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sary) the Government may terminate subject contract for default under General Provision No. ------------ (Default).

1 Use only when the delivery schedule has not expired. The "Cure Notice" is required by the terms of the Default clause in the contract and derives its authority therefrom. Before using this notice, it must be ascertained that an amount of time equal to or greater than the period of “cure" remains in the contractually established delivery schedule or any extension thereof. If the time remaining in the contract delivery schedule is not sufficient to permit a realistic “cure” period of ten (10) days or more, the “Cure Notice” should not be issued and the following “Show Cause Notice" may be used, if desired, immediately upon the expiration of the delivery period.

SHOW CAUSE NOTICE Since you have failed to (perform Contract No. ------------ within the time required by the terms thereof) (cure the conditions endangering performance under contract No.

-------- as described to you in the Gove ernment's letter of -----------------), the

(date) Government is considering terminating said contract pursuant to General Provision No.

-- (Default). Pending a final decision in this matter, it will be necessary to determine whether your failure to perform arose out of causes beyond your control and without fault or negligence on your part. Accordingly, you are hereby afforded the opportunity to present, in writing, any facts

bearing on the question to Commander (insert complete address, including symbol, of activity where Procuring Contracting Officer is located), with copy thereof to the undersigned for information within ten (10) days after receipt of this notice. Your failure to present any excuses within this time may be considered as an admission that none exist. Your attention is invited to the respective rights of the Contractor and the Government under General Provision No.

---------- (Default) and the liabilities that may be invoked in the event a decision is made to terminate for default of the con. tractor.

Any assistance rendered to you on this contract or acceptance by the Government of delinquent goods or services hereunder, will be solely for the purpose of mitigating damages, and is not to be construed as an intention on the part of the Government to condone any delinquency, or as & walver of any rights the Government may have under subject contract.3

· Delivery schedule in part or in whole has expired.

3 Stop work instructions may be used when it is definitely known that there are no further requirements for the items or serv. Ices, but an investigation must be conducted to determine whether an actionable default exists in lieu of termination for convenience. In such a situation, the following may be inserted as the final paragraph of the show Cause Notice:

Pending decision you are instructed to stop all work immediately and to make no further commitments under subject contract. Advise all subcontractors and suppliers to do Ukewise.


A list of current CFR volumes, a list of superseded CFR volumes, and a list of CFR titles, subtitles, chapters, subchapters and parts are included in the subject index volume to the Code of Federal Regulations which is published separately and revised annually.

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters
Alphabetical List of CFR Subtitles and Chapters
Redesignation Table
List of Sections Affected

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters


Title 1-General Provisions
I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

Appendix A—Guide to record retention requirements
Appendix B—List of acts requiring publication in the Federal

Appendix C-Guide to Federal Register Finding Aids

Title 2—The Congress
Chapter I–Parallel Table of Statutory Authorities and Rules

Title 3—The President
I Proclamations
II Executive Orders
III Presidential Documents other than Proclamations and Executive

IV Codified Text of Selected Presidential Documents
V Executive Office of the President

Title 4-Accounts I General Accounting Office II Federal Claims Collection Standards (General Accounting Of

fice-Department of Justice) III Cost Accounting Standards Board

Title 5-Administrative Personnel
I Civil Service Commission
III Office of Management and Budget
IV Civil Service Commission (Equal Employment Opportunity)

V International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board
VI Department of Defense
VII Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
IX Appalachian Regional Commission

X National Capital Housing Authority
XI United States Soldiers' Home
XII District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency
XIII National Commission on Product Safety
XIV Federal Labor Relations Council and Federal Service Impasses



I Cost of Living Council
II Pay Board
III Price Commission

Title 7–Agriculture
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture

Subtitle B—Regulations of the Department of Agriculture
I Consumer and Marketing Service (Standards, Inspections, Mar-

keting Practices), Department of Agriculture
II Food and Nutrition Service, Department of Agriculture
III Animal and Plant Health Service, Department of Agriculture
IV Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, Department of Agriculture

V Agricultural Research Service, Department of Agriculture VI Soil Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture VII Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (Agricultural

Adjustment), Department of Agriculture VIII Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (Sugar), De

partment of Agriculture IX Consumer and Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts), Department of Agriculture X Consumer and Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Milk), Department of Agriculture XI Consumer and Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Miscellaneous Commodities), Department of Agri

culture XII Statistical Reporting Service (Agricultural Statistics), Depart

ment of Agriculture XIV Commodity Credit Corporation, Department of Agriculture

XV Foreign Agricultural Service, Department of Agriculture XVII Rural Electrification Administration, Department of Agriculture XVIII Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture XXI Foreign Economic Development Service, Department of Agri

XXIV Board of Contract Appeals, Department of Agriculture

XXV Export Marketing Service, Department of Agriculture
XXVI Office of the Inspector General, Department of Agriculture

Title 8—Aliens and Nationality
I Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice
II Office of Alien Property, Department of Justice

Title 9—Animals and Animal Products
I Animal and Plant Health Service, Department of Agriculture
II Packers and Stockyards Administration, Department of Agri-


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