounded in the Light of History and Prophecy. Bv the Rev. David Pitcairn. Post Svo. pp. 452, cl. 7s. 6d. [5111 PLATO'S WORKS. Translated by George Burcess, M.A. Vol. 4, containing Philebus, Cliarmides-, Laches, Tin Two Alcibiades, and Ten other Dialogues. 12mo. cloth

5s [11»

(Vide Adv. 361.) (Bonn's Classical Library.)

POETARUM Sccnicoruin Graccorum .4ischyli, Sophoclis, Euripides et Aristophanes, Fabulae Superstites et lVr diturum, Fragmenta, ex Recognitionc Dindortii. Edttic

secunda, royal 8vo. pp. 800, cloth, 21s [Sill

POWER (P. B.)—Sacred Allegories, and other Poems. H)

the Rev. P. B. Power, M.A. Fcp.pp. 198, cl. 3s.6d.!215f

PRESCRIBER'S (The) Pharmacopoeia; containing allth<

Medicines in the New London Pharmacopoeia. By i

Practising Physician. 4th edit. 32mo. pp. 150, doth

2s. 6d.; tuck, 3s. Od [JUS

PRESENT-DAY (A) Pamphlet—Condition of the Labouring Poor considered; with Suggestions for their Amelioration, Physical and Moral. By Christophero. svo.

(Birkenhead), pp.40, sewed, Is [2141

PRETTY VILLAGE (The). —New Series for Children With superior coloured Engravings, by a new process

in an elegant rover, Is [2141

(Vide Adv. 371.) PROTESTA NT (A) Catechism for the Use of National an. Sunday Schools. By a Clergyman. ISmo. (Hereford)

pp. 20, sewed, 2d [2141

PROTESTANT Lectures on the Errors and Abuses of Ko maoism. By the Revs. C. Lane, W. Curling, D. Kelly G. Fisk, H. Hughes, J. N. Watson, and T. Nolan. 12ir»

pp. 260, cloth, 3s. 6d [lit:

PUGIN (A. W.)—A Treatise on Chancel Screens and R«! Lofts; their Antiquity, Use, and Symbolical Signilia tion. By A. Welby Pugin. Illustrated with Figure copied oh Stone by the Author. 4to.pp. 120, cl. 15s.[214 RAMSAY (A.)-'l he Gentle Shepherd: a Pastoral Con,.*l> By Allan Ramsay. With Life of the Author, numeral Illustrations, and a comprehensive Glossary, lsmo, pp

198. cloth, 2s. fid.: cloth gilt, 3s [21*

REFORMATION (The) of the Ecclesiastical Laws as at tempted in the Rcigiisof King Henry VIII., Edward VI. and Queen Elizabeth. New edition, by Ewd. Cardweil

D.D. 8vo. pp. 402, cloth, Gs. 6d [214

RICH (A.)—The Legend of Saint Peter's Chair. By Ant

Rich. Svo. pp. 36, sewed, Is [214

RIMBAULT (E. F.)—A Little Book of Songs and Ballails gathered from Ancient Music Books MS., and printed By E. F. Rinibault, LL.D. Post Svo. pp.240, half-bourn morocco, 6s. (Vide Adv. 369.) [*l4i

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