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18-1.302 Sources of supply. Subpart 18–1.1-Introduction

18–1.302–1 Government agencies.

18-1.302–2 Sources outside the GovernSec.

ment. 18-1.100 Scope of subpart.

18-1.302–3 Production and research and 18-1.101 Purpose of this chapter.

development pools. 18-1.102 Applicability.

18–1.302–50 Contracts between NASA and 18-1.103 Arrangement of this chapter.

Government employees. 18-1.107 Dissemination and effective 18–1.302-51 Proposed subcontracts between date of this chapter and

NASA contractors and Govrevisions.

ernment employees. 18-1.109

Deviations and other procure- 18–1.304 Selection of items involving ment publications.

proprietary data or other re18-1.109-1 Applicability.

strictive factors. 18-1.109-2 Approval of deviations.

18-1.305 Time of dellvery or performance. 18-1.109-3 Requests for deviations.

18-1.305–1 Scope. 18-1.110 Reports of contracts.

18-1.305-2 General. 18-1.111 Reports of noncompetitive

18-1.305-3 Terms. practices.

18-1.306-4 Time of delivery clauses. 18-1.112 Relationship to ASPR and FPR.

18-1.306 Approval signature. 18-1.113 Code of conduct.

18–1.307 Priorities, allocations, and al18-1.114 Reporting of identical bids.

lotments. 18-1.115 Noncollusive bids and

18–1.307-1 NASA program. posals.

18-1.307-2 Required use of priorities, Subpart 18-1.2-Definition of Terms

allocations, and allotments

clause. 18-1.201 Definitions.

18-1.308 Records of contract actions. 18–1.202 Administrator.

18-1.309 Solicitations for information or 18-1.203 Change order.

planning purposes. 18-1.204 Construction contractor.

18-1.310 Liquidated damages. 18–1.205 Contract modification.

18-1.311 Construction contracts—Dis18-1.206 Contracting officer.

closure of Government esti18–1.207 Contracts.

mate. 18–1.208 Director of procurement.

18-1.312 Voluntary refunds. 18–1.209 Executive agency.

18-1.314 Contracting officer's decision 18-1.210 Federal agency.

under the disputes clause. 18-1.211 Field Installation.

18-1.315 Security requirements. 18-1.212 Field procurement omce.

18-1.316 Disclosure of contractor per18-1.213 Government instrumentality.

formance data to other gov18-1.214 Head of a field installation.

ernment agencies and foreign 18-1.215 Head of the agency.

governments. 18-1.216 Includes.

18-1.350 Nondiscrimination clause 18-1.217 Installation.

Government leases. 18-1.218 Manufacturer.

18–1.350-1 Policy. 18-1.219 May.

18–1.350-2 Use of clause. 18-1.220 NASA. 18.1.221 Negotiate and negotiation.

18-1.350-3 Lease amendments and re18-1.222 Omce of procurement.

newals. 18-1.223 Poesessions.

18-1.350_4 Invitation for bids or request 18-1.224 Procurement.

for proposals involving leases. 18-1.225 Procurement office.

18–1.350–5 Deviations. 18-1.226 Procurement officer. 18-1.227 Procuring activity and head of Subpart 18–1.5—Contingent or Other Fees & procuring activity.

18–1.500 Scope of subpart. 18-1.228 Regular dealer.

18-1.502 Applicability. 18-1.229 Service contractor.

18-1.503 Covenant against contingent 18-1.230 Shall.

fees clause. 18–1.231 Small Business concern.

18–1.504 Improper influence. 18-1.232 Supplemental agreement.

18-1.505 General principles and stand18-1.238 Supplies and property.

ards applicable to the cove18-1.234 United States.


18–1.505–1 Contingent character of the fee. Subpart 18–1.3—General Policies

18-1.505-2 Exceptions to the prohibition of 18–1.300 Scope of subpart.

the covenant. 18–1.301 Methods of procurement.

18–1.505-3 Bona fide employee.

Sec. 18–1.5054 Bona fide established commer

cial or selling agency maintained by the contractor for the purpose of securing busi

ness. 18-1.505-5 Fees for information. 18-1.506 Representation and agreement

required from prospective

contractors. 18–1.506–1 Interpretation of the represen

tation. 18-1.507 Use of Standard Form 119. 18-1.507-1 Statement in lieu of form. 18-1.507-2 Exceptions. 18–1.507-50 Additional provision. 18-1.508 Enforcement. 18–1.508-1 Failure or refusal to furnish

Standard Form 119. 18-1.508–2 Misrepresentations or violations

of the covenant against con

tingent fees. 18-1.509 Preservation of records. 18-1.550 Responsibility for protecting in

formation contained in com

pleted Standard Form 119. Subpart 18–1.6-Debarred, Ineligible, and

Suspended Bidders 18–1.600 Scope of subpart and defini

tions. 18-1.600–1 Scope. 18-1.600-2 Definition of affliates. 18-1.601 Establishment and mainte

nance of a list of firms or individuals debarred or ineligi

ble. 18-1.601-1 General. 18-1.601-2 Information contained in NASA

list. 18-1.601-3 Joint consolidated list. 18-1.601-4 Protection of lists. 18-1.601-50 Authority for making determi

nations. 18–1.601-51 Compliance with NASA list and

joint consolidated list. 18-1.602 Limitation. 18–1.603 Grounds for listing and treat

ment to be accorded listed

concerns. 18-1.604 Debarment of bidders. 18-1.604-1 Authority in NASA to debar

firms and individuals. 18-1.604-2 Causes for debarment. 18-1.604-3 Period and scope of debarment. 18-1.604-4 Notice of debarment. 18-1.604-50 Reporting procedures. 18-1.605 Suspension of bidders. 18-1.605–1 General. 18-1.605-2 Authority in NASA to suspend

firms or individuals. 18-1.605_3 Causes for suspension. 18–1.605-4 Period and scope of suspension. 18–1.605-5 Restrictions during period of


Sec. 18-1.605–6 Notice of suspension, 18-1.605–50 Reporting procedures. 18-1.606 Limited debarment or suspen

sion. 18-1.607 Interchange of debarment in

formation. Subpart 18-1.7—Small Business Concerns 18-1.700 Scope of subpart. 18–1.701 Definitions. 18–1.701-1 Small business concern. 18-1.701-4 Manufacturing industry em

ployment size standards. 18-1.702 General policy. 18–1.703 Determination of status as

small business concern. 18–1.704 Small business officials. 18-1.704-1 Headquarters. 18-1.704-2 Field installations. 18-1.705 Cooperation with the small

business administration. 18–1.705-1 General. 18-1.705–2 Small business administration

representatives. 18–1.705–3 Screening of procurements. 18-1.705–4 Access to procurement infor

mation. 18–1.705-5 Joint SBA-NASA small business

class set-aside for construction, repair and alteration

work. 18–1.705-6 Certificates of competency. 18–1.705–7 Performance of contract by

small business administra

tion. 18–1.706 Set-asides for small business. 18–1.706-1 General. 18-1.706–2 Review of small business ad

ministration set-aside pro

posals. 18–1.706–3 withdrawal or modification of

set-asides. 18–1.706-4 Reporting for department of

commerce procurement syn

opsis. 18–1.706-5 Total set-asides. 18–1.706-6 Partial set-asides. 18-1.706-7 Automatic dissolution of set

asides. 18-1.706-8 Contract authority. 18-1.706–9 Maintenance of records. 18-1.707 Subcontracting with small

business concerns. 18–1.707-1 General. 18–1.707-2 Small business subcontracting

program. 18-1.707-3 Required clauses. 18–1.707-4 Responsibility for reviewing the

subcontracting program. 18–1.70745 Reports on NASA Form 524. 18-1.707-6 Subcontracting studies and sur

veys. 18–1.707-7 Small business administration

review of agency records.

Sec. 18–1.1005–1 Codes for services. 18-1.1005–2 Codes for supplies. 18-1.1006 Paid advertisements in news

papers and trade journals. 18–1.1050 Furnishing additional procure

ment information to public. Subpart 18–1.12—Specifications, Plans, and

Drawings 18–1.1200 Application.

Subpart 18-1.14—Preference or United

States-Flag Air and Ocean Carriers 18-1.1400 Scope of subpart. 18-1.1402 General. 18-1.1404 Procedures. 18–1.1405 Responsibilities.

Subpart 18-1.8–Labor Surplus Area Concerns Sec. 18-1.850 Screening of procurements with

respect to labor surplus area

Subpart 18-1.9— Responsible Prospective

18-1.900 Scope of subpart.
18-1.901 Applicability.

General policy. 18-1.903 Minimum standards for re

sponsible prospective contrac

tors. 18-1.903-1 General standards. 18-1.903–3 Ability to meet certain mini

mum standards 18-1.903-4 Afiliated concerns. 18-1.904

Determinations of responsibility

and nonresponsibility. 18-1.905 Procedures for determining re

sponsibility of prospective

contractors. 18-1.905-1

General 18-1.905–2 When Information will be ob

tained. 18-1.905–3 Sources of information. 18-1.905-4 Pre-award surveys. 18-1.905-50 Factors to be considered. 18-1.905-51 When surveys normally are not

required. 18-1.905–52 Procedures for requesting pre

award surveys. 18-1.905–53 Procedures for accomplishing

pre-award surveys. 18-1.906 Subcontractor responsibility. 18-1.907 Disclosure of pre-award data. 18-1.950

Format of Request for Pre

Award Survey (NASA Form

585) 18-1.951 Format of Financial Data Sheet

(NASA Form 586)
Subpart 18-1.10_Publicizing Procurement

Actions 18-1.1001 General policy. 18–1.1002 Availability of invitations for

bids and requests for pro

posals. 18–1.1003 Synopses of proposed procure

ments. 18-1.1003-1 General. 18–1.1003–3 Synopses of subcontract op

portunities. 18–1.1003-4 Responsibility of small business

specialists. 18–1.1003–5 Publication of procurements of

less than $10,000. 18-1.1003-8 Pre-invitation notices. 18-1.1003–7 Information regarding specifi

cations, plans, and drawings. 18–1.1003-8 Time of publicizing. 18-1.1003-9 Preparation and transmittal. 18-1.1003-10 Area redevelopment administra

tion. 18-1.1004 Synopses of contract awards. 18-1.1004-1 Preparation and transmittal. 18-1.1005 Classification codes.

Subpart 18-1.16-Novation Agreements 18–1.1600 Scope of subpart. 18–1.1601 Definition. 18–1.1602 Agreement to recognize a suc

cessor in interest. 18–1.1603 Agreement to recognize change

of name of contractor. 18-1.1650 Procedures. 18–1.1651 Novation agreement formats

and related NASA documents. 18–1.1651-1 Successor in interest agreement

format. 18–1.1651-2 Change of name agreement

format. 18–1.1651–3 Sample letter requesting issu

ance of change order. 18–1.1651-4 Sample change order format. Subpart 18–1.50-Integration of Quality

Requirements in NASA Procurements 18–1.5000 Scope of subpart. 18–1.5001 Policy. 18-1.5002 Classification of NASA procure

ments. 18–1.5003 Responsibilities. 18-1.5004 Procedures. 18–1.5005 Technical factors.

Subpart 18–1.51-Integration of Reliability

Requirements Into NASA Procurements 18–1.5100 Scope of subpart. 18-1.5101 Policy. 18–1.5102 Definitions. 18-1.5103 Application. 18-1.5104 Responsibilities. 18–1.5105 Procedures. 18-1.5106 Technical factors (requests for

proposals and work state

ments). AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 18-1 issued under 42 U.S.C. 2473(b) (1).

SOURCE: The provisions of this part 18-1 appear at 29 F.R. 16502, Dec. 5, 1964, unless otherwise noted.

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Subpart 18–1.1- Introduction Documents, United States Government

Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 20402. § 18–1.100 Scope of subpart.

& 18–1.109 Deviations and other proThis subpart sets forth introductory

curement publications. information pertaining to the purpose, applicability, and content of this chapter. § 18–1.109–1 Applicability. § 18–1.101 Purpose of this chapter.

A deviation shall be considered to be

any of the following: This chapter, issued by the Director of

(a) When a prescribed contract clause Procurement under authority delegated is set forth verbatim in NASA procureby the Administrator, establishes for the ment regulations us

ment regulations, use of a contract National Aeronautics and Space Admin

clause or a schedule provision covering istration (NASA) uniform policies and the same subiect matter which varies procedures relating to the procurement from. or has the effect of altering the of property and services under the au

prescribed NASA clause, or changing its thority of the National Aeronautics and

application; Space Act of 1958, as amended (Public

(b) When a Standard, NASA, or other Law 85-568; 42 U.S.C. 2451 et seq.), form is prescribed by NASA procureChapter 137, Title 10, of the United

ment regulations, use of any other form States Code, or other statutory authority. for the same purpose: § 18–1.102 Applicability.

(c) Alteration of a Standard or NASA This chapter applies to all purchases

form except as authorized by NASA pro

curement regulations; and contracts made by NASA, within or

(d) When limitations are imposed by outside the United States, for the pro

NASA procurement regulations upon the curement of property or services which

use of a contract clause, form, procedure, obligate appropriated funds, unless

type of contract, or any other procureotherwise specified herein.

ment action, the imposition of lesser or § 18–1.103 Arrangement of chapter. greater limitations; or This chapter is divided into parts, each

(e) When a policy, procedure, method one of which covers a separate aspect of

or practice of conducting procurement procurement; and each part is further

actions is prescribed in NASA procuresubdivided into subparts, sections, and

ment regulations, any policy, procedure, paragraphs.

method or practice inconsistent there

with. $ 18–1.107 Dissemination and effective

date of this chapter and revisions. 8 18–1.109–2 Approval of deviations. (a) The NASA Procurement Regula

Deviations from NASA procurement tion, and Revisions thereof, will be dis

regulations will be authorized only when tributed directly to NASA installations

it is essential to effect necessary proby the U.S. Government Printing Ofice.

curement or where special circumstances The number of copies of the Regulation,

make such deviations clearly in the best and Revisions thereof, will be distributed

interest of the Government. Such deon the basis of the requirements fur- viations will be approved only by the nished by each Headquarters Staff of Director of Procurement, or his authorfice, Headquarters Program Office, and ized representative. NASA field installation, to the Office of $ 18–1.109–3 Requests for deviations. Procurement, NASA Headquarters (Code

Requests for authority to deviate from KDP).

the provisions of this chapter and other (b) Heads of field installations will

procurement publications shall be subensure that copies of the NASA Procure

mitted to the Office of Procurement ment Regulation are distributed to all

(Code KDR). Such requests shall be interested NASA activities and indi signed by the Procurement Officer of a viduals within their installation.

field installation (or the Director in the (c) Copies of the NASA Procurement case of the Ileadquarters Contracts DiviRegulation, and Revisions thereof, may sion and the Grants and Research Conbe purchased by private concerns and tracts Division) or his deputy. Such individuals from the Superintendent of requests shall be submitted as far in

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