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Subtitle A-Department of Defense



(Parts 1-8)



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General provisions.
Procurement by formal advertising.
Procurement by negotiation.
Special types and methods of procurement.
Interdepartmental and coordinated procurement.
Foreign purchases.
Contract clauses.

Termination of contracts. Cross REFERENCE: For table of contents, Subchapters B-Q, see volume containing Parts 40 to 399.


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Subpart A Introduction Sec. 1.100 Scope of subpart. 1.101 Purpose of subchapter. 1.102 Applicability of subchapter. 1.103 Arrangement of subchapter. 1.103-1 General plan. 1.103-5 Dating contract clauses. 1.104 Content of subchapter. 1.105 Amendment of subchapter. 1.106 Other Department of Defense

publications. 1.106-1 Department of Defense directives,

instructions, manuals, and cir

culars. 1.106-2 Defense Procurement Circulars. 1.106-3 Armed Services procurement man

uals. 1.107 Dissemination and effective date

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Deviations from this subchapter

and Department of Defense pub

lications governing procurement. Applicability. Deviations affecting one contract

or transaction. Deviations affecting more than one

contract or contractor. Deviations required by Govern

ment-to-Government agreements. Request for approval of proposed

deviation. Reports of purchases and con

tracts. Reports of suspected criminal con

duct and non-competitive prac



of the subchapter, revisions, sup

plements, and manuals.
1.108 Departmental procurement in

structions and ASPR, implemon-

Reporting procedures.
Non-competitive practices.
Subcontractor kickbacks.
Contractor gratuities to Govern-
ment personnel.


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Sec. 1.112 Federal procurement regulations

and General Services Administration regulations relating to procurement of supplies and

servies. 1.113 Standards of conduct. 1.113-1 Government personnel, 1.113-2 Organizational conflicts of inter

est. 1.114 Reporting of identical bids. 1.115 Noncollusive bids and proposals.

Subpart B-Definitions of Terms 1.201 Definitions. 1.201-1 Change order. 1.201–2 Contract modification. 1.201-3 Contracting officer. 1.2014 Contracts. 1.201–5 Department and Military Depart

ment. 1.201-6 Department of Defense. 1.201-7 Head of a procuring activity. 1.201-8 Includes. 1.201-9 Labor surplus area concern. 1.201-10 May. 1.201-11 Negotiate and negotiation. 1.201-12 Possessions. 1.201-13 Procurement. 1.201-14 Procuring activity. 1.201-15 Secretary. 1.201-16 Shall, 1.201-17 Small business concerns. 1.201-18 Supplemental agreement. 1.201-19 1.201-20 United States. 1.201-21 Construction, 1.201-22 Classified procurement. 1.201-23 Designee. 1.201-24 Purchasing office. 1.201-25 Contract administration office. 1.201-26 Assignment of contract adminis

tration. 1.201-27 Transfer of a contract. 1.201-28 Local purchase. 1.201-29 Automatic data processing equip

ment (ADPE). 1.201-30 Paying office. 1.201-31 Supporting contract administra

tion. 1.201-32 Standard dating technique. 1.201-33 Exhibit. 1.201-34 Classified contract.

Subpart C-General Policies 1.300 Methods of procurement. 1.300--1 Competition. 1.300-2 Formal advertising. 1.300-3 Negotiation, 1.301 Interdepartmental and coordinated

procurement. 1.302 Sources of supplies and services. 1.302-1 Existing Government assets. 1.302-2 Sources outside the Government, 1.302–3 Production and research and de

velopment pools. 1.302-4 Foreign purchases. 1.302-5 Planned emergency producer.

1.310 1.311 1.312 1.313 1.314 1.315 1.316

Contracts between the Govern.

ment and its employees or business organizations substantially owned or controlled by Govern

ment employees. Exchange of purchase information. Procurement of privately devel

oped items. General. Specific procurement methods. Purchase of patented items when

Government is & Ucensee. Time of delivery or performance. Scope. General. Terms. Time of delivery clauses. Research, exploratory development

and advanced development. Approval signatures. Priorities, allocations and allot

ments. General. Required use of priorities, alloca

tions and allotment clause. Inadequate response to solicita

tions. Documentation of procurement ac

tions; maintenance and disposi

tion of contract files. Solicitations for informational or

planning purposes. Liquidated damages. “Buying in." Voluntary refunds. Procurement of parts. Disputes and appeals. Procurement of jewel bearings. Disclosure of contractor perform

ance data to other Government agencies and foreign gov

ernments. Rental in lieu of purchase. Contracts conditioned upon the

availability of funds. Renegotiation performance reports. Industrial security. Procurements involving work to be

performed in foreign countries

by U.S. contractors. Multi-year procurement. General. Procedure. Evaluation. Award. Clauses. Multiyear procurement of services. Procedures for service contracts. Multiyear procurement of services

under Public Law 90-378. Multiyear procurement of supplies

and services under Public Law

91-142. Safety precautions for ammunition

and explosives.
Use of a warranty.
Commercial warranties.

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Sec. 1.324-5 Scope of warranty clause (other

than commercial warranty

clause). 1.3246 Pricing aspects of fixed-price in

centive contract warranty pro

visions. 1.324-7 Example of warranty clause for

fixed-price supply contracts. 1.324-8 Example of warranty clause for

fixed-price services contracts. 1.324–9 Another example of warranty

clause for fixed-price supply or services or research and development contracts (correction of

deficiencies clause). 1.324-10 Example of warranty clause for

fixed-price construction con

tracts. 1.324-11 Technical data warranty and ex

tended liability provisions. 1.325 Variation in quantity. 1.325-1 General. 1.325-2 Subsistence. 1.326 Component breakout. 1.326-1

Scope. 1.326-2

Policy. 1.326-3 Responsibility for component

breakout selection, review and

decision. 1.326-4 Breakout guidelines. 1.326-5 Records and review procedure. 1.327 Use of excess aluminum in Na

tional Stockpile. 1.327-1 General. 1.327-2 Contract clause. 1.327-3 Modification of contract clauso in

$ 1.327-2 in contracts for con

struction. 1.329

Release of procurement Informo

tion. 1.329–1 Purpose and scope. 1.329–2 Release of records-General con

siderations. 1.329-3 Exemptions. 1.329-4 Requests for procurement records. 1.330 Contractor liability for defective

supplies. 1.331 Management control systems. Subpart D Procurement Responsibility and

Authority 1.400 Scope of subpart. 1.401 Responsibility of each procuring ac

tivity. 1.402 Authority of contracting officers. 1.403 Requirements to be met before

entering into contracts 1.404 Special requirements to be met be

fore entering into negotiated con

tracts. 1.405 Selection, appointment, and termi

nation of appointment of con

tracting officers. 1.405-1 Selection. 1.405-2 Appointment. 1.405–3 Termination of appointment. 1.405-4 Modification. 1.405-5 Assignment of duties to contracting

officers. 1.406 Contract administration functions.

Subpart Contingent or Other Fees Sec. 1.500 Scope of subpart. 1.502 Applicability. 1.503 Covenant against contingent fees

clause. 1.504 Improper influence. 1.505 General principles and standards

applicable to the covenant. 1.505-1 Contingent character of the fee. 1.505-2 Exceptions to the problbition of

the covenant. 1.505-3 Bona fide employee. 1.505 4 Bona Ade established commercial

or selling agency maintained by the Contractor for the purpose

of securing business. 1505–6 Fees for information, 1.506 Representation and agreement re

quired from prospective contrac

tors. 1.506-1 General. 1.506-2 Interpretation of the representa.

tion. 1.507 Use of Contractor's Statement of

Contingent or Other Fees

(Standard Form 119). 1.507-1 General 1.507-2 Statement in lieu of form. 1.507-3 Exceptions. 1.508 Enforcement. 1.508-1 General. 1.508-2 Fallure or refusal to furnish

Standard Form 119. 1.508–3 Misrepresentation or violations of

the covenant against contingent

fees. 1.508 4 Reports. 1.509 Preservation of records. Subpart F-Debarred, Ineligible, and Suspended

Bidders 1.600 Scope of subpart. 1.601 Establishment and maintenance of

records and lists of firms or individuals debarred, ineligible or

suspended. 1.601-1 General. 1.601-2 Information contained in Depart

mental records. 1.601 Joint Consolidated List. 1.601-4 Protection of records. 1.601 Limitation. 1.601-6 Inquiries from debarred, ineligible,

or suspended individuals and

firms. 1.603 Grounds for listing and treatment

to be accorded listed concerns. 1.604 Administrative debarment of firmas

or individuals (Type A). 1.6041 Causes for debarment. 1.604–2 Period and scope of debarment. 1.604-3 Notice of debarment. 1.605 Suspension of firm or individual. 1.605-1 Causes for suspension. 1.605-2 Period and scope of suspension. 1.605-3 Notice of suspension. 1.606 Limited debarment or suspension.

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