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Provides staff assistance to the Surgeon
General and gives leadership in the develop-
ment and promulgation of Service-wide pol-
icles and procedures for the management
of the Service. Makes and coordinates pro-
gram development studies on national health
problems; coordinates studies and programs
related to health emergency planning and
studies civilian requirements for health sup-
plies and equipment; provides a program in
health and related statistics; coordinates
the international aspects of Service pro-
grams; directs and coordinates the Service's
information, publications, and public inquiry
programs; provides administrative services
on a centralized basis.


Develops and administers, through a sys-
tem of USPHS Hospitals, clinics and con-
tract services, medical programs for Amer-
ican Seamen, U.S. Coast Guardsmen, and
other beneficiaries. Develops and admin-
isters a comprehensive health services pro-
gram for Indians and Alaska Nadves; enforces
quarandne laws; administers Service aspects
of Federal employee health programs; serves
as focal point for the administration of PHS
responsibilities under the Dependent's
Medical Care Act; provides leadership and
direction for medical programs in other
Federal agencies; administradvely super-
vises Freedmen's Hospital. Participates in
clinical and medical care administration
research studies; provides professional
training opportunities.

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66-429 0 - 66 (Face p. 21)




External Advisory Groups

Chief Professional Officers

66–429 066

Immediate Office of the

Surgeon General

Internal Advisory Groups

and Special Staff

Office of
Surgeon General

Surgeon General
Deputy Surgeon General
Assistant Surgeon General

Executive Officer

National Library of Medicine

Bureau of State Services

Bureau of
Medical Services

Notional Institutes

of Health

Community Health


Environmental Health


Foreign Quarantine
Indian Health

Accident Prevention
Medical Care Administration
Chronic Diseases
Communicable Disease

Community Health Services
Dental Health
Hospital and Medical


Air Pollution
Environmental Engineering and

Food Protection
Occupational Health
Radiological Health

Chief Medical Officer,

Coast Guard
Medical Director,

Bureau of Prisons
Medical Director,
Bureau of Employees'

National Institutes:

Allergy & Infectious Diseases
Arthritis & Metabolic Diseases
Child Health & Human

Dental Research
General Medical Sciences
Mental Health
Neurological Diseases & Blindness
Clinical Center

Biologics Standards
Computer Research & Technology
Regional Medical Programs
Research Facilities & Resources
Research Grants
Research Services

9 PHS Regional Offices

[blocks in formation]

To assist in expanding and improving community facilities and services for

the health care of aged and other persons, and for other purposes.
To amend title III of the PIIS Act to authorize grants for family clinics for

domestic agricultural migratory workers, and for other purposes.
To amend the PHS Act to provide for the establishment of an Institute of

Child Health and Human Development, to extend for 3 additional years the
authorization for grants for the construction of facilities for research in the

sciences related to health, and for other purposes.
To assist States and communities to carry out intensive vaccination programs

designed to protect their populations, particularly all preschool children,
against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus.
To increase the opportunities for training of physicians, dentists, and pro-

fessional public health personnel, and for other purposes.
To provide centers for research on mental retardation and related aspects of

human development.
To improve the public health through revising, consolidating, and improving
the hospital and other medical facilities provisions of the Public Health

Service Act.
To amend the Public Health Service Act to increase the opportunities for

training professional nursing personnel, and for other purposes.
To extend and otherwise amend certain expiring provisions of the Public

Health Service Act relating to community health services, and for other

To amend the Public Health Service Act provisions for construction of health

research facilities by extending the expiration date thereof and providing
increased support for the program, to authorize additional Assistant Secre-
taries in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and for other

To assist in combating heart disease, cancer, stroke, and related diseases.

[blocks in formation]

Public Law 88-443, Aug. 18, 1964 (78 Stat.

Public Law 88-581, Sept. 4, 1964 (78 State.

Public Law 89–109, Aug. 5, 1965 (79 Stat.

Public Law 89–115, Aug. 9, 1965 (79 Stat.


[blocks in formation]

Public Law 89-239, Oct. 6, 1965 (79 Stat.

Public Law 89–290, Oct. 22, 1965 (79 Ştat.


To improve the educational quality of schools of medicine, dentistry, and

osteopathy, to authorize grants under that act to such schools for the award-
ing of scholarships to needy students, and to extend expiring provisions of
that act for student loans and for aid in construction of teaching facilities for
students in such schools and schools for other health professions, and for other

To provide for a program of grants to assist in meeting the need for adequate

medical library services and facilities.

27. Medical Library Assistance Act of 1965.

Public Law 89–291, Oct. 22, 1965 (79 Stat.


1 This table includes only major amendments which have made significant or extensive
changes in the PHS Act. It does not purport to be a comprehensive listing of all amend-
ments of that act.

2 As authorized in the act, except where noted.

3 Since the 85th Cong., each public law has carried a prefix which is the number of the Congress in which it was enacted. Thus, Public Law 85-480 is Public Law 480 of the

85th Cong. For convenience, the references to public laws contained herein have been
conformed to this new practice. The dates cited herein are the dates of Presidential
approval of the act, and are not necessarily the dates of effectiveness of specific provisions
of law. The parenthetical citations are to the U.S. Statutes at Large.

4 Quoted from the purpose clause of the public law.

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